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My post for me.... as a reference on Jerusalem, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hamas....

We have FAT TUESDAY.....Happy Mardi Gras...150th in N.O.L.A.
If you wish read about my life being a part of Mardi Gras- 1988 Mardi Gras Queen....Tons of Fun and Excitement.....

Ms Smith Goes to Washington.....Anna Nicole has a date with our U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Sad Days- Three 80+ yr old Actors died- Dennis Weaver just yesterday...still very sad about Don Knotts....and The Night Stalker!

Many more below......
Hope all is having a WONDERFUL TUESDAY.....remember Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday!! (smiling)


This post is basically for me, but you are welcome to visit these archives and comment. If I do not gather up in one post.... links, things seem to slip away from me. This is extremely important not to do this now and add the links as I go along.

I am enthralled in the Chess Board of Players within this source of information. I plan to continue to post on Iran along with connections to what countries will side with each other when the time comes very shortly.

My repeated comments and gut feelings keep telling me that Russia is our biggest threat and there is much more behind the scenes with Putin and his plans for being the next super power. He has been in motion going backwards towards the ways of the U.S.S.R. and I’m keeping a close eye on how he will play Iran and China along with other countries and the E.U. etc. Moscow is due north of Jerusalem, and much is referred to in this direction.

Israel must be protected no matter what.

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Today is Fat Tuesday

HAPPY MARDI GRAS................ more to come!!
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Anna Nicole has a Date with U.S. Supreme Court

Anna Nicole Smith will face in court E. Pierce Marshall, the son and principal heir of the late J. Howard Marshall II, who married Smith when she was 26 and he was 89.

Justices have a date with former Playmate

WASHINGTON - "If you don't know who I am by now ... Let's see, I was born near Houston, Texas," begins the official biography in the "All About Me" section of Anna Nicole Smith's official Web site.

"I'm an international model and have been on numerous magazine covers worldwide ... I am an Actress, I have had my own show, you know, 'The Anna Nicole Show' ... I have my own column in the new National Enquirer ... "

Well, the former Playboy Playmate of the Year may appear, especially judging by the photos she has posted at
http://www.annanicole.com/, to have it all.

But she wants so much more.

On Tuesday, Smith, also known as Vickie Lynn Marshall, the waitress-turned-stripper from Mexia who dreamed of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe, heads to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Her goal is to eventually collect tens of millions of dollars that she claims her late octogenarian billionaire Houston husband promised her after they tied the knot in 1994.

Standing in the widow's way, as he has been for more than a decade, will be E. Pierce Marshall, son and principal heir of the late J. Howard Marshall II, the oil tycoon who married Smith, his third wife, when she was 26 and he was 89.
Click Here - Rest of the Story-Houston Chronicle
The Boston Herald headline: Supreme battle for Anna Nicole Click here for article
I don't think they like her in Boston.....
Wonder what she will wear to the highest court in our nation- U.S. Supreme Court. What is your prediction of the outcome??

Dennis Weaver Dies So Sad

Dennis Weaver, 'Gunsmoke' sidekick 'McCloud' detective, dies
LOS ANGELES - Dennis Weaver, an actor with a Midwestern twang who played stiff-legged Chester the deputy on "Gunsmoke" and the cowboy cop hero in "McCloud," has died. He was 81.
Weaver died Friday from complications of cancer at his home in Ridgway, in southwestern Colorado, his publicist, Julian Myers, announced Monday. AP Reports-Full Story

It has been a sad few days losing the good ole boys. More memories flood back to me...... Grew up loving Gunsmoke and watched McCloud every week...along with all his other movies.

Excerpts from Jerusalem Showdown in ref: to Iran

I will include excerpts and my summaries of what I have read so far.
In the fall of 2004, former prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel's 9th Prime Minister, 1996-1999) candidly admitted during his administration that the U.S. Intel committee had been informed on Iran’s medium and long-range nuclear missiles that would be capable of hitting London, New York City, and Jerusalem.

Mr. Netanyahu continued with the shocking revelations that the U.S. Intel community (during the Clinton Administration) was very skeptical of the Israeli intelligence reports. Later, Israeli intelligence gave photographic proof to the U.S. Intel comm. that Russian scientists who made nuclear weapons for the USSR during the Cold War and were now unemployed were helping Iran achieve its dream of developing nuclear weapons.

It goes on to say if the sophisticated delivery system cannot be developed by Iran for long-range nuclear missiles, they and other rogue terrorist states certainly will have the capability of producing a dirty nuclear bomb delivered in a suitcase.

Iran’s Pres. M. Ahmadinejad has boldly announced to the world via Fox News that he intends to share Iran’s nuclear power to ALL ISLAMIC NATIONS.

Feb 3, 2004 Daily Telegraph of London, England Headline:
Confession by the Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Bomb: “I’ve Sold Nuclear Secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea”

This revealed the confession by Abdul Qadeer Khan (pictured above) sold nuclear technology and confirmed one of America’s worst fears. The story continues 27 yr. old Khan eleven page confession that “he had provided the secrets to other Muslim countries….so they could become nuclear powers and strengthen the Islamic world.

Officials said Mr. Khan first began to transfer designs, drawings, and components for gas centrifuges to Iran between 1989 and 1991. There is clear evidence that Iran has been seeking to develop nuclear weapons for 20 years.

August 5, 2003 The Jerusalem Post bannered headline bluntly stated: IRAN CAN PRODUCE NUCLEAR BOMB by 2005.

In the book “Countdown to Crisis” Kenneth Timmerman writes: “Israeli leaders have been warning that it won’t be long. On Jan. 24, 2005, Mossad director Meir Dagan told Israeli parliamentarians that ‘by the end of 2005 the Iranians will reach the point of NO RETURN from the technological perspective of creating a uranium-enrichment capability’ Once you have that capability,” he added “you are home free.”

April 13th, 2005 The Associated Press released the Headline:
Israel Shares Intel with U.S. on Iran Nukes

This story continues also with Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot quoting PM Ariel Sharon as telling VP Cheney: “Iran is very close to the point of no return.”

In the near future I will share with you about a defector from Iran’s secretive nuclear establishment in Paris on July 13, 2005 and the interview with Iran Focus. Also the SIX-STEP PROCEDURE for Making a Nuclear BOMB (enriching the uranium). It is stated that Iran is IN STAGE 5 around June 27, 2005. Iran is soon to be home free, last step for the bomb can take 12 to 18 months.

This is a summary of only seven pages.

Wikipedia-Dr.Adul Qadeer Khan

Jerusalem Showdown A Must Read

The nuclear storm clouds are gathering over Iran and Israel, casting a long shadow on America and the nations of the world!

Shocking Information of the impending war:
• The Pentagon’s contingency plan for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries
• The United States’ use of bunker-busting mini-nukes
• How Russia, France and Germany are helping Iran achieve its goal of a nuclear holocaust
• How an attack on Jerusalem will affect America

Jerusalem Countdown by best-selling author John Hagee anticipates Israel’s strategies toward any Iranian threat and the resulting effect upon America. Can anyone actually believe that the Islamic fanatics presently in charge of the Iranian government would not use nuclear weapons on Israel, America and the world?

Hagee skillfully unveils the reasons radical Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together as he paints a convincing picture explaining why Christians must support the State of Israel.

“Those nations who align with God’s purpose will receive His blessing. Those who follow a policy of opposition to God’s purpose will receive the swift and sever judgment of God without limitation.” - JOHN HAGEE

Don Knotts We Will Miss You

Don Knotts or Deputy Barney Fife died Friday. It is sad for me to post about this. He will be deeply missed by so many of us. It seems "Barney" was in my life almost everyday growing up and as an adult, I would laugh just as hard at the reruns as if it was my first time to watch him. To me, we have lost one truely loving funny man that has brought tons of laughter to our homes. I remember laughing so hard I would cry from my belly hurting and tears streaming down my face, he was more than hilarious. Nowadays comedians to me just do not measure up to Don Knotts.

Don Knott’s official Home Page

Wikipedia-Don Knotts

On February 24, 2006, Knotts died at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California at the age of 81 from pulmonary and respiratory complications related to lung cancer. He had been undergoing treatment at Cedars in recent months, but went home after he reportedly had been getting better.[2] Andy Griffith was at his bedside when Knotts died late in the evening. (Source- Wikipedia)

Aside from "The Andy Griffith Show", one of my favorite movies that he made was "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (1966) . I remember we went to the drive-in theater when this film was released, oh wow was it scary to me as a child but so funny. I will never forget how much fun that was that night and watching the repeats throughout the years on television. (a scene pictured below)

If you wish to see all Don Knotts credits please click to Wikipedia-Don Knotts . There is a list of all the Filmography and Television Work he appeared and acted in. I wish Hollywood would produce originals like Don Knotts these days, but then again I don't think anyone could measure up or even come close.

My deepest condolences to all his family and friends.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cindy Sheehan comes to Fox News

Julie Banderas will be interviewing Cindy Sheehan today on Fox News at 5 p.m. (est) Humm, this should be interesting....
Not sure how much of that whiny voice I can handle though... along with her face in front of the camera.

Carnival Rocked by Bono

Bono Rocks Brazil's Carnival
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - Thousands of Brazilians took a break from samba to rock with U2 frontman Bono during Carnival celebrations in the northeastern city of Salvador.

Bono performed an impromptu duet of "Vertigo" with Brazilian popular singer Ivete Sangalo as Carnival got underway in Salvador on Thursday, a day earlier than in Rio de Janeiro.

While the highlight of Brazil's carnival celebrations is Rio's annual samba parade on Sunday and Monday nights, many people prefer Salvador's carnival, where giant sound trucks with bands on top jam the city's streets night and day. Full Story

Another excerpt:

Bono is among 191 nominees, including politicians and peacemakers, for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. The Irish singer was proposed for his fight against world poverty.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Pro Baseball Player’s Wife Sexy Gun Toting Anna that Hates Peta

This Georgia peach Anna Benson is the wife of Baltimore Orioles baseball player, pitcher formerly with the N.Y. Mets, Kris Benson and she has her own enterprises going on aside from her husband. The MSM recently attacked her for having a poker site and rumor has it because she is for guns, against Michael Moore and hates Peta. Anna was on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News Thursday. (David Asman filled in for Neil) Video of interview click here and scroll to bottom right-Fox News Video-Showing Her Hand Check it out if you wish.

An excerpt from Anna’s home page below: Anna Benson Website
Dear Gun Haters,
I am writing this letter as a young, female pistol-packing mama. I am a staunch defender of my right to bear arms, despite the fact that I do not belong to a militia group. This does not mean that I don't support gun control, because I do. But even with gun controls in place, I still want to protect my right to defend myself, my home, and my family. This continues……. Anna Benson Website including Home Page Views, Bio, Picture Gallery, Etc
Another Excerpt from this same letter:
My dad trusted my intellect and coached me during my shooting lessons. I sensed that trust and eagerly listened to everything he said, and now, at the age of 29, I can shoot all kinds of guns (handguns, rifles, AK-47's, sub machine guns... you name it). I have no fear.
Another Excerpt from same letter:
I am an avid supporter of our Second Amendment and, consequently, my right to bear arms. My father has guns, my grandfather had guns, and even my great-grandmother had a pretty little pearl-handled .357 that she carried in her purse (and I guarantee that she would have used it to protect her ninety pound frame from threat). Even my mother carries a .38 special in her briefcase as she heads to work in downtown Atlanta due to an increased amount of carjacking and assaults in the city.
Another Excerpt from same letter:
They are tools that we use. They are a source of power. Some of the most horrific dictators of all time, like Hitler and Mao Tse Tung, recognized this and, therefore, barred their people from owning guns. The last time I checked, I was still living in a free and democratic society where I have been granted certain rights. Continues.......
Lock and load Anna "the cocked gun" Benson

Anna has a link about her animals too under Heavy Petting, and one pup has the same name as one of mine – Pepe le Pue. I already liked her before I read that. She is more than a pretty poker playing diva, she has made notable contributions and donates her time and money, impressive I say. The MSM has accused her of heavy influence over her husband and his move to Baltimore from N.Y. So what if she did.
Several Excerpts: From Anna’s Bio Page
Her namesake charity, Benson's Battalion, is a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting terrorism in local communities.
The Battalion was created in response to September 11, 2001.
Senator Melissa Hart honored Benson's Battalion in congress in the early part of 2004.
She has even become involved in Extreme Fighting
This love for children inspires Anna's newest endeavors, including lobbying for children's rights on Capitol Hill.
I tip my hat to Anna Benson, a mother of three and her charitable involments along with standing by her man. (smiling) I admire her for her works with children big time and for helping in the fight against terrorism.
One last quote of Anna:
Somehow I don’t think I can compete, even with a super-sharp knife, with a gun-wielding intruder. Fight fire with more firepower!
P.S. Don't forget to read Anna's letter to Michael Moore! (Warning R-rated language-lol) Located on Home Page - click on "continue reading" ......Dear Michael Moore, ......I say WOW!!

Friday Doctor Day with Some Notes

As most of you know, I am suffering of a panic attack at the thought of having to go today to the doctor... as always. It starts a few days prior to the scheduled appointment. With my insomnia, I barely slept three hours last night even after 4 sleeping pills - but perhaps this weekend I will catch up and dream about a dark and handsome man flying me out of here to a secret romantic destination.

Note: Check out the Amber Alert above, it is in my ‘neck of the woods’ here in south Florida just a little north.
Meanwhile, I have a few blogs for you to check out if you wish.

Jimmyb’s Carnival Time
43 rd Carnival of Comedy by Conservathink
Miss Moonbeam is linked too at Conservathink
Blogs4bauer Announcing Carnival of Bauer You will be linked if your blog post is in reference to “24” submitted by Wednesday for every Thursday’s post.
Princess Kimberley
Capt B-One Marine’s View Go say hello and get the latest on what is happening in Iraq. Wow, he is good lookin too and loves cigars....my kind of man. (smiling)

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and hope it is beautiful where ever you are. It is gorgeous here today, I may have a couple drinks to calm my nerves after my ordeal at the doctor’s office….so I will see you guys later.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Rant on Morales’s Execution

As many of you know, I am for the Death Penalty for the guilty. (proven beyond a reasonable doubt and by a jury of their peers) Convicted Murderer Michael Morales, 46 yrs old had a lucky day Tuesday and there has never been a question about his guilt of this horrific crime to this innocent young child.

The circumstances surrounding Morales’ scheduled execution, including first a 19-hour delay because two anesthesiologists refused to participate and then an indefinite suspension when the state couldn’t find a doctor to give the injection, have overshadowed how Morales’ young victim died 25 winters ago.

Don't forget Winchell's pain, suffering
In January 1981, Terri Lynn Winchell was an 17-year-old senior at Tokay High School in Lodi. She was a straight-A student, a member of the tennis team and a swimmer. She was a star vocalist at school, at church and in a local rock band. She was likeable, loving and innocent; and unknowingly was part of a love triangle involving two bisexual boys. When one of the boys, Ricky Ortega, became jealous of Winchell’s affection for his boyfriend, Ortega asked Morales to kill her. And Morales did so, violently, as his cousin, Ortega, watched from the front seat of his car parked along a rural Lodi road one foggy evening.

Morales tried to strangle Winchell with a belt, but when the belt broke, he struck Winchell in the head 23 times with a claw hammer. But Morales didn’t stop torturing the defenseless Winchell. After dragging her from the car into a nearby vineyard, Morales raped Winchell and stabbed her four times in the chest with a knife.

Hell Fire, I'm just going to paste the majority of the article in here. The disgust continues below:

We retell this brutality because in an effort to spare Morales from execution, his lawyers have successfully used the defense that lethal injection is a cruel and inhumane way to die. Although it has been used in executions in 38 states since first adopted in Oklahoma in 1977, the lethal injection method is the latest celebrated cause of opponents of capital punishment.

Injecting himself into the debate is controversial U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel of San Jose. He ordered the state executioners to establish procedures to observe that Morales would be unconscious and not feeling pain when he was given a lethal drug cocktail intravenously by a machine or, if necessary, a single dose of barbiturates by a medical technician inside the death chamber.

Since the state couldn’t comply with the judge’s order, Fogel has scheduled a full evidentiary hearing on the constitutionality of lethal injection executions in early May.
The pain and suffering that Terri Lynn Winchell experienced during the last moments of her life make absurdities of the judge’s order and planned hearing.

It is a sad note when Morales’ suspended execution, the first court-ordered death of a San Joaquin County resident since 1962, will be remembered more for whether Morales would have felt pain when he died than for the gruesome murder he did unabashedly commit.

California, home to the nation's largest death row, and could have implications for other states that use lethal injection.

The reprieve meant California, with 650 condemned inmates, awoke Wednesday to what effectively was a moratorium on executions.

The case may eventually place the issue of lethal injection before the U.S. Supreme Court. Thirty-seven of the 38 states with capital punishment use a procedure similar to California's.

The high court has yet to weigh in on a question that inmates around the country have raised in recent years: whether lethal injection is unconstitutionally cruel and unusual. Excerpts from the Houston Chronicle

The average death row inmate in CA is housed, fed and taken care by tax-payers’ money for an average of 25 years before they are executed. I would think for one, as far as the money goes that should be shifted to the guards, since we have an epidemic on prison escapees these days on a regular basis. However, back on subject, there are anesthesiologists volunteering right now to put these scumbags to death, but unfortunately, some think it is so cruel to give them the needle. Hummm!! What about the suffering that little Terri Winchell went through and what her parents and family are going through now? Is this suppose to be forgotten because it has been 25 years ago? I think the needle is way too easy for these killers, how about the same claw hammer (23 times) he used on Terri or maybe first start with a belt on trying to strangle him?? On then rape and stabbing?? I am sick and damn tired of the whining by these protesters against putting these bastards to sleep for good. Don’t even get me started on the “screwed-in-the-head” liberal judges that go along with this? And what is up with Ken Starr going along with it also?? So what if a needle hurts a bit, they should be happy I am not making the rules, because it definitely would hurt more than a needle.

Jacko's Atty Mesereau Quits

Jacko Lawyer Tom Mesereau Quits Click Here-Fox News
Michael Jackson needs to be behind bars. My heart breaks for his next victims, and there will be.

Match Made by Allah

"They put him through the worst form of modern torture and forced him to become Osama Rodham Clinton. They are still on their honeymoon in Pakistan"....thanks to freakingnews.com
UPDATE: 1:48 p.m.
I am adding to the original caption:
If Hillary is elected President, these two will be in bed together for sure!!!

Campaign Leafet in UK

The far-right British National Party (BNP) is to distribute a campaign leaflet featuring the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad which have enraged Muslims around the world on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006. A party spokesman said on Wednesday the images illustrate how Islam and Western values do not mix but were not intended to cause offence. The 12 cartoons, which initially appeared in Denmark and were reprinted in other European countries, have sparked violent protests across the Islamic world. They have not been published in the British press. At least 50 people have been killed during demonstrations around the world and a Pakistani Muslim cleric last week offered rewards amounting to more than $1 million for anyone who killed any of the Danish cartoonists.

Follow-up Bans by Iran to Their People

Iran Focus - Source
Police confiscate alcohol, satellite dishes in Iran capital

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 18 – Iranian police confiscated 28,000 bottles of liqueur, large quantities of banned CDs, and several thousand satellite dishes at a facility in Tehran as part of a crackdown on “social vice” in the Iranian capital.
Alipour said that under phase one of the operation 1,414 “trouble-makers” had been sent behind bars.
He said that during the second phase 28,000 bottles of alcoholic drinks were discovered and confiscated in four warehouses and six people who had been distributing them were arrested.
Alcohol is banned in Iran. Anyone caught drinking liqueur receives a fine or is sentenced to flogging in public and imprisonment.
Some 3,250 satellite dishes were also confiscated during a raid on a site in which they were being manufactured.
Some 130,000 “illegal” CDs whose content ranged from Western pop music to movies to pornographic material were all confiscated during the operation.
I reported on this December 20, 2005 Click Here

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bill Clinton Speaks of Too Secretive

Botton LEFT corner!! Former President Bill Clinton made comments in reference to VP Dick Cheney hunting accident this week. The accident details were delayed by a day for the press.
Who is Bill Clinton to lecture anyone on being too secretive?
Big Hypocrite?

Fashion Week - Milan, Italy

But the looks showcased this week are likely to filter down to the high street in coming months.
Sidenote: Dell Tech Support will be here today, (finally again) may be offline for a short time.

Some Yahoo Email Addresses Banned

Yahoo! Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry handles
Yahoo! is banning the use of allah in email names - even if the letters are included within another name.
Other excerpts below:
Enquiries to Verizon revealed that a partnership with Yahoo! was to blame. Yahoo! will not accept any identies which include the letters "allah".
Nor will Yahoo! accept yahoo, osama or binladen. But it will accept god, messiah, jesus, jehova, buddah, satan and both priest and pedophile. Click Here
Confusion here with me, on satan and pedophile being allowed. In my opinion, these two are just as bad as the ones not allowed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion outside of Jerusalem

Breaking News: Explosion outside of Jerusalem in Israel.
Explosion at Key Gaza-Israel Crossing-AP Reports Source
Update: I keep a watchful eye on what is happening in Israel.

Follow-up Wed 2/22/06
Mortar Attack on Jerusalem Thwarted, Fears of 'Gazafication'
Click here - Israel National News
More Info – Jerusalem Post

Sidenote: Tuesday night
Hi Everyone,
Today I have been busy and away from the computer except to briefly post a couple times. Will visit and catch up tomorrow hopefully. (smiling) Wishing everyone a wonderful evening.

Why Men Vote Republican

Jeffersonian reminded me- of one of many more. (LOL)
I take it that million dollar smile was not election day!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

UBL is a Desperate Coward

It is obvious that our troops and government are nipping at the heels of UBL as well as his location and plans for another attack. I support them all whole-heartedly and know they are working around the clock to protect us.

UBL’s latest tape released yesterday is only proof that he is a desperate coward looking to instill more fear in the American people. I am sure many remember Saddam indicating he would not be taken into custody alive (if I remember right) later found in a hole hiding with lice in his beard, but his evil sons went straight hell in the vicious firefight. Good Riddance I say!!

Meanwhile over at Study of Revenge-Google has a Full-Blown Warning over There before entering His Blog Below pictured D. T. Devareaux artist and publisher of Study of Revenge. I posted on him earlier this month click here .

While he is working on cranking out more controversial cartoons and pictures, (as he mentioned in his comment section) I came up with an idea if he may be interested.

UBL pictured with his Allah-“Muhammad with a bomb on the head” up half of UBL’s ass as he runs and hides of course with a short fuse.

I am sick of listening to UBL’s audio tapes that apparently are desperate pleas to recruit more suicide bombers/murderers and funding with the timing of the Islamic radical riots, Hamas taking office and Iran holding bombs in their hands. I dare the far left to sympathize with this truce crap from UBL. The tapes are directed to them (quote from UBL to the Far Left- “Solutions is in your hands” also reference to Iraq-troop withdrawals) He is rallying for their support with his message. I will expose the idiots in Congress/Hollywood/Washington on my blog continuously if you support UBL, not that many care, but I do. If you are listening to what UBL is saying he is rallying the far left to his side and dividing our country more than it is already. This is terrorism folks – hatred, killing, kidnapping, beheadings, suicide murderers… full fledge terror, the devil in the flesh. Plain and Simple!!!

A Thousand Yards Away Hamas-Iran

On one of my spiritual programs yesterday stated a reality that became a thought. Iran may be thousands of miles from Israel but Hamas is only a thousand yards away. Perhaps this might give you thoughts of what may be in the works. I understand that within 90 days, if Iran is not stopped, there will be no turning back. This should be a top priority, in my opinion. I say, put an end to Iran now before we all find out it is too late.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Funnies to Enjoy

Over at Jay’s Stop The ACLU he has several links on his post Sunday Funnies-22 , that are hilarious listed. Check them out for a good laugh or two. Listed below are a couple I visited that is a must read.
Funny-Nine Things I hate about Jimmy Carter
Nominees for horses ass award (David Gregory and his cell phone)

Over at Gayle's at My Republican Blog features Hillary Has Anger Problems (The picture tells it all)

Well these are just a few for now...I may add more later. (smiling)

Columnist Confusion on Christianity

I am somewhat puzzled so maybe a few of you can fill me in on this columnist Rob Borsellino that writes for the The Des Moines Register. His writing seems to lean far to the left but I ran across an article in Yahoo/USA Today speaking of Borsellino and his column. Don’t Silence Christian view on issues
This caught my attention knowing first hand how openly Italians are about their strong belief in Jesus and how crucifixes are displayed everywhere. I have traveled to Italy so many times and know first hand, that almost every restaurant, home, or business I entered had a crucifix hanging on the wall as well as churches everywhere but most especially in the centre of each town. Pictures of Jesus on the walls are just as common as the church bells ringing daily always within an ear shot away. Actually, I have two blessed crucifixes from Italy that hang over my entry doors in my home.

Don't silence Christian view on issues
After his enlightening trip to Italy, Rob Borsellino unwittingly reveals his own liberal prejudices in his commentary What has happened to America's Jesus? (The Forum, Monday).

I get his point that in Italy, though there are crucifixes everywhere and statues and paintings of Jesus on public display, he was not offended by anyone actually talking about Jesus in his presence. It seems it was very refreshing for Borsellino that no one discussed issues such as war, abortion or homosexual acts in light of biblical teachings.
Considering all of this, Borsellino could not bring himself to mention how different things are back in the States. "It would make America look ridiculous," he writes. Did he share with his family members that in today's America, it would be highly controversial to see a huge painting of Jesus on the side of an apartment building that might offend non-believing passersby? It will be that way as long as the American Civil Liberties Union is still in business. Full Story

Someone wrote in the forum, that in Costa Rica it was much like Italy and that “Christianity” is not a political party.

I spent quite bit of time in Costa Rica as well as in Italy and I know that this is true.

So I googled Borsellino and found a few liberal blogs that worship him. Moxie Grrrl calls him her hero and
State 29 Iowa-Centric post about Borsellino sneaking around watching Fox News and adds his two cents in about Sean Hannity inside the link. Well the Iowa Centric has thrown in the towel on blogging so, one more far leftie has bit the dust.

An Excerpt from one of Borsellino's columns:
I know this because the other night I heard a thoughtful, intelligent, fact-based discussion between the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Bill O'Reilly.

These are the same guys who saved Christmas from those anti-Jesus, politically correct heathens who wanted to make the Lord's birthday the religious equivalent of Groundhog Day.It was a tough, ugly fight, but they won.

He went on with his bashing and below is another excerpt.
Last week, they tried to get folks worked up about some weird things that came out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.
His column Jan 25 on Borsellino-Golden Globes give talk shows something to wail about

It makes me wonder since I read that this columnist has ALS if his heart may be changing. It is amazing when some people are faced with disease, disasters, immediate fear and/or near death experiences, etc. that they turn to God immediately in prayer. I pray that it does not take these experiences for others to find forgiveness, love and happiness and to have faith in our Lord in Heaven.

Yes, it was a tough and ugly fight during the Christmas holidays, but WE CHRISTIANS did WIN!!! We should pray that we continue to win and our beliefs or rights will no longer be under attack by secularists. I have God on my side and no matter what ones try to do in this country, they will NEVER be able to take God away from us. We have to remain strong and press forward if that means standing up for what you believe in and speaking out about it. It would be a blessing if America went back to the way it once was where Christianity was not a political issue.
Still confused on Borsellino, anyone have clue?

P.S. This one really makes me wonder -His column Feb 15 on Borsellino-Dispite Sickness, life seems worth staying around for WOW! (shaking my head)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mardi Gras is in my Genes

It is not Fat Tuesday yet, but the parades have started. Up until my late late 30’s almost every year, I went to Mardi Gras, parades from New Orleans all the way to Pensacola, FL. For years, I had a second home balcony apartment on St. Peters at Pirate’s Alley shared with a friend in the French Quarter and was in many of the parades that spanned this area.

Note: For ones that are not familiar with my hometown area it is on the eastside of the Mobile Bay on an island at the southern most tip of Alabama. The beaches are like sugar along the Gulf of Mexico coastline bordering the Florida state line. An island called Pleasure Isle including cities Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

In 1988, I was Mardi Gras Queen not in N.O. but within this area of celebration. This is a huge event that the South looks forward to all year long, just thinking about it, it floods my mind with lively memories. For a couple weeks, it is non-stop fun and excitement including the Balls and riding the floats for us that belonged to organizations. For years, though even as a child standing in the crowd begging for beads is a trance type feeling you never forget. I always found the floats were more beautiful in Mobile, Alabama and the throws (goodies thrown from the floats) were better in New Orleans, La. Wow, for the weeks of celebration and all the scheduled parades, I would usually do the local Mobile area first off and then head over to New Orleans for the grand finale week.

Mobilians trace the roots of their Mardi Gras festival to 1703, years before New
Orleans ever recognized the holiday. Today, the Fat Tuesday celebrations take
place the two weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday, during which there is almost
constant activity.
I have mixed emotions right now though with watching coverage of New Orleans and their decision to spend over 2 million on going ahead with Mardi Gras this year. I have listened to both sides with opinions on if this should be going on. I understand why business owners need it along with some locals but ones that have lost loves ones and everything they own I can see where this celebration is not what they feel needs to be happening. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Thank you Blogs for Fox

Blogs For Fox featured Assorted Babble on Saturday!!

WOO HOO I love it when they do that!!! (smiling)

"Suzie writes regarding the big VP story this week. And the other VP story that was ingnored by the MSM.."
Assorted Babble: Poll Question by O’Reilly and Suzie

Blogs For Fox on Saturday February 18 posted about Assorted Babble

London's Fashion Week

Models wear creations of British designer Jasper Conran at his Autumn/Winter 2006 show during London Fashion Week in London, February 16, 2006.

Visitor Seeking Pen Pal For Dating

It is amazing the people that come to your blog and how they find you. A country called Senegal was here and I thought where in the heck is that. Actually, they visited my Cindy Sheehan in handcuffs post but what I found amusing was the key words they used for finding it. Key words: “pen pals for dating 100% free website in u.s and u.a.e 2006” Is that a riot or what? (LOL)

So with my investigating skills I looked further into it. Senegal is located in Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania.

Independent from France in 1960, Senegal joined with The Gambia to form the nominal confederation of Senegambia in 1982. However, the envisaged integration of the two countries was never carried out, and the union was dissolved in 1989. Despite peace talks, a southern separatist group sporadically has clashed with government forces since 1982. Senegal has a long history of participating in international peacekeeping.

Slightly smaller than South Dakota......
A new constitution was adopted 7 January 2001

Disputes - international:
The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau attempt to stem Senegalese citizens from the Casamance region fleeing separatist violence, cross border raids, and arms smuggling.

Illicit drugs:
transshipment point for Southwest and Southeast Asian heroin and South American cocaine moving to Europe and North America; illicit cultivator of cannabis.

Hummm, wonder if they are searching for a woman or a man?? (LOL) Do you think they were interested in dating Cindy or me??

Friday, February 17, 2006

Poll Question by O’Reilly and Suzie

As we all know - the Press Corp has been having a temper tantrum this week and the American people are seeing them in their true light and disgust. Their obsession/HATRED-emphasis on - with V.P. Dick Cheney and the hunting accident has dominated the news. CNN had some very hateful things to say about Brit Hume getting the exclusive with V.P. Cheney on Wednesday along with many other MSM outlets including the N.Y. Times. It burned their butt they could not get the interview and try to humiliate VP Cheney as they are doing in the media/print anyway.

We have too many important stressing issues going on in our world right now for airtime to be wasted on an accident. Most all Americans especially rural residents that hunt and/or ones familiar with these type accidents is fed-up with hearing about it.

When this story broke Sunday i.e. hunting accident, Al Gore had been running his mouth being a trader in Saudi Arabia. Please check out previous post:
About Al Gore Event Funded by Bin Laden’s Family and Arabs in US were victims of abuses, says Al Gore.

Thereafter I posted about what John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly had to say about AL Gore Presidential Wannabe on Tuesday this week. Interesting talking points if you haven’t read it please scroll down.

We have the War on Terror, Muslims Gone Wild, Iran wanting to wipe everyone off the map, disaster areas in need of help, you name it and it is going on.

Back to subject, The O’Reilly Factor has a poll question up at "click here"- Al Gore or Dick Cheney coverage which is more important
Which story is more important: Al Gore accusing the USA of mistreating Arabs on US soil, or Dick Cheney delaying the accident announcement?

Perhaps we can have our own poll question with comments on these subjects. What do you think?? (LOL) I voted on the question, and I bet all of you know whom. (LOL)
P.S. It is a TRUE blessing he lost in the election!!! WOW, where would we be now?

BREAKING NEWS: Philippines Deadly Mudslide

MANILA, Philippines — A rain-soaked mountainside disintegrated into a torrent of mud in the eastern Philippines on Friday, swallowing hundreds of houses and an elementary school in sludge three stories high. At least 23 bodies were recovered, but 1,500 people remained missing.
The farming village of Guinsaugon on Leyte island, 420 miles southeast of Manila, was virtually wiped out, with only a few jumbles of corrugated steel sheeting left to show that the community of some 2,500 people ever existed. Click here for the breaking news and latest reports:
Philippines Deadly Mudslide Death Toll Mounts

1) Another Church Burning in Alabama today (10 churches within 2 weeks)

2) Live Press Conference to begin at 1 p.m. Harry Whittington, lawyer accidently shot by our V.P. (Will be discharged today)

3) Live Speech: Our President and Vice President to follow!

National Women's Health Day

February 17th is National Women's Health Day

Excerpts: Heart Disease No 1 Killer of Women
However, the no. 1 killer of women is heart disease.

Friday is National Woman's Heart Day and the American Heart Association is looking to shine the national spotlight on the deadly disease with a new campaign, Go Red for Women.
My Experience with Heart Disease

Understanding Islam by Lone Pony

Lone Pony gave me permission to post about her deeply researched study on Islam. She is a teacher and a lovely person that always makes me smile when I visit her blog. We felt that this was important for ones that may not understand (I stay confused on this form of religion myself) as I do and perhaps knowing more about the Islamic Extremist may shine some light on what they believe. With all that is happening in the world with riots, beheadings, hatred, and desiring to kill Jews and Christians, this was posted at a perfect time last week. Sorry I am just now getting it published. I suggest all to go visit Lone Pony . Many of us have read this but for others that may read my blog, you will find this very interesting.

Part 1: What are the central beliefs of Islam?
As a teacher/perpetual learner, I just couldn't help myself. I believe we should learn every chance we get. I also believe we should learn as much as we can about the things that threaten us or frighten us. I admit, these people frighten me.
Islam is the religion founded by a fierce visionary named Muhammad (ca. A.D. 570 - 632), who was born in the city of Mecca in Arabia. Part One

Part 2: How did Islam originate?
Islam began with the supernatural visions and revelations that Muhammad claimed he received from God through the angel Gabriel beginning in A.D. 610. Because Muhammad was uneducated and could neither read nor write, these revelations were first memorized and then later written down by his followers. Part Two

Part 3: Is the founder of Islam who he claimed to be?
An Excerpt: Two entirely different Gods with contrary missions to mankind can’t be the same God, as Muslims know too well. Consider some of the differences between the God of Islam (Allah), and the God of the Bible: Part Three

Part 4: Are the Muslim scriptures reliable?
Excerpts: The Qur’an also teaches that Abraham was not a Jew but a Muslim. “No; Abraham in truth was not a Jew, neither a Christian; but he was a Muslim.....
Dr. Robert Morey lists more than 100 errors in the Qur’an. Here are a few. Citing Ali’s accepted translation, the Qur’an teaches the Ark of Noah came to rest on the top of Mt. Judi (Sura 11:44), not Mt. Ararat as the Bible teaches; Abraham’s father was Azar (Sura 6:74), not Terah as the Bible teaches; that Abraham attempted to sacrifice Ishmael (Sura 37:100-112), not Isaac as the Bible teaches; Pharoah’s wife adoped Moses (Sura 28:8-9), not his daughter as the Bible teaches; Noah’s flood occurred in Moses’ day, not Noah’s (Sura 7:136, cf. 7:59ff.); Mary, the mother of Jesus, gave birth to Jesus under a palm tree (Sura 19:22), not in a stable as the Bible teaches; etc.24........Part Four

Several of her sources are listed below:
13. A.J. Arberry, The Qur’an Interpreted (New York: MacMillan, 1976), p 85, emphasis added.
14. Ibid., p. 35.
15. N.J. Dawood, The Koran with a Parallel Arabic Text (New York: Penguin, 1997) p. 384.
16. Arberry, Qur’an Interpreted, pp. 120-21
17. Abdiyah Akbar Abdul-Haqq, Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim (Minneapolis: Bethany, 1980), pp. 22-31, 38-46, 50-53, 67-73; Arberry, Qur’an Interpreted, pp. 185, 199, 120-22.
18. Holt, ed., Cambridge History of Islam, cited in McDowell and Gilchrist, The Islam Debate, p.16.
19. J.N.D. Anderson, ed., The World’s Religions (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1966), pp. 54,60. 20. Alfred Guillaume, Islam (New York: Penguin Books, 1977), pp. 38-39.
21. Ibid., p. 37, cf. p. 56.
22. N.J Dawood, The Qur’an (Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1972), p. 253
23. Arberry, Qur’an Interpreted, p. 83.
24. Robert Morey, Islamic Invasion (Eugene, OR: Harvest House, 1992), pp. 137-58.
25. Arberry, Qur’an Interpreted, pp. 135, 229.
26. See “The Origins of the Koran” at www.SecularIslam.org.
27. William Miller, Ten Muslims Meet Christ (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1984), p. 52; John Elder, The Biblical Approach to the Muslim (Fort Washington, PA: Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, 1978), p 27.
28. J.M. Rodwell, The Koran (New York: Dutton, 1972), p. 1; Guillaume, Islam, p. 57.
29. Morey, Islamic Invasion, pp. 120-26.

Assorted Babble Note

Yesterday, Haloscan was installed on this blog. I do have way over a 1000 comments in my yahoo account saved, not sure when I can insert a portion of them into the proper posts.

In the future, I hope to have at least two posts daily - one non-political if ones wish to scroll down to comment. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!! Hope it is beautiful where ever you are today. (smiling)
P.S. I do hope though, you will read the other ones too. You may find something interesting within the posts or links/sources regardless if it is a subject you feel comfortable with commenting on or not.

Saddam’s Secrets

There has been quite a bit of buzz recently about a former general of Saddam Hussein’s Air Force prior to the USA going into Iraq. The Iraqi General, Georges Sada makes the charges in his new book and says Iraq moved the weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war. He was fearful of his life up until now, and reveals his experiences and knowledge in his new book Saddam’s Secrets

Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says
Excerpts from this article of four pages are below: Source - Article Former Iraq General Jan 26, 2006

The man who served as the no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein's air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.
The Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book, "Saddam's Secrets," released this week. He detailed the transfers in an interview yesterday with The New York Sun.

"There are weapons of mass destruction gone out from Iraq to Syria, and they must be found and returned to safe hands," Mr. Sada said. "I am confident they were taken over."

Mr. Sada's comments come just more than a month after Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Yaalon, told the Sun that Saddam "transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria."

Democrats have made the absence of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq a theme in their criticism of the Bush administration's decision to go to war in 2003. And President Bush himself has conceded much of the point; in a televised prime-time address to Americans last month, he said, "It is true that many nations believed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. But much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong."

Later mentioned in the article:
Then Special Republican Guard brigades loaded materials onto the planes, he said, including "yellow barrels with skull and crossbones on each barrel." The pilots said there was also a ground convoy of trucks.
His book contains a foreword by a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, David Eberly, who was a prisoner of war in Iraq during the first Gulf War and who vouches for Mr. Sada, who once held him captive, as "an honest and honorable man."
But he is scheduled to meet next week in Washington with Senators Sessions and Inhofe, Republicans of, respectively, Alabama and Oklahoma. Both are members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Syria is one of only eight countries that has not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention, a treaty that obligates nations not to stockpile or use chemical weapons.

Guess who has been visiting in Damascus lately??? Iran for one!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Heart Disease Awareness ref-Whittington

Atrial Fibrillation aka FIB for Short
Mr. Harry Whittington, friend of our VP Cheney, and I suffer from the same disease. Most times you only find this with the elderly, I was fortunate they found it early in my case being younger.

This complete story is getting very old and the "elite" media is in a frenzy about nothing. I feel we should be focusing on Iran, Muslims Gone Wild, Terrorists, ACLU and their latest stunt, Exposing Gore with his Buds, etc.

Excerpts from the American Heart Association
What is atrial fibrillation (AF)?

fibrillation is a disorder found in about 2.2 million Americans. In it the
heart's two small upper chambers (the atria) quiver instead of beating
effectively. Blood isn't pumped completely out of them, so it may pool and clot. If a piece of a blood clot in the atria leaves
the heart and becomes lodged in an artery in the brain, a stroke
About 15 percent of strokes occur in people with atrial

The likelihood of developing atrial fibrillation increases
with age. Three to five percent of people over 65 have atrial fibrillation. American
Heart Association

In my case, the doctors watch it very closely due to the fact I have a blood disorder called Factor V Leiden. Leiden Factor V is the most common hereditary blood coagulation disorder in the United States. It is present in 5% of the American population. complications On a regular basis, I am required to have a series of tests run and medications including nitro patches and nitro pills daily. It is not a picnic, when my heart goes into F.I.B., actually it can immediately put me in bed and on call for 911. The chances of me having a stroke or heart attack are extremely high. My doctor gave me a prescription for the paramedics, since I refuse to return to the hospital after 4 times in there within a year. Obviously, there are many more details to add, but I will save you. (smiling) BTW, I was not shot by little bird pellets not buck shot. Fifty-seven will fit the size of a dime, so 200 are not so bad.

Mr. Whittington should be just fine, since one of these tiny pellets is pressing against the outside of the heart wall causing inflammation. By the inflammation, the F.I.B. occurred i.e. quizzer and irregular heartbeat. We have to have Echo test, EKGs, Cat Scans, etc. A big hassle, in other words. I would imagine he is sick by now of it too. Doctors are consulting now on me a pacemaker. It is strange when this happens b/c most times it occurs without warning, I'm not always sure if I am having a silent heart attack, full blown or stroke....but I refuse to return to the hospital unless I stop breathing. (Orders stated here)

Anyway, enough about all this. Mr. Whittington I understand is very active and his condition should improve quickly. I also heard he may have had this condition prior to the accident, and that could very well be true, b/c that was my case-found by accident. In my case, my last time showed the blood stagnant and highly prong for clogging. So meanwhile, if I am not posting regularly, most likely I am resting like I am now.

Take care.....
WOOHOO, on the Haloscan!!
Thanks LMC and Rebecca for helping me....will link you later and will visit everyone soon. Thanks for all the comments...that are saved but not posted. (yet) Sorry about that. (smiling)

Miami - Ft. Lauderdale Local News

Miami Dolphins Offensive Tackle Damion McIntosh
Dolphins Player Arrested After Wife Found Unconscious
Davie police arrested a Miami Dolphins player Wednesday on domestic violence charges.
Police said the wife of Damion McIntosh, Precious, called 911 at about 10:40 a.m. When officers arrived at the home at 2196 Lynx Ave., they said that McIntosh directed them to a bathroom where they found his wife facedown on the floor. They said that she was unresponsive. Full Story

These ABUSERS Need to BE EXPOSED constantly!!!

Woman Who Smuggled Skull In Luggage Bonds Out
The woman accused of smuggling a human skull in her luggage at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was released from jail Tuesday.
Myrlene Severe was on Lynx International Airlines Flight 203 from Haiti on Thursday when customs officials examined her luggage and found the skull in a rice bag filled with grass, banana leaves, dirt, rocks and an iron nail.
.................... use as a part of her voodoo beliefs." We have many people from Haiti that practice Voodoo down here, CREEPY!!! Full Story
commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brit Hume Gets Exclusive with Cheney

Breaking News: Tonight Brit Hume on Special Report will have the EXCLUSIVE with Our Vice President Dick Cheney on Fox News at 6 p.m. (est time) First interview since the hunting accident that happened on Saturday.

Your Hillbilly Name is What

Your Hillbilly Name Is...

Betty Rose Houston
I saw this over at Patty's This That And Frog Hair

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

NBC’s David Gregory At it Again Today

NBC's David Gregory will not give it up seeking a story that does not exist about our VP Dick Cheney. This afternoon at the White House Press Conference David shows his butt again.

Between CNN (Communist News Network) and NBC (Nothing But Commies) tonight you will get whatever THEY want to TELL you anyway. I don't understand why David keeps on wasting everyone's time.

I feel like Barry at Blogs for Fox: I would rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than go for a ride with Ted Kennedy. (LOL)

P.S. I have a Happy Valentine's Post below for ALL!! (smiling)

Thanks everyone, I have way over a 1000 comments saved to re-publish as soon as I am able to.

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Presidential Wannabe in John's Words

Tell it like it is John Gibson, I love you Dude!! (smiling)
Monday, February 13, 2006 By John Gibson

It must just kill Al Gore that he's not president.

It must be a terrible burning tumor in his gut that eats at him every single day of his life. I say that must be true because there really is no other explanation for what he is doing.

Here we've got a major Muslim controversy sweeping the planet over some sophomoric cartoons that depict a bearded guy named Muhammad. We've got Muslims burning and killing and threatening all over the world, and Al Gore picks this time to travel to Saudi Arabia and tell what sounds very much like the abominable snowman of lies about his very own country.

He said after 9/11 Arabs were indiscriminately rounded up and held in unforgivable conditions.

Hmmm. Rounded up, yes, but indiscriminately? Don't think so. They were visa overstayers or people with phony or out-of-date green cards, but not indiscriminately.

These statements indicate every so often Al Gore just can't help playing president, but even pretend presidents have to face tough questions.

Does President Gore think Saudi Arabia lets Americans stay there without their paperwork in order?

Unforgivable conditions? What does that mean? Is he suggesting that the Arabs who were picked up for immigration violations were held in Gitmo or Abu Ghraib?

President Gore doesn't really think that because he knows it's not true. But that's what he suggested to his Arab audience, an audience made up of Arabs who don't know it's not true.

President Gore then goes on to argue that the United States and Saudi Arabia should have more Saudi students coming here, not fewer. Hands Across the Seas and all that.

In theory, that would be nice. But evidently President Gore doesn't read the papers. It sounds like he doesn't know that many of the hijackers who attacked us on 9/11 were Saudi.

President Gore doesn't appear to know that many of the foreign jihadis fighting Americans in Iraq are Saudi.

And President Gore doesn't appear to realize that Usama bin Laden himself is Saudi.

All of which indicates President Gore seems to be unaware all that explains why we don't let so many Saudis into the country anymore.

President Gore needs a reality check. As much as he thinks he ought to have been President 43, and as unfair as he thinks the counting was which denied him the office he thought was his from birth, the fact is he just isn't President Gore.

He's just a presidential wannabe. Never was and never will be. And it's killing him. And it's why every so often he says these crazy things.

Pity Al Gore. It's the fever that won't pass.

That's My Word. Source: Fox News-The Big Story

I feel John pretty much covered it all, did he leave anything out?? (LOL)

P.S. The O'Reilly Factor Chimes in with Bill's Talking Points: This Could Be it for Al Gore
"So we called Mr. Gore's office"
"Well, Gore's office told us to stuff it. No backup would be provided for his anti-American comments."
"In fact, far-left bomb thrower Michael Moore made a big deal out of the Bush administration flying Saudis out of the USA after 9/11, giving them preferential treatment. Remember that?"
"Now the left-wing press is trying to cover for Gore. The story was buried or ignored by many papers today. And I think Al Gore's comments are all so irresponsible and harmful to the country, he makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington."
You can read it for yourself by clicking here: This Could Be IT for Al Gore
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Blogs For Fox - ROCKS

Assorted Babble: Whiners Seek Debates Read Below

I have a feeling that a GOOGLE CONTENT WARNING might soon be considered a BADGE OF HONOR for those of us on the conservative side of the blogosphere...Assorted Babble: Whiners Seek Debates Read Below

THANKS TO --- Blogs for Fox !!!!!!!
You Guys ROCK!!!

Source Main Blog: Blogs For Fox

Congratulations to:
My Republican Blog
This That and Frog Hair

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Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing Everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Thanks to All that wished me a Happy Valentine's Day here and other blogs!! (smiling)

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Mr. Gore Move to Saudi Arabia Please

Al Gore Event Funded by Bin Laden's Family
The Saudi Arabia seminar that was addressed by former Vice President Al Gore over the weekend in a speech that criticized the U.S. for being too tough on Arabs was sponsored, in part, by Osama bin Laden's family. Source

Arabs in US were victims of abuses, says Al Gore
JEDDAH, Feb 12: Former US vice-president Al Gore on Sunday said that the US government had committed ‘terrible abuses’ against Arabs living in America after 9/11 attacks, and that most Americans did not support such treatment. Source-Pakistan Dawn
Okay Mr. Wanna-Be President Has Been Loser, you go over to Saudi Arabia and speak against America where many of the 9/11 hijackers were from and bash your home country. Humm What is wrong with these Far Lefties….sure no one agrees with this behavior. I don’t even want to ask for a reasonable explanation!!! Because there isn’t one.
P.S. I can't wait to tell you tomorrow what John Gibson had to say about this!! Stay Tuned!!

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Westminster Awards ROTTWEILER Today

My Rottie "CiaoBella" is proud of the Winner in the Best of Breed

Check out the winner in the Working Group (smiling)

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Foxnews.com Listed Assorted Babble # 4

24 blogs that linked to
"FOXNews.com - U.S. & World News - Vt. Judge Ups Controversial Sentence for Sex Offender"

04 Assorted Babble
2006-01-26 12:38

We have to continue to fight for the CHILDREN and PUSH TO PASS TOUGHER LAWS to PROTECT THEM FROM SEX OFFENDERS!! Everyone needs to Help with THIS CAUSE!!! Please continue to write, email and call your government officials.
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Cool in South Florida

I know many of you are being blasted with cold weather and snow in some places, and I will not receive any sympathy here in south Florida by my post. (LOL) We have had the A/C on all winter and Saturday it was in the 80’s. Well the temperature dipped over night….burrrrr, I think we have turned the heater on twice maybe to take the chill out and then immediately turned it off. Well I was joking with ABFreedom about me putting on some sweat pants and the heater was not going to be turned on b/c to me I am hot blooded. I changed my mind this morning and lo and behold, the heater is blowing out cold air. Not sure to call someone, put on more clothing and wait it out for a few days. (smiling) As I sit here though, it keeps getting chillier by the moment. I may have to crawl back in bed!!!

I feel for all of you that have to endure these brutal winter storms not to mention the cold temperatures, bone chilling winds, and knee-deep snow. All my friends are welcome if you wish to come down but right now, it is not beach weather I assure you, but I do see snow-birds in this type weather wear shorts and swim in the ocean. (shaking my head) I heard that a record was made in January to be the warmest ever on record in our country, so I guess many of you were able to enjoy that. I am thankful we do not have the heating cost here, that truly saves on our power bill.

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Movie Featured: Hollyweird Cindy

A MUST SEE VIDEO with music by Johnny Cash!!

Over at Little Miss Chatterbox’s blog this morning in her post, she mentions about a video and Cindy Sheehan:

"First is Wordsmith's blog Sparks from the
. It is an excellent blog and already a favorite of mine. He has 2
great videos worth checking out. The first one is of Cindy
that he put together himself."

LMC, you are so on top of things, thanks for bringing laughter to my morning.
Oh P.S.
Let download and re-watch/refresh while laughing out loud. I know many are posting about this, put wanted to pass it on anyway.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Today when Vice President Cheney ACCIDENTLY shot his friend it was an accident while hunting. Fox News-Full Story
However ABC and MSM are flashing messages "Vice President shoots friend" on screen. Yeah, they are going to have a field day tomorrow with this - BUT REMEMBER ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN. Truth is Truth, but the bias media will try to convince you otherwise. This info is for ones that do not know!!!

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I am Mooning...Wanna Join In

Go Check her blog out, she is very sweet!!
Off Subject but.....Have you ever mooned anyone??

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