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Democrats and Convicted Terrorist teams up on Challenging NSA

NSA Hearings start Monday! February 6, 2006

It is not just the Democrat party challenging the Republican Administration on the Terrorist Surveillance Program, let us add in a few terrorists as well. It seems folks that Iyman Faris’s (convicted terrorist) attorneys were back in court last Friday. (02/03/06)
Let me refresh your memory in case a few forgot. Mr. Faris pleaded guilty in 2003 to conspiracy and aiding and abetting terrorism that followed with a 20-year sentence in prison. He was the one that traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan and reported back to top terrorist Khalid Shaikh Mohammed that after he investigated the plot of using a gas cutter to burn through the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge that this plot should be ruled out.

Excerpts from Gateway Pundit: Click Here for more details

At his sentencing, prosecutors acknowledged that federal agents were led to Faris by a telephone call intercepted in another investigation. Critics say the NSA tactics are unconstitutional, contending that the government must go through a secretive court set up to approve surveillance warrants in the United States during national security investigations. The Bush administration has staunchly defended the practice, saying the agency only monitors calls in which one party is outside the United States and the call is believed to be related to terrorism.””
Meanwhile, Senate Democrats on Thursday angrily accused the Bush administration of mounting a public relations campaign to defend the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program. And, Sen. Pat Roberts sent a letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean today, calling Dean’s statements on the NSA terrorist surveillance program “irrational and irresponsible.” The ACLU is also suing the National Security Agency for violating the U.S. Constitution for their NSA spying program.

It does not end here on January 26, 2006 Foreign Agent Shaaban Hafed was convicted thanks to the Patriot Act. Mr. Hafed used the name Joe Brown, the truck driver from Greenfield, Indiana. Americans are safer because of the Patriot Act, and if you don’t think so something is wrong.

Excerpts from Gateway Pundit: Click Here for more details

Indiana truck driver and Russian trained Palestinian-born Foreign Agent.
The conviction of Shaaban Hafiz Ahmad Ali Shaaban, the Indiana truckdriver, who goes by the name of "Joe Brown" to his neighbors, ended yesterday with convictions on six counts including conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent. The convictions of the Russian trained Palestinian who worked to sell national secrets to Saddam's Iraq ought to be a wake up call for Middle America.

I have listened to both sides of this argument on if it is legal for OUR PRESIDENT to take action in regards to the Terrorist Surveillance Program, and I believe myself it is lawful. Now before you start in about it being illegal, I have listened closely to our country's best attorneys argue this point out repeatedly and no one can convince me otherwise that this is not an extremely important tool in fighting terrorists. The President has my support on this one. I have also paid very close attention to how long it takes to get a warrant and to show probable cause to intercept a crucial phone call made BETWEEN America and International. (Not Domestic to Domestic-US to US) If ones think that the government is interested in your phone calls, please get a grip. They are too busy trying to prevent an attack on our Country by terrorists or ones associated with terrorists. The Patriot Act is very important and all tools needed for protecting us. It is amazing to me, how many voted for it after 9/11 and ones in secret during the Senate Oversight Intelligence Committee went along with it until the N.Y. Times decided to reveal national security classified information, then all at once, the few Democrats changed their minds once they were exposed and voiced against it.

RICE: It’s been reviewed not just by the White House counsel but by the lawyers of the Justice Department and by the lawyers of the NSA, the National Security Agency, and by the Inspector General of the National Security Agency, and it has to be reauthorized every 45 days. And the Congress, the congressional leaders, including — leaders of the relevant oversight intelligence committees have been briefed on this.

Monday February 6, 2006 The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings in reference to the NSA Program. Our U.S. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales will be testifying in favor of protecting our Country and defending the Patriot Act. Department of Justice website I hope all will tune in and listen.
I feel like what one said “Detect & Prevent”

Instead of Democrats fighting this issue, my feelings are legal or not, they should be immediately joining together to make this available as soon as possible for hopefully preventing another terror attack. I know they screamed post 9/11 that not enough was done, well this is there chance to get onboard and remember Clinton's mistakes. God Forbid if we are attacked as the terrorists are planning, but please do everything possible to attempt to prevent it. This country has come a long ways in a short time since 9/11 to protect us, I remember very well little security prior to then and how easy it was for ones to do anything. How do you catch up after 200+ years in just a few to prevent the millions that have entered our country to kill us all during that time? I say it is a huge responsibility, and the government is definitely not interested in ordinary Americans making phone calls.

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