Friday, August 01, 2008

McCain's New Ad: "The One"


Friday, May 30, 2008

VIDEO: "Obama's Modern Times" Gaffes Galore

Without a teleprompter, Obama cannot even speak properly. The MSM still refuses to report them.

Another astonishing video by Flineo

Sign Petition: Drill Here, Drill Now at American Solutions

Go now and sign the petition at American Solutions.

It is time to tell the Democrats in Congress to Drill.

Get this widget for your blog while you are there. Please pass the word.

Listen to what Newt Gingrich has to say:

Please contact your Congressman that represents your area and speak out. Thanks....

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Just Words? Obama

Monday, May 19, 2008

Clear and Present Danger: Obama to this Country

Coming Fall 2008.....but The Time is Now. Wake-Up, Obama is a Clear and Present Danger to this country.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Video: Obama in the Church Pew and Angry Michelle being Michelle

A must see video!! Some say DO SOMETHING!!

Another video by Flineo.

Obama's Expedience A Game?

Youtube video by Flineo

Video: Barry Obama Unelectable

Thanks Hotair for linking my site.

Video: Leave Barry Alone Boooo Hooo

Friday, May 09, 2008

Can We Ask? OBAMA, Yes We Can

Submit your questions here.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Video: John Murtaugh's Interview Regarding Obama and The Weather Underground

Originally, I tipped off Greta van Susteren from FNC's "On The Record" regarding an article I had read at City Journal, titled: Fire in the Night.....The Weathermen tried to kill my family.
I suggested that John Murtaugh would be a great guest for her show. So glad Greta read my comment and two days later she aired this.

Fox News

1) More info should be reported on the Annenberg Challenge
2) The law firm Michelle, Obama, Bill Ayers and B. Dohrn worked together

Wishing also someone would pass this interview on to Sean Hannity and/or Bill O'Reilly for more interviews and research regarding these known terrorist neighbors of Barack Obama.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Video: Bill Ayers the Terrorist, Obama's Friends

Via Hotair

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mitt Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Mitt Romney wins straw poll at CPAC by 35%, McCain in second and in third Huckabee. It is obvious McCain and Huckster are not favorites by Conservatives, including myself. Go MITT!!
WASHINGTON — Talk about cold comfort.
Mitt Romney, who dropped out of the Republican presidential race on Thursday, won a straw poll of conservative activists on Saturday, edging out likely nominee John McCain.
Ballots for the straw poll conducted at the Conservatives Political Action Conference were collected Thursday morning through Friday afternoon. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, quit the race in a midday speech to the conference on Thursday.
In the straw poll vote, Romney got 35 percent and McCain 34 percent. Mike Huckabee and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas tied with 12 percent.
Romney won the straw poll at the conference last year.
This poll is revealing.....

Kansas Humilates McCain 3 to 1 Vote for Huckabee

My guess is Republican citizens in Kansas voted for 'anyone other than McCain' today in the caucuses held throughout the state. Fox and CNN have declared Huckabee the winner by 60%. The Drudge Report points out that Huckabee defeated McCain by 3 to 1.

Huckabee on miracles......

Breaking: Governor Rick Perry contacts Huckabee and asks Huckabee to drop out of the race. Nope, it ain't happening was basically the response. (Broke on Fox, will update soon with link)
*UPDATE* Huckster Rejects Texas Governor's Request to Drop OUT OF Race!! Also at CBS

I find all this very interesting on how after the tag team of Huckabee - McCain in West Virginia and in prior debates with all their dirty politics against Gov. Mitt Romney, now it leaves McCain facing more humilation and Huckabee as a big joke. It is ashame that Romney is not still in the race, I'm still feeling discouraged.

*Updated* McCain crushed in Kansas........ more at Gateway Pundit

Can They "Contain McCain" now?

Click here for Open GOP Convention.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

VIDEO: Mitt Romney in GA on Conservative Issues


Mitt Romney's New Ad (Hillary and McAmnesty)

Fantastic Campaign Ad by Mitt Romney!! Shows how Hillary and McCain are just alike.

Vote Mitt Romney for President!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Rush: John McCain is NO Maverick

Former Senate Republican leader, Bob Dole sent a letter to conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday regarding Liberal John McCain.

Politico: Dole scolds Limbaugh
CNN: In letter to Limbaugh, Bob Dole defends McCain (the letter was obtained by CNN) humm!

Rush Limbaugh: John McCain is No Maverick

Tell it like it is, Rush.....McAmnesty is no a Conservative, he is a liberal.

Michelle Malkin: Hey, Bob Dole, get back in your cage

John McCain Keeps Lying about His Stance on Illegal Immigration

John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have the SAME PLAN on Illegal Immigration. AMNESTY....

Read this on McCain and his campaign.... John McCain: La Raza’s voice in Washington

Video: Mitt Romney "A Winning Combination"

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mitt Romney for President, Not Liberal McAmnesty

It is not too late. With Super Tuesday only a few days away, it is time to rally and vote for Mitt Romney for President.

See what others are saying..

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity: "I'll tell you right now, and I've not announced this, but I will be voting for Mitt Romney in this campaign. It's the first time I've stated it publicly. I'll state it now." ("Sean Hannity Radio Show," 1/31/08)

Senator Rick Santorum:

On the Laura Ingraham Show, 2/1/08

Laura Ingraham:

Laura Ingraham: "All right, I'm going to see your endorsement and raise you an announcement: February 12th is the big D.C. primary, I'm pulling the lever for Mitt Romney. No doubt about it. No hesitation." ("The Laura Ingraham Show," 2/1/08)

Tammy Bruce: I'm for Romney
Michael Reagan: John McCain Hates Me
Mark Levin Show - Mark R. Levin on Mitt Romney & Super Tuesday on National Review Online "Rally for RomneyConservatives need to act now, before it is too late." Hugh Hewitt:
Ann Coulter
Capt. Ed at Caption's Quarters endorses Mitt Romney
Liz Cheney

Denver Post endorses Mitt Romney
FEB 2, 2008 New Poll by Rasmussen (McCain 30, Mitt 30, and Huckbee 21)

Hotair: Audio Flashback: The Great Kerry-McCain flirt of 2004
Human Events by Jad Babbin: John McCain: The Anti-Conservative (a must read)

Because his politics is based on collaboration with liberals McCain is a divider of Republicans, not a unifier. This is the gentleman who on February 20, 2005 told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” that, “I have no doubt that Senator Clinton would make a good president.” He is the same gentleman who -- defending his McCain-Kennedy-Bush “comprehensive immigration reform” -- screamed “f*#@% you” at Texas Republican John Cornyn, one of the bill’s leading opponents. He’s also told Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter that he was a colorful anatomical term and referred to Sen. Charles Grassley a “#$%^#*^ jerk.” It is difficult to even deal with people you abuse. Unifying them is impossible.

Listen (WIOD NewsRadio 610-Miami at 12:00p.m. Est M-F) and read Rush Limbaugh for the latest on Campaign 2008

John McCain the Liberal

If McCain is elected President expect Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Michelle Malkin:
1/28/2008 Open borders + campaign finance hypocrisy + eco-radicalism = McCain’s billionaire national finance co-chair Jerry Perenchio
1/25/2008 Meet the open borders family: McCain, Hernandez, Soros, and the “Reform Institute
Michelle Malkin:
Dr. Juan Hernandez, McCain Hispanic outreach director: “We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.”
Michelle Malkin excerpt:

Bryan at Hot Air confirmed it. Here’s a photo he found on McCain’s daughter’s campaign website. The ethnocentrist, border obliteration activist is in tight with the top echelons of the McCain camp. McCain campaign guru Mark MacKinnon is in the foreground. Maybe sending e-mails about their future shamnesty plans with Teddy Kennedy and Lindsay Graham."

There are so many reasons not to vote for John McCain

Voted against Pres. Bush's Tax Cuts
McCain/Kennedy (Amnesty for Illegals)
McCain said Sam Alito is too conservative (John Fund and Robert Novak column)
McCain/Lieberman (McCain attacks Gun owners)

Dems/Libs say McCain considered switching party and leaving GOP
A vote for Mike Huckabee is a Vote for McCain.
McCain is a Liberal and Huckabee is a Fraud. (both mean-spirited)
Plus today's smear by Huckabee to Mitt Romney - Hot Air: Video: Huckabee accuses Romney of buying Hannity’s endorsement

Huckbee's latest stunts: Gateway Pundit: Too much...Mike Huckabee (#6 on the Most Corrupt Politicians List) claims that Mitt is playing spoiler for Hillary-- Which in a weird way explains why he is playing spoiler for McCain.
Huckbee attacks Romney again and talk radio.

There are so many reasons not to vote for John McCain. If McCain is the Republican nominee, I will not vote on election day. My family, including myself voted for Mitt Romney in the Florida primary on Jan. 29, 2008 in Broward County.

Hopefully voters going to the polls on Super Tuesday, will select Mitt Romney for the REAL CONSERVATIVE.

Visit Mitt Romney for President 2008 website.

Mitt Romney rises in Polls
Captain's Quarters, Gateway Pundit and Romney jumps up 9 in Missouri, since Florida.
Others Blogging
Check out Dee's post at Conservatism With Heart: Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday