Friday, February 24, 2006

Pro Baseball Player’s Wife Sexy Gun Toting Anna that Hates Peta

This Georgia peach Anna Benson is the wife of Baltimore Orioles baseball player, pitcher formerly with the N.Y. Mets, Kris Benson and she has her own enterprises going on aside from her husband. The MSM recently attacked her for having a poker site and rumor has it because she is for guns, against Michael Moore and hates Peta. Anna was on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News Thursday. (David Asman filled in for Neil) Video of interview click here and scroll to bottom right-Fox News Video-Showing Her Hand Check it out if you wish.

An excerpt from Anna’s home page below: Anna Benson Website
Dear Gun Haters,
I am writing this letter as a young, female pistol-packing mama. I am a staunch defender of my right to bear arms, despite the fact that I do not belong to a militia group. This does not mean that I don't support gun control, because I do. But even with gun controls in place, I still want to protect my right to defend myself, my home, and my family. This continues……. Anna Benson Website including Home Page Views, Bio, Picture Gallery, Etc
Another Excerpt from this same letter:
My dad trusted my intellect and coached me during my shooting lessons. I sensed that trust and eagerly listened to everything he said, and now, at the age of 29, I can shoot all kinds of guns (handguns, rifles, AK-47's, sub machine guns... you name it). I have no fear.
Another Excerpt from same letter:
I am an avid supporter of our Second Amendment and, consequently, my right to bear arms. My father has guns, my grandfather had guns, and even my great-grandmother had a pretty little pearl-handled .357 that she carried in her purse (and I guarantee that she would have used it to protect her ninety pound frame from threat). Even my mother carries a .38 special in her briefcase as she heads to work in downtown Atlanta due to an increased amount of carjacking and assaults in the city.
Another Excerpt from same letter:
They are tools that we use. They are a source of power. Some of the most horrific dictators of all time, like Hitler and Mao Tse Tung, recognized this and, therefore, barred their people from owning guns. The last time I checked, I was still living in a free and democratic society where I have been granted certain rights. Continues.......
Lock and load Anna "the cocked gun" Benson

Anna has a link about her animals too under Heavy Petting, and one pup has the same name as one of mine – Pepe le Pue. I already liked her before I read that. She is more than a pretty poker playing diva, she has made notable contributions and donates her time and money, impressive I say. The MSM has accused her of heavy influence over her husband and his move to Baltimore from N.Y. So what if she did.
Several Excerpts: From Anna’s Bio Page
Her namesake charity, Benson's Battalion, is a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting terrorism in local communities.
The Battalion was created in response to September 11, 2001.
Senator Melissa Hart honored Benson's Battalion in congress in the early part of 2004.
She has even become involved in Extreme Fighting
This love for children inspires Anna's newest endeavors, including lobbying for children's rights on Capitol Hill.
I tip my hat to Anna Benson, a mother of three and her charitable involments along with standing by her man. (smiling) I admire her for her works with children big time and for helping in the fight against terrorism.
One last quote of Anna:
Somehow I don’t think I can compete, even with a super-sharp knife, with a gun-wielding intruder. Fight fire with more firepower!
P.S. Don't forget to read Anna's letter to Michael Moore! (Warning R-rated language-lol) Located on Home Page - click on "continue reading" ......Dear Michael Moore, ......I say WOW!!

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