Thursday, February 23, 2006

Follow-up Bans by Iran to Their People

Iran Focus - Source
Police confiscate alcohol, satellite dishes in Iran capital

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 18 – Iranian police confiscated 28,000 bottles of liqueur, large quantities of banned CDs, and several thousand satellite dishes at a facility in Tehran as part of a crackdown on “social vice” in the Iranian capital.
Alipour said that under phase one of the operation 1,414 “trouble-makers” had been sent behind bars.
He said that during the second phase 28,000 bottles of alcoholic drinks were discovered and confiscated in four warehouses and six people who had been distributing them were arrested.
Alcohol is banned in Iran. Anyone caught drinking liqueur receives a fine or is sentenced to flogging in public and imprisonment.
Some 3,250 satellite dishes were also confiscated during a raid on a site in which they were being manufactured.
Some 130,000 “illegal” CDs whose content ranged from Western pop music to movies to pornographic material were all confiscated during the operation.
I reported on this December 20, 2005 Click Here

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