Monday, February 20, 2006

UBL is a Desperate Coward

It is obvious that our troops and government are nipping at the heels of UBL as well as his location and plans for another attack. I support them all whole-heartedly and know they are working around the clock to protect us.

UBL’s latest tape released yesterday is only proof that he is a desperate coward looking to instill more fear in the American people. I am sure many remember Saddam indicating he would not be taken into custody alive (if I remember right) later found in a hole hiding with lice in his beard, but his evil sons went straight hell in the vicious firefight. Good Riddance I say!!

Meanwhile over at Study of Revenge-Google has a Full-Blown Warning over There before entering His Blog Below pictured D. T. Devareaux artist and publisher of Study of Revenge. I posted on him earlier this month click here .

While he is working on cranking out more controversial cartoons and pictures, (as he mentioned in his comment section) I came up with an idea if he may be interested.

UBL pictured with his Allah-“Muhammad with a bomb on the head” up half of UBL’s ass as he runs and hides of course with a short fuse.

I am sick of listening to UBL’s audio tapes that apparently are desperate pleas to recruit more suicide bombers/murderers and funding with the timing of the Islamic radical riots, Hamas taking office and Iran holding bombs in their hands. I dare the far left to sympathize with this truce crap from UBL. The tapes are directed to them (quote from UBL to the Far Left- “Solutions is in your hands” also reference to Iraq-troop withdrawals) He is rallying for their support with his message. I will expose the idiots in Congress/Hollywood/Washington on my blog continuously if you support UBL, not that many care, but I do. If you are listening to what UBL is saying he is rallying the far left to his side and dividing our country more than it is already. This is terrorism folks – hatred, killing, kidnapping, beheadings, suicide murderers… full fledge terror, the devil in the flesh. Plain and Simple!!!

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