Friday, February 17, 2006

Poll Question by O’Reilly and Suzie

As we all know - the Press Corp has been having a temper tantrum this week and the American people are seeing them in their true light and disgust. Their obsession/HATRED-emphasis on - with V.P. Dick Cheney and the hunting accident has dominated the news. CNN had some very hateful things to say about Brit Hume getting the exclusive with V.P. Cheney on Wednesday along with many other MSM outlets including the N.Y. Times. It burned their butt they could not get the interview and try to humiliate VP Cheney as they are doing in the media/print anyway.

We have too many important stressing issues going on in our world right now for airtime to be wasted on an accident. Most all Americans especially rural residents that hunt and/or ones familiar with these type accidents is fed-up with hearing about it.

When this story broke Sunday i.e. hunting accident, Al Gore had been running his mouth being a trader in Saudi Arabia. Please check out previous post:
About Al Gore Event Funded by Bin Laden’s Family and Arabs in US were victims of abuses, says Al Gore.

Thereafter I posted about what John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly had to say about AL Gore Presidential Wannabe on Tuesday this week. Interesting talking points if you haven’t read it please scroll down.

We have the War on Terror, Muslims Gone Wild, Iran wanting to wipe everyone off the map, disaster areas in need of help, you name it and it is going on.

Back to subject, The O’Reilly Factor has a poll question up at "click here"- Al Gore or Dick Cheney coverage which is more important
Which story is more important: Al Gore accusing the USA of mistreating Arabs on US soil, or Dick Cheney delaying the accident announcement?

Perhaps we can have our own poll question with comments on these subjects. What do you think?? (LOL) I voted on the question, and I bet all of you know whom. (LOL)
P.S. It is a TRUE blessing he lost in the election!!! WOW, where would we be now?

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