Sunday, February 19, 2006

Columnist Confusion on Christianity

I am somewhat puzzled so maybe a few of you can fill me in on this columnist Rob Borsellino that writes for the The Des Moines Register. His writing seems to lean far to the left but I ran across an article in Yahoo/USA Today speaking of Borsellino and his column. Don’t Silence Christian view on issues
This caught my attention knowing first hand how openly Italians are about their strong belief in Jesus and how crucifixes are displayed everywhere. I have traveled to Italy so many times and know first hand, that almost every restaurant, home, or business I entered had a crucifix hanging on the wall as well as churches everywhere but most especially in the centre of each town. Pictures of Jesus on the walls are just as common as the church bells ringing daily always within an ear shot away. Actually, I have two blessed crucifixes from Italy that hang over my entry doors in my home.

Don't silence Christian view on issues
After his enlightening trip to Italy, Rob Borsellino unwittingly reveals his own liberal prejudices in his commentary What has happened to America's Jesus? (The Forum, Monday).

I get his point that in Italy, though there are crucifixes everywhere and statues and paintings of Jesus on public display, he was not offended by anyone actually talking about Jesus in his presence. It seems it was very refreshing for Borsellino that no one discussed issues such as war, abortion or homosexual acts in light of biblical teachings.
Considering all of this, Borsellino could not bring himself to mention how different things are back in the States. "It would make America look ridiculous," he writes. Did he share with his family members that in today's America, it would be highly controversial to see a huge painting of Jesus on the side of an apartment building that might offend non-believing passersby? It will be that way as long as the American Civil Liberties Union is still in business. Full Story

Someone wrote in the forum, that in Costa Rica it was much like Italy and that “Christianity” is not a political party.

I spent quite bit of time in Costa Rica as well as in Italy and I know that this is true.

So I googled Borsellino and found a few liberal blogs that worship him. Moxie Grrrl calls him her hero and
State 29 Iowa-Centric post about Borsellino sneaking around watching Fox News and adds his two cents in about Sean Hannity inside the link. Well the Iowa Centric has thrown in the towel on blogging so, one more far leftie has bit the dust.

An Excerpt from one of Borsellino's columns:
I know this because the other night I heard a thoughtful, intelligent, fact-based discussion between the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Bill O'Reilly.

These are the same guys who saved Christmas from those anti-Jesus, politically correct heathens who wanted to make the Lord's birthday the religious equivalent of Groundhog Day.It was a tough, ugly fight, but they won.

He went on with his bashing and below is another excerpt.
Last week, they tried to get folks worked up about some weird things that came out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.
His column Jan 25 on Borsellino-Golden Globes give talk shows something to wail about

It makes me wonder since I read that this columnist has ALS if his heart may be changing. It is amazing when some people are faced with disease, disasters, immediate fear and/or near death experiences, etc. that they turn to God immediately in prayer. I pray that it does not take these experiences for others to find forgiveness, love and happiness and to have faith in our Lord in Heaven.

Yes, it was a tough and ugly fight during the Christmas holidays, but WE CHRISTIANS did WIN!!! We should pray that we continue to win and our beliefs or rights will no longer be under attack by secularists. I have God on my side and no matter what ones try to do in this country, they will NEVER be able to take God away from us. We have to remain strong and press forward if that means standing up for what you believe in and speaking out about it. It would be a blessing if America went back to the way it once was where Christianity was not a political issue.
Still confused on Borsellino, anyone have clue?

P.S. This one really makes me wonder -His column Feb 15 on Borsellino-Dispite Sickness, life seems worth staying around for WOW! (shaking my head)


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