Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Doctor Day with Some Notes

As most of you know, I am suffering of a panic attack at the thought of having to go today to the doctor... as always. It starts a few days prior to the scheduled appointment. With my insomnia, I barely slept three hours last night even after 4 sleeping pills - but perhaps this weekend I will catch up and dream about a dark and handsome man flying me out of here to a secret romantic destination.

Note: Check out the Amber Alert above, it is in my ‘neck of the woods’ here in south Florida just a little north.
Meanwhile, I have a few blogs for you to check out if you wish.

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Miss Moonbeam is linked too at Conservathink
Blogs4bauer Announcing Carnival of Bauer You will be linked if your blog post is in reference to “24” submitted by Wednesday for every Thursday’s post.
Princess Kimberley
Capt B-One Marine’s View Go say hello and get the latest on what is happening in Iraq. Wow, he is good lookin too and loves kind of man. (smiling)

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and hope it is beautiful where ever you are. It is gorgeous here today, I may have a couple drinks to calm my nerves after my ordeal at the doctor’s office….so I will see you guys later.

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