Monday, January 23, 2006

The Chess Board

Here we go again, where to start. As many of you know, Iran and Israel are exchanging threats now on an almost daily basis. Meanwhile Russia, Syria, China and South America are getting in on the game too.

Russia has been experiencing record breaking temperatures Moscow coldest spell in 26 years (minus 36 Fahrenheit) Can you imagine?
Attn: Another weather breaker in our world!!! or - disaster people have been dying there.

However, this has not affected Russia from participating and making their own rules up. Georgia and Armenia suspect sabotage by Russia of exploding their pipelines. There is evidence of some kind of explosive devices at each site creating gas and electricity shortages. Tension between Georgia and Russia started two years ago when their Western-leaning President went into office. Remember when President Bush visited and the hand grenade that did not go off outside the stage?

Iran removed U.N. seals this month from their enrichment equipment. Last week it was reported that Iran was moving assets from Abroad to protect them from any U.N. sanctions, however today they are contradicting that. The Secretary of Russia's National Security Council recently visited Iran.
Russia wants to make a deal or A PROPOSAL with Iran with their own ideas.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani said on Sunday he will visit Moscow to follow up consultations with Russian officials on the idea proposed by Russia. "The focal point of our talks in Moscow will not be restricted to nuclear issues and we will hold talks on all fields," said Larijani. Reported today at Albawaba

This morning Russia accuses Britian of spying.

I keep my eye on Russia. According to what I believe and is written in the Bible it speaks about the North. With Israel being the center of the world, Moscow is due north and referred to as the Bear, in prophesy of what is to come. Myself I do not worry about it because whatever is going to happen will be, but I still like to keep up with each move these countries make in the direction of what I have studied. Do you think Russia wants to be the almighty super power? It sure gives you something to think about.

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