Saturday, January 21, 2006

Exercise Question

Has anyone tried the Ab-Lounger or know anyone that has? I briefly looked online and read a few pages that popped up on Google. Someone posted this same question on WebMD and had two responses with very little information. One place under opinions rated it 3 stars. At Fitness Infomercial Review was full of comments in regards to this equipment designed for abdominal exercise. Click here for the consumer reviews

I discovered that the prices ranged on this product from as low as $25.00 on Ebay to $175.00. What little I read on several comments was ones complaining about the storage issue of it being bulky. My attraction to more information is the point ones have made about it not hurting your neck and back. I have two herniated discs in both areas and it would be wonderful to use this if it really works and easy to store. Just wondering if any of you have additional info? What I really would like to add to our fitness facility is the Total Gym. Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley endorse this product. Official site of Total Gym I like both of them and their openness about their spiritual beliefs.
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