Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impeach Judge Cashman in Vermont

Judge Cashman Needs Impeachment in Vermont

Recently the world has been informed about Judge Edward Cashman in Vermont sentencing an admitted child rapist, Mark Hulett, to a 60-day-sentence in prison. This action is a direct violation of the constitutional protection for this little child where the punishment does not fit the crime. As Bill O’Reilly said, “this is not a liberal versus conservative issue, but it is becoming clear that a liberal Democrat, Vermont House Speaker Gaye Symington is now blocking action to remove Cashman from the bench.” Judge Cashman feels rehabilitation is more appropriate. We all know the recidivism rate of these sex offenders/predators/pedophiles, let us not forget little Jessica, Shasta, Carlie, and the hundreds of other children that have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered by these monsters; by many being allowed back on the street. Joseph E. Duncan III’s case is coming up soon in reference to little Shasta Groene and her family. Meanwhile they are linking him to other missing children and he too was a repeat offender released out into the public.

A little background on this huge injustice, this 34-year-old Mark Hulett pedophile admitted to raping repeatedly a 6 yr old little girl for over four years and now it has been uncovered his best friend was allowed by this man to rape the little girl too. The little girl’s parents are mentally challenged and the details are too horrific to write about, you would need to research and read for yourself. I will not be posting the additional information in regards to his confessions of the ongoing rapes of 4 years to this baby. The little girl is one of Vermont's must vulnerable citizens. O’Reilly’s said “Yet Speaker Symington could not care less. It's all politics to her. How bad is this?”

Governor Jim Douglas, a republican, says he would like to do something about this but now he is dodging calls, however his office did finally release a statement saying they had received more correspondence on this (60-day sentence) than any other issue in the history of Vermont. Millions of people including myself have written the governor in regards to this case. We encourage everyone that feels that action should be taken and that this judge must be removed from the bench, you can write the governor right here and I hope you do. I feel any decent human being would want to take 1 minute out of their day to send a comment about this outrageous judge. The link will appear with a comment box, a very simple format. I feel it would place pressure and make a huge impact on this case and for all the other children that are not protected in this state. Vermont has very few guidelines or laws for protecting children against these monsters. Myself, if I lived there with children I would move immediately.

Human Services Secretary Michael Smith announced his order to reclassify Hulett, making him eligible for in-prison treatment, however Judge Cashman has not changed his ruling spite this exception and does not plan to. Vermont state House Republicans introduced a non-binding resolution asking Cashman to resign.

Vermont is of the remaining 10 states that are not moving in the direction of “Jessica’s Law”.

If the people do not stand up for what we know about sex predators - laws will not change and judges will continue to allow them back on our streets. I feel they need a life sentence and then execution, but I understand that 25 years is a good start in the right direction. I hope that you will comment that you wrote the Governor of Vermont. How can anyone agree with this outrageous sentence of a confessed child rapist?

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