Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have Admirers but They are Losers

Evidently, I have a few admirers that love me apparently. They can’t get enough of me. Humm… It makes me laugh.... what else can you do when they are such losers? Darn it, I will not give them the time of day and read their messages for me. If you wish to read their love notes and repeated posts you can go to my sidebar under the blogs that link here or view them from this link . In my opinion, they wish they could join me on the winning team and be a good American. Hopefully they will get over it soon being so upset about me not giving them attention and the confirmation no doubt of Judge Alito and how he will be our 5-4 vote. WOOHOO!!! Yeah that will be great news. Just remember my loser admirers....THREE MORE YEARS!!

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