Wednesday, January 11, 2006

J. Abramoff - Just For The Record

Another Part of the Story (smiling) MONEY!!

Democratic Senators 40 of 45 Took Abramoff Money
For amounts, pictures and details Click here for FULL Report with additional links

Democrats at all levels have attacked Republicans for ties to indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his Indian tribal clients. They do this despite the fact that 40 of the 45 members of the Senate Democrat
Caucus have taken money from Abramoff, his associates, and Indian tribe clients.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones Click here for Hot Topic – Glass Houses

LMC at Chatterbox Chronicles reported on this same story listing a few of the 40 below including Rush's nicknames for a few of the Senators.

Max Baucus: $22,500
Evan Bayh: $6,500
Joe Biden: $1,250
Jeff Bingaman $2,000
Barbara Boxer: $20,000
Maria Cantwell: $21,765
Tom Carper (He's from Delaware): $7,500
Hillary Clinton: $12,950.
Christopher Dodd: $14,792
Byron "Helmet Head" Dorgan: $79,300
Dick Durbin: (at least) $14,000
Russ Feingold: $1,250
Tom "Dung Heap" Harkin: $45,750
Senator "In No Way" from Hawaii: $9,000.
Tim Johnson: $14,250
John Kerry, $98,550
Barbara Mikulski: $10,000.
Blanche Lincoln: $14,891
Patty Murray, Washington: $78,991
"Dingy" Harry Reid: at least $68,940.
Rangel has received 36 grand, and he's not giving it back.
Debbie Stabenow: $6,250
Chuck Schumer: $29,550
Jay Rockefeller: $4,000

This means with more facts presented - IT IS NOT JUST A REPUBLICAN SCANDAL as many would like you to believe.

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