Friday, January 06, 2006

NBC Defines Sin all Summed Up

Today over at Rae Ann’s, she posted about this controversial show on NBC called “Book of Daniel” to be aired tonight and I replied that I most likely would not watch it. Apparently, I have been out of the loop with the holidays this slipped past me for some reason and the big fuss about it.

With this POST, I do not want to come across as PREACHY, but I have to admit I am speechless so I will try to mutter out a few words. STUNNED to start! After thinking about it, I changed my mind and decided to see for myself just how far this program would go on primetime. NBC was able to show me in two hours every sin that you could humanly think of, so it is obvious that they know what sin is and how to spit on Christians. This “So Called Church Christian Family” makes the worst dysfunctional family that you have ever heard of look like “Fathers Knows Best” at its finest. It was so far over the top that Desperate Housewives would need to kick it up a few notches to even level the playing field.

I already know ----!! that I had a choice to watch or not and I am glad did, because with my own eyes and ears I can tell you that this was outrageous. I do not know where to even start as far as putting a theme together to describe how they weaved selling drugs, stealing, cursing, drug addiction, each child was either a sex maniac-drug dealer-gay republican, then many were committing adultery, a Catholic priest connected to the mafia, lesbian lovers, pulling life support plugs, you name it, it was in there. The list could go on and on and on, I am not kidding – dead serious here. We are all sinners but this should be insulting to every Christian or Jew out there.

I ask myself what is this world coming to? (in a very sad tone) I am still speechless and shocked to say anymore – just disgusted.
I found a very informative and great post on this please visit
Susan’s Blog-NBC Takes Aim and if you wish write NBC with your comments. I am still shaking my head in disbelief of what I just witnessed.

You can contact Bob Wright at:
Bob Wright, Chairman NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Primary Phone: 212-664-4444
Fax: 212-489-7592
E-Mail: Bob Wright, NBC
Update after sleeping on this:
I feel this program had potential to a degree with focusing on issues families and people deal with daily without adding the Christian factor to it - even though it was totally over the top. Yes, the show would have had some controversy, but not what it received or will with creating this around a minister, his family, the church, and Jesus. Why take it to this level? NBC has needed desperately a primetime show for ratings for a long time, and this to me was an all time low to get them. I hope NBC suffers from a huge backlash on this one. What if they would have used a Muslim family and their faith? Who would have been screaming? Yeah profiling for one! What is next a Catholic priest and about his life molesting little boys and talking with Jesus about it? This whole concept is nauseating to me!

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