Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hollywood Persuasions

This week ABC will air a new show called “inJustice” on Friday. The drama is about wrongly accused prisoners convicted of crimes. A group of young lawyers and investigators take on tasks to identifying the truly guilty and free the innocent. The music clip of the advertisement/promotion makes you want to cry and feel sympathy to the victims of the wrongly accused. Okay, I can relate to that. However, I see another message behind this new show, Hollywood and ABC for what they are trying to do here, in my opinion.

I am the first to say that I do not want anyone behind bars or in prison that is innocent and I feel for the few that have been cleared through DNA that were wrongly convicted. As far as percentages, haven’t done the researches compared to the prisoners that are and have been behind bars that were definitely guilty. (To me it would be one person on a seesaw compared to balance) I would say this number would be very small in comparison. Still no excuse for innocent people being in jail, but unfortunately no system is perfect and this happens rarely. Therefore, I am glad we have the justice system we do in America. Other countries are not so fair or have Lady Liberty blindfolded with a jury of their peers.

To my point, do you think this new show’s creation was around or in reference to Tookie Williams or a couple others? I feel Hollywood is using their own political views in many of our television programs as they loudly state them individually on the platform. Same example, in my opinion of “Commander in Chief” with a woman President, the new movie with the gay cowboys, etc. etc. this has been going on for a while but now it is truly being recognized by more people of the persuasion. I feel they are testing the water on some movies and primetime programming is for your mind to accept or lean toward their agenda. There is a culture war and unfortunately, many people believe what they hear from celebrities in reference to politics and current events. I may be wrong, but this is how I feel. To me this is something to think about what people are watching and believing as well as the subliminal messages being sent out. In addition, my thoughts are - this is a jump-start to trying to abolish the death penalty also, hopefully, they will not succeed.

When I see and hear a confession of a cold blooded killer like BTK Denis Rader and a Sex Predator/murderer John Couey admit to kidnapping, killing and raping little Jessica Lunsford, yes I want them to die and meet their maker. No matter what the debate is, if they have the DNA evidence and/or confession speed up the appeals and make room for all the other guilty evil people waiting in line.

Sidenote: Above is my opinion and if you wish to state yours in agreement or not that is fine and acceptable, but I will not debate or answer questions. I am interested in your views if you want to comment.

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