Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Snowbirds Have Arrived in FL

Topic: Humor
This is the time of year tourist from around the world migrate to south Florida like birds. The majority of the breed is Snow Birds. Traffic is bumper to bumper and can be dangerous to your health. Anywhere that offers coupons, don't go there. If so, expect long lines and rude attitudes the majority of the time. If you must go to the grocery store, remember the snowbirds never look in their rear view mirror before using reverse in parking lots. In addition, that is a meeting place for them to block the aisles and converse. Have patience when you are boxed in behind one in your highway lane, their speed limit varies. Slow speeds in fast lanes are common but will run red lights with no notice or pause in the middle of the intersection reasons are unknown for this behavior. Below: I found many of the frequently humorous questions ask by the ones that visit the Keys.

Humorous Questions ask by Tourist:
Do you live here or do you fly in every day?
How far apart are the mile markers?
How often does the sun set in Key West?
Is the sun going to set tonight?
Captain, how many sunset cruises do you do a day?
Why didn't anyone tell me this water was going to be salty?
Can you swim in salt water?
Captain, are those islands always there?
Does the shipwreck go all the way to the bottom?
Can you swim under Key West?
Does the water go all the way around the island?
How long can flying fish fly... till they run out of breath?

Beware if you plan to visit Florida during season, because it is now officially underway until April.

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