Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Needing An Excuse

I need a creative excuse why my home is a mess and not much has moved around here. All that live here are very easy going and laid back. We definitely possess the feeling of live and let live or maybe whatever you feel go for it. Napping, doing your own thing and hanging together, whatever the flow is we do it. I think if the roof fell in; there would not be much bitching it would be call someone to fix it. Actually, it is very rare for any of us to complain about anything. Even during the hurricane this year with no power, we hung in here with a relaxed attitude the best we could. Okay now I need a good reason why I have not taken out the wrapping paper to the dumpster, put the gifts up, called for wireless connection concerning the new laptop, cleaned the refrigerator, or did laundry in a week. I could go on and on, but will save you the saga of my mental state of mind.

Here I go again, haven’t felt like getting on the computer, as rare as that sounds it is true or doing much of anything to be completely truthful. I did finally last night decide to start Turkey Gumbo, as I call it Turkey Surprise, wasn’t going to but my daughter said oh why not? It is really no big deal but it is time consuming. You boil the bones, then strain saving the juices, separate the remaining meat from the bones, then start adding leftovers, etc. etc. etc. It is really good with hot sauces added in along with fresh peppers, onions, a good tomato, rice or pasta, fresh herbs, spices, and so forth. The broth is wonderful to work with and you can make it anyway you wish. Add cream, fresh mushrooms, whatever works, but be sure to taste as you go along. (smiling) Don’t forget the kitchen sink.

Oh yeah, getting dressed around here, I think with the holidays you have a good excuse for staying in your pjs or gown being comfy. Forget brushing your hair, just pull it back in a ponytail and put some earrings on. Myself I keep them in anyway. The babies have loved all the extra attention, Pepe or Peepee both fitting for our fairly new hurricane stray poodle. He is now officially spoiled. Bella, she looks like she has gained 20 lbs. She needs to be weighed but we will have to take her in for that, being at 100lbs already it is hard to pick her up for the scales. Talkin about a Rottie here that is rotten to the core. We just love these babies and they have dominated our home, now they rule the household.

We racked up from Santa here…and we are thankful. Dell laptop, satellite radio, shopping spree gift cards, space bags (smiling), etc. etc. Never did figure out the bows from Victoria Secret, but the boxes were awesome. My thoughtful children bought me an amplified bible with my name engraved on it, I was totally surprised. I love it and they put a special message inside for me too. I have never understood why people say the words ‘bible thumping’, I have tried figuring it out and the only solution I can come up with is they feel threatened by Christians or it is a way of making fun of us. I don’t feel I am thumper. We truly do enjoy reading the bible here though and now have several different versions to read from. WooHoo!! It does not take much to make me happy, just having us together and safe is a true blessing. We all agreed that we really did not need anything this year, we buy all year especially when something is needed. It was nice though exchanging surprises and everyone smiling feeling happiness and joy.

Now back to griping, I forgot which blogger friend (think CCW) mentioned this before, but it is a bitch when you have tons of medical tests done during December and they leave you hanging until it is convenient for them to call you with results. Been feeling extremely sluggish and wishing for energy, but optimistic about good results, maybe I will know soon. Meanwhile, I will look around and trudge here and there to get some of these things done. Forgot to mention, my daughter went and bought more liquid vitamin B-12 yesterday from Whole Foods we have been out for awhile. You put it under your tongue for 30 seconds and wait. (it is suppose to go into your blood stream quicker) It worked, I did manage to shift a few things around, but the rest is far behind. To clear up what some may be thinking by now, our home stays neat and tidy, but as far as deep cleaning that does not happen on a monthly basis. (LOL) I’ll say this, at least the living area and kitchen looks good the majority of the time, but I can not say that for today. My mind needs a good creative excuse for this place being a disaster zone. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, hoping 2006 is a healthy, happy and prosperous for you all. Don’t forget to buy the black-eyed peas for good luck!! (smiling)

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