Friday, December 16, 2005

MEME has been Tagged

Patrick has tagged me after being tagged by Prof I’m suppose to list five weird things about me or things I do. I consider everything normal, but after asking my daughter while responding to Patrick, she said I had many to list. Go figure! (LOL) Patrick and Prof discussed about being pack rats as weird, but Patrick and I agree that was practical. I’m not as old as Patrick (smiling) but growing up we never knew if certain items may come in handy one day. Prof listed about eating sandwiches from the center and spreading butter or mayo to the edges, the spreading part is a must here on both sides of the bread especially Mayo on my sandwiches.

So after Rachel started stating a long list of things, I said “Wait, only five is needed” then some quick ones off the top of her head like me refusing to go outside without lipstick and sunglasses, dying before I would wear something with a spot, or no one ever seeing me without toe polish. We went to dinner last night and she found it fun to point out the following.

1. Food Etiquette. Both my children think I have always been weird about insisting on us NOT eating on any paper products. I always require a plate for all foods with a napkin included. No way will they eat in front of me outside of our home with their fingers; however, I taste food cooking with a spoon out of the pot. If in a restaurant, I will not allow them to have their plate removed until I am finished. An old rule that men should not allow a woman to sit alone at a table to eat with the rest of the table cleaned. Bad manners!! It can make a women self-conscience about eating slower but being alone with a plate to finish, highlighted that she is the only one overindulging. Men that have been taught proper etiquette know not to do this; they are true gentlemen if they do. My pet peeve! (Men leave 2 or 3 bites on your plate finish when the woman takes her last ones) Many find because I will not eat without a fork and knife, other than sandwiches or proper finger foods that perhaps that is weird. I only drink out of the proper glassware for the appropriate drink. No red wine for me, in a martini glass, certain glasses or goblets for made for a reason.

2. Bedding. I will only sleep on 300-thread + count if I have to take my own sheets with me when I go away. Can’t sleep unless they are tucked in at the bottom of the mattress and they are straightly line-up on each side. Three pillows are a must. Water always has to be by my bed when I go to sleep and most always, the TV left on with the sleeper timer. I have to have a fan on constantly winter or summer.

3. Words. The children are use to me calling them that even being grown. I always had trouble for some crazy reason referring to them as kids. (maybe b/c of goats) I have always (the majority of the time) called them young people or children, and call my grown dogs or someone else’s - pups, puppies, or babies same for cats to me they are kitties. Shut up has never been in our vocabulary, only hush.

4. TV Programs. I rarely swear, but I curse up a storm at the television if my football team is on and they have messed up or the other team gets a good play. It goes for listening to idiots on TV that are totally ridiculous especially in debates that they humiliate themselves with stupid analysis. It is not me to react this way, but I sometimes get so upset I want to throw something at the TV as if it is the television’s fault.

5. Misc. Household. My daughter says it is weird that I am obsessed with having the living area clean but my office and all other bedrooms can be a disaster. I am not a domestic goddess but this drives me crazy. Toothbrushes have to be several feet away from the toilet. I have to have all blinds and drapes CLOSED at sunset with no exceptions. If the house gets too hot, I go ballistic. Okay I know some of these things probably sound weird to most people, but here are a few.

This list could probably go on with my little quirks and weirdness as others may refer to it, but to me it seems normal. (LOL)

I’m going to tag:

  • I'm A Hoe Rae Ann-TN

  • Nikky Egland-WY

  • Jesse-PA

  • Elvira Black-Shithouse Rat

  • Ed Abbey-Recycled Thoughts

  • Let me know if you do not wish to and I will tag someone else. Hope you all will have fun with your "weirdness". (LOL) Oh yeah, if anyone fines anything weird above...tell me about it or add about things others find about you. (smiling)

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