Monday, December 12, 2005

Freedoms for Religion and People

I am putting off my researched post of Eminent Domain Abuse because today I would truly like to know why ones that support a huge importances on respecting other’s religions on a Christian - Christmas Holiday but do not support freedom of others from torture, rape, oppression, genocide, murder, etc. To me I would think the same ones would support freeing people the same as defending their rights for their religion. What am I missing here in the difference? Perhaps I am a bit slow, but I don’t get it. Please explain to me where rights for religion are that much different from the rights for freedom?

I found it interesting that only a few people commented recently on my post of women in the Middle East enjoying the freedom to form Rock Bands. Would commenting on that indicate you supporting freeing people under an evil tyrant dictatorship? Humm, it made me think about this also listening to our President’s speeches lately and today on the progress in Iraq. Myself I feel it is awesome that women are getting more rights than livestock and several countries are making such progress towards democracy (rule of majority) in such a short period of time.

Last weekend I watched a special called “Winning in Iraq” it aired again last night. It appeared that the economy there is doing well, the stock market is booming, people are allowed outside at night, they are shopping, cell phones are in hot demand, etc. the good news is endless. Electricity is free or a tiny charge, so they are overloading their circuits with new appliances and electronics, generators are the biggest sellers at places like our Costco. There is a woman that has a TV reality show that is a huge hit and many new TV stations. The citizens are making better wages and the unemployment level is going down. Overall, the people are happy and feeling more at ease with their new country. A man said that other than Baghdad, he and his family feel safe walking down the streets. They have a vacation resort now in northern Iraq to where many are going to enjoy their lives where before very few were allowed to travel. The people are amazed at what other parts of their country looks like. VOTING TODAY what a privilege! Can you imagine NOT having any of the above mentioned?

The soldiers both interviewed and blogs I read are stating the good things that are happening in Iraq and they claim the media only reports and focuses on the bad. Do we dare forget about the Taliban and what Afghanistan was like, before they were free? Surely, you remember the Burkas and the women beat in the streets? I am ALL for our troops coming home as soon as possible, but I also feel that our soldiers believe in what they are doing and fighting for there. These terrorist are not going to stop until they attack us here, if you believe otherwise then I feel you think tonight is the night for the tooth fairy. These suicide bombers, insurgents, and hard-core terrorists are from the pits of hell and they will not hesitate to cut your head off in a heartbeat. There is no negotiating with them. My thoughts are if we do not fight them over there we will be doing it in our own backyards. That will take me later - to border control on that major problem. Please give me a break if you plan to argue on the past tense of war involving OIL, Halliburton and/or Big Buddies of the administration. This post is about FREEDOM and Rights of Religion. It will not surprise me if this debate does not happen because standing up for other religions is one thing but agreeing about freedom for people is another. Feel free to comment if you wish. I just wanted to express my feelings on this; however, I still do not understand the difference on this topic of freedoms.

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