Thursday, December 08, 2005

Iced up and Wet

Hello everyone,

When I say iced up and wet it is not from snow or rain. (smiling) Late Tuesday evening my A/C iced up and water leaked to the surrounding carpet. (ankle deep) With discovering this, the repairman found mold on the coils (most likely due to the hurricane) and he had to clean and spray a strong solution on it. Well, it has given us headaches in more ways than one, I am even afraid for the pups now. They are even acting weird like us. (smiling)

Today hopefully the carpet cleaners will return and get the mess finished on the carpet. The A/C is working okay now, but we are testing the air quality and still have clean up to do. Maybe later today I can post and visit. Needless to say, this discovery and the fumes are getting to me. Just wanted to update you guys on what is happening here.

Any parties planned for the weekend?

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