Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today's TV Commercials

These days I find myself repeating constantly to my daughter that I just cannot believe what I am witnessing on TV commercials both daytime and prime. I remember a couple of decades ago or longer...maybe 3, when the first woman’s hygiene commercial from Tampax came out and everyone was shocked and outraged. Today times, we see them advertising stopping up a leak in a johnboat.

Nothing seems to be held back now from Viagra to soft porn Victoria Secret commercials with not much left for the imagination and no pre-warning that they are going to appear. Am I showing my age or what? If I had young children I would do as I did with mine when they were younger and have them quickly cover their eyes. That would be difficult to say the very least today. We wonder why young people are so desensitized to crime, soft porn and distasteful behavior. Perhaps the advertisers are brainwashing and programming them like little guinea pigs for a bigger picture for our future might be a theory. Humm makes you wonder what the entertainment business, media and advertisers are really up to! Look at Commander and Chief getting the audience ready for a woman president in real life.

On the subject of commercials, I do like several. One we saw yesterday two young people kissing at the front door and the father turns on the outside Christmas lights and the whole front yard is lit up. Hilarious! I was impressed today at a Pampers commercial singing a Christian Christmas Carol with a baby peacefully sleeping. To name a few others…

The Rubber band Man
Pepto-Dance line now they have Pepto for children (isn’t it all the same thing?)
Citibank’s Identity Theft personalities

The ones that make me squeamish are

The Caveman ones
Especially the Toenail creature
The Geico commercials

Any comments on today’s commercials and their content? Maybe your favorites or dislikes?

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