Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dave-Oprah-Dave-Oprah 12-01-05

It's Winfrey's first visit to "Late Show," although she was twice Letterman's guest on his NBC show before the late-night comic moved to CBS in 1993. The origin of their "feud" was murky, although Letterman has frequently joked about her through the years. Letterman's failed 1995 stint as Academy Awards host is best remembered for his awkward "Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah" introduction.

For years I have watched David Letterman - The Late Show, but have found Jay Leno to be far more hilarious the last couple years. The change over occurred at the start of the Michael Jackson trial. My daughter and I laughed so hard we would cry, but we do plan on tuning in for this interview hopefully Dave is up for the hype. (smiling)

Daytime visits the King of Late Night! Tune in December 1st for Dave's first interview with Oprah in 16 years.

If you missed the late night jokes you can always go here for the one liners!
Do you care about this? Do you watch Letterman or Leno? Will you be watching Oprah tomorrow night? (smiling) Too many questions even for me this early in the morning!!
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