Friday, December 02, 2005

Assorted Babble Friday

You guys know it is coming, the Christmas advertising and attacks. Will tackle that very soon along with links to stores that are using Merry Christmas and allowing their employees to use the greeting for shoppers. Check below-decided to add the link!! (smiling)

Today, both Ed Abbey and Mahndisa’s Thoughts-Disa have mentioned me in their posts; I truly appreciate it. Ed has his theory after our heated debate the other day on Michael Jackson being innocent because the jury said so. If you get a chance check it out. Ed is an excellent writer and his wife is expecting! Great News!!! Disa’s topic was IRREVERENT SCIENTISTS & ZERO POINT ENERGY FLUCTUATIONS and a mentioned summary of some of the things I post about. She is one very intelligent and interesting young woman.

I hope that soon I can fill all of you in on our new addition to the family. Several of you already know about us taking in a Hurricane Stray Poodle. He is a sex maniac with our 100lb Rottie CiaoBella. He and Bella are now lovers. Bella still hates all animals, but is making an exception for this little one; it is hilarious these two. Black and White!!! Will have to write a post with a disclaimer and XXX rating before posting! (LOL)

My son rec’d last month a huge promotion and he is excited about taking on his new position. He had a great time at Peace River for the boat and camping trip starting Thanksgiving night until late that following Monday.

My daughter made 98 on her mid-term exam and she is so busy right now with work, school and shopping. Oh yeah, and being mommy to our fur babies!!

I am feeling better, will return to the doctor next week. Always dreading that - as most of you know! Been fatigued lately more than usual, but hanging in here! (smiling)

Well, this is it for now!! Let me shout out so all can hear Merry Christmas, meanwhile if you wish you can check on the Christmas Store Information here! For stores and status concerning using Merry Christmas.

Meanwhile have a great weekend!!!
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