Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Tree Tales

So far, today I have read several impressive posts and want to encourage everyone to check them out.

Rae Ann wrote about the Constitution and the right we have to celebrate Christmas. “The Separation of Church and State and how so many people don't understand what that really means.” Occasionally she will write posts concerning our constitutional rights and she explains it so well to ones that may not completely understand. She out did herself on this one, great job Rae Ann. This is definitely worth the read followed with a comment.

Now Lil Bitty her post is in reference to our soldiers along with facts that need to be acknowledged by us all. As she stated it: “Things that make you think a little.” I think if you take the time, you will be glad you did. While you are there, I know she would appreciate a hello! Lil Bitty thanks for writing this for everyone. Sounds like your first Christmas is going to be wonderful.

Patrick posted a touching poem written in 1862 and tells us about a holiday from Victorian times the day after Christmas. I am always learning something new over there. Patrick is from Africa, lived in England several years and had a very successful famous restaurant in San Fran to now enjoying a laid-back RV park business on a farm in rural SW Oregon. His posts are always stimulating to your mind and he publishes several times a day. His place gives the feeling of home and he converses with you on one post or another all the time. I am hoping he will invite me over for lunch one day! Don’t forget to scroll down as the rest of us do.

For a several good laughs for the day, check out Mike's blog - Wild at Heart . Many of the one liners he has listed, I had never heard. Very Funny! He also has a picture posted from his visit lately to the Sacramento Zoo. Mike is an all around nice guy and a hard worker. I always enjoy when he visits my blog and comments, and I know he would appreciate it if you said hi too. Wishing you Mike a very Merry Christmas. Oh yeah, thanks for turning me on to long time ago! (smiling) I read the headlines everyday or so!

Merry Christmas!!!

P.S. I know it is the weekend, but I wanted this info out now. May re-post this next week for others that may miss it.
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