Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Feelings and Response - War in Iraq

When responding to a friend on my previous post I decided due to the length of my reply and stating my feelings that I would openly post it w/some added info. Ed, please know I am not picking on you because you are against the war, my response was much longer than I thought it would be. I made this decision since I had written most of it when the President came on with his speech late this morning. A subject I could write on endlessly but my energy levels will not always allow me to due to my CFS. This will probably drain me for the day.

The President’s 30-minute speech today was outstanding one of the best I have ever heard in defending why we are in Iraq. He took some responsibility for going to war but also pointed out that the same politicians that now oppose had access to the majority of the same intelligences prior to the war. I had already written most of this comment when he began to speak at the Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center from Scholars.

Ed sorry to hear you are enjoying being brainwashed (LOL) Happy you are smart enough to see through some of it though. (smiling)

I agree that we can’t save every country but if they are a serious threat to us it should be handled diplomatically if possible, sanctions or last resort military force. I felt the same as the majority of Americans and Congress did following 9/11 that we were under attack and according to our intelligence and several other countries’ reports (faulty now or not) at the time it was the right thing to do in my opinion. Some people are not aware it was not just our intelligence agencies; it was based on gathered info from other countries too. A decision was unavoidable imagine if the wrong one was made to please France along w/a few others and nuclear weapons were used against us. To me - more safe than sorry later! We knew Saddam had WMDs when he used them against his own people; this fact never disputed. (due to your comment of the people uprising) With his ongoing defiance after umpteen resolutions (14 if I remember right) against him in the U.N. spanning over years, he still refused to comply. A high-ranking Al Qaeda member was also living in Baghdad and been hospitalized there; Saddam sponsored terrorists and could have avoided war. The choice was upon Saddam for war, he still refused to comply. However, you already know all this and it is easy NOW for ones to say they are against the war, but THEN it seemed the majority was for it. As we all know NOW many of the ones at the U.N. was in bed with Saddam, so they of course did not wish for us to go in there and find what we did - the evidence on the corrupted bastards that fought against U.N.’s involvement. (Oil for Food Program) Sanctions ignored repeatedly for years, Saddam was a threat and the world is better off without him in power.

I respect our President and the fact he stands up for what he believes in and does not waver regarding being popular or not. One thing that makes me feel safer is he is not going to back down regarding our safety to please a few countries with conflicting interest and/or politicians with a political agenda - for their approval. I believe his decisions regarding war were legitimate on the safety and security of the people of the U.S and our country. I do not agree with every decision he makes but overall I do. Fighting the terrorists there to me have kept us safer here and we were able at the same time to free people from one of the most evil dictators. I do not wish to fight the terrorist in my own backyard and if we were not fighting them there - that is exactly what would be happening here; actually, that is what they want. It frustrates the hell out of me for a few liberals believing and sympathizing with the terrorists and the anti-war groups hurting the morale of our soldiers.

I want to believe all Americans whole-heartedly support our troops; but there is minorities that wish for us to lose in Iraq b/c of their hatred of Bush and his administration and the liberal bias media reports bad things there also b/c of it. If you notice, the camera people are always at the right spot at the exact moment to capture what the terrorists wish to be aired in small areas – believe me it is not always by accident or coincidence. I do not get ones that believe a connection in us having something to do with 9/11 so we could go get their OIL. I do not see us profiting from their oil now. Oil is a diversion created by far left politicians from the truth of what happened and why we reacted directly following 9/11. It is amazing how they were all onboard when the decision was made to go into Iraq. I see us fighting a war against ones that wish to kill us. Your reason for thinking it is all about freedom. Freedom is a part of it for the people there and a safer Middle East, but for the Radical Islamic it is in part a religious war. Their goal is to eliminate all infidels as they consider us - that started way before 9/11 when they attacked us on our soil - 1993 when they bombed the World Trade Center. Before Iraq, terrorist’s goals were to kill Americans. To answer your question, as long as there are terrorists wanting to murder us I am sure our soldiers will be fighting them there or over here on our soil.

As far as our troops go, they do not understand the anti-war groups here and the ones that say they support and/or honor them but not what they are doing there. I hear and read it all the time from soldiers repeatedly. I am sure when your local 224 roll in they will say the same thing. It would also be disastrous to cut and run.

The number of suicide bombers are increasingly being recruited and who can understand why anyone would volunteer to do this anywhere in the world not just Iraq. The Iraq army is training successfully daily and becoming more and more capable. I find that analysis of reverting back to the way it was very discouraging as an opinion especially after steps of becoming a democracy with a constitution in a miraculously short time. A lasting democracy for peace and freedom is what the majority are achieving. Seven out of 10 Iraqis say their life is improving. They have met every milestone with each major election.
I could go on and on, but will end here for today.

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