Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bloody Santa Disgusting Decorations

Can you believe it? Again but worse if you can imagine!! Click Here to my previous post of Santa hanging from a tree Don't tell me that this is a small issue in reference to Christmas, people are going to an all time low that I have never witnessed in my entire life. The pictures are so bad that I can only post this one because of how gruesome the others are. My heart breaks for children and how traumatizing this must be for them to see in person or on the news. This story was aired on our local station but it is in N.Y. This story makes me sick to report it, but for ones that think there is no war against Christmas this only shows just how bad it has gotten. I do not even want to hear the free of speech defense again. This is outragous!!

(CBS4 News) NEW YORK A New York City family’s holiday decoration is giving new
meaning to the phrase, “You’d better watch out.”

In the family’s yard,
there’s a bloody, bearded Santa Claus hanging from a tree. Old Saint Nick is
holding a bloody knife and a beheaded Barbie.

The family members are
reportedly non-practicing Jews, who want to make a holiday statement with their
disgusting display, protesting the commercialization of Christmas.

16 year old daughter came up with the idea, based on the movie, “Silent Night,
Deadly Night.” Full Story and Pictures

To an upbeat site of Jews and many groups that are defending Christmas Jews For Fairness "Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation" Don Feder was on Fox N Friends this morning.

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