Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our Brave Soldiers in Iraq

I encourage everyone that reads my blog to go and thank our troops for fighting for us and keeping us safe. All of us know that this is a lonely time to be away from your family and friends during the Christmas Holidays. Today I want to introduce you to Capt B. He is ONE TOUGH Marine in Iraq. The name of his blog is One Marine’s View in Iraq . Below is an excerpt from his latest post:


Pull the troops out? We were loosing? We cant win?? Did these people eat a bowel
of frosted dumbass for breakfast? I just got back from seeing Marines, Soldiers
and Sailors in bases like Korean Village and Al Asad in western Iraq. These
warriors are going strong, fighting hard and full of motivation eager to fight
and kill terrorists, taking the fight to the enemy. Why would we even mention
pulling out of here until the job is done? It would be like forfeiting a
baseball game in the ninth inning and quitting with a two run lead. We are
winning this war and for anyone who says different, get your facts together (yea
right) and come play ball, Im waiting. For all you “I didn’t get enough
attention from daddy when I was young, left wingnuts” out there, we are AT WAR
and we defiantly are winning! To be more specific it’s a counter insurgency war.
Well, why isn’t it wrapped up and finished then like Desert Storm?? Well my
little cup cake it takes approximately 10 years to extinguish a counter
insurgency. We began the war on terror hard core about three years ago so by the
left wingnut book of all answers, we should have about seven more years to fight
this evil regime before its defeated, right? Nope! We have overthrown their
insane dictator, stomped a mud hole in the insurgents ass, established a
government, restored economics and set the tone for the surrounding country’s
that if they don’t play nice, they too can have a Marine Infantry Battalion
sitting off their coast just as easy in only three years. Holy haji stain
Batman, if we stayed here seven more years I could have a Walmart Super Store
chain established and smoking cigars in my downtown Iraqi bar! (don’t steal my
idea!) Click Here to read the rest of His Awesome Post

P.S. Capt B just had a birthday too!! (smiling)

While you are there, you may want to read all his posts, but the one prior to the above excerpt was THE PRESIDENT-click here and the picture published above.

My family supports, honors, and prays for our troops all around the world. Our hearts and prayers are with the families that have lost love ones giving their lives for protecting us Americans. If you have a minute I know you can make a soldier smile if you go and write your encouraging thoughts.

Capt B, we love you all!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
P.S. If you wish to continue visiting Capt B, his link is in my sidebar!

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