Monday, January 09, 2006

The Dow and Economy

Looking pretty good huh? Like the glass half-full!! (smiling)

The Dow hits and closes over the 11,000 mark, first time in 4 ½ years. Remember before 9/11, this has not happened since June prior to then. Drop in Oil prices and they seem to be sliding. The Economy is looking very promising with record-breaking numbers on jobs, unemployment, and first homebuyers, etc. Humm, sure gives you something to think about huh? Most importantly, America has not been attacked again on our own soil by evil terrorists, we should be very thankful to the ones protecting us and the ones making decisions to be diligent on the war on terror. WOW, some things must be working in the homeland - ya think? …Perhaps I will enjoy a little cocktail this afternoon. Even the confirmation hearings went well. However, I know tomorrow we will hear from the handful of extreme lefties, as they will show off for the camera, that is expected.

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