Thursday, January 12, 2006

Concerns of Blog Censorship

From the first day, I started blogging I made friends with wonderful people, to this day I remain that way with several of these people. I truly feel they know my easy-going personality and that I do not go to their blogs and cause problems. Many of us (the before mentioned) feel different with our political views, but at the same time respect one another. Several of my blogger friends post a variety of different subjects that I enjoy reading and I feel they do with some of mine. However when I go off on my political views or reporting in reference to my beliefs, they comment or wait until I get around to a subject that they voice their opinions on. I have always and will be open to civil disagreement but not disrespect or trying to bait or persuade me with questions and arguments that they know will be in a form of an attack especially on Politics or Christianity. Ninety nine percent (99%) of my readers do not deliberately comment on my blog to attack or provoke me, but unfortunately, there is that one percent including Trolls. The format of my blog has been to be civil and show respect to each other and at the end of the day, we remain friends. I know everyone does not always agree with everything I say or post and that is okay with me, but I am NOT going to feel I have to defend my beliefs or debate with people on issues that I do not wish to do so with. PERIOD! I am not going to be FORCED either to do anything that I do not want to. If you do not like my blog, at the top there is a button that says NEXT BLOG I suggest press it.

In reference to my last post, radical liberals desperate for attention commented or spewed I should say – (not even in reference to the content of what I wrote) and was not respectful either actually quite nasty to me. The vicious comments showed hatred and ignorance with no regard for anyone else or my wishes stated. There was nothing so venomous in my post to merit such an attack that I received along with threats of linking my blog to their distasteful postings. That will create more havoc for me from despicable individuals that are looking to insult people on their blogs, as we all know there are a few that flock to start a fight. Isn’t that their purpose for linking your site? I say if you have something nasty to say, that is why you have your own blog, however I say why do you have to direct the scum with a link to keep the fight going?. - I say - Stay off of mine or you will be D-E-L-E-T-E-D. As AROD said this is a NO TROLL ZONE.

I have no plans on going and playing this mean game on your site with exchanging offensive insults or linking your hatred ramblings on my post or blog. I have been putting up with this pessimistic attitude splashed with sarcasms for some time now. Well I have news for you, NO MORE. I don’t want or need it. If you want to understand what truly happened yesterday on my blog I would suggest reading one of the most brilliantly written post on this subject and why people do this to others. Click Here

I don’t think I am the only one that feels that people should show respect if they come to your blog to comment. Never would I go somewhere else and just start a fight, these people have problems in my opinion that do this. I refuse to give up my smile because of a few “S.S” as Amy use to say Sh*t Stirrers.
P.S. Thank you to EVERYONE that was so nice, civil and kind with your comments last night and this morning. I am so exhausted by all this not sure how fast I can get to each of you to thank you personally. I will try my best as soon as possible. Thank you again friends.

UPDATE: They are already doing it! I only know by my sidebar under BLOGS THAT LINK HERE.
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