Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kennedy and The Owl Club

Wait, Wait, I'm exempt! Rules and Ethics do not apply to me, said ted! (LOL)

The Good, Bad and the UGLY.
Chances are you will not hear or at least much about this story if at all on the bias media MSM. The big ruckus about Judge Alito came down to CAP (Concerned Alumni of Princeton) a club that switched Senator Kennedy’s voice from a growl to a roar. This turned out to be a dead end or a dead horse, whatever you wish to call it. Paying no heed to Alito’s anxious insistence that he was not active in this group, that was not enough for Old Teddy. Nevertheless, it came down to Kennedy saying everything under the sun to Judge Alito about being a bigot. All this led later to Mrs. Alito's crying. It was that ugly.....not a pretty site from someone that has been in a position of a Senator for as long as Teddy has...He should know better not to act out like that with all the cameras. Ya think? (Back on track btw before being rudely interupted)

WELL, is it not ironic that Kennedy belongs to an exclusive club of his own? Oooops Teddy it was uncovered about your involvement. Don’t you wish Judge Alito could have questioned Kennedy about his club membership? For most of us, many other questions too about his past, that list is a long one.
Chas’ Compilation did a post on What About Questioning a Kennedy then The Chatterbox Chronicles did a profile on Senator Kennedy quite interesting with links included I would suggest for everyone interested to check these links out. Back to Teddy and the club...."""THE OWL CLUB!!!""""

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy belongs to a social club for Harvard students and alumni
that was evicted from campus nearly 20 years ago after refusing to allow female
members. According to the online membership directory of the Owl Club, the
Massachusetts Democrat updated his personal information -- including the address
of his home that is in his wife's name -- on Sept. 7. The club has long been
reviled on campus as "sexist" and "elitist" and, in 1984, was booted from the
university for violating federal anti-discrimination laws, authored by Mr.
Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy has spent much of this week's Senate Judiciary Committee
hearings interrogating Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. for his ties to
the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group that is critical of admissions quotas
but was formed in the early 1970s in opposition to the admission of women. Washington
Times full story

What do you think the chances are that the MSM is going to report this and inform the people about Big Bad Teddy?

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