Monday, January 16, 2006

Inappropriate Homework in High School

Friday, Jan 13th -BROOKLYN, Ohio (AP) -- A high school research assignment on Internet pornography was canceled after parents in this Cleveland suburb complained.
Superintendent Jeff Lampert said that although the teacher's apparent goal - to discuss the harmful effects of pornography - was well-intentioned, he agreed with parents that the assignment was inappropriate for 14- and 15-year-old freshmen at Brooklyn High.
The assignment asked students to research pornography on the Internet and list eight facts about pornography. Students also were asked to write their personal views of pornography and any experience they had with it. AP Reports

– Moral Deterioration
After the Superintendent started getting calls, they decided to drop the project. What were they thinking to begin with? It is bad enough how our colleges are persuading our young people. It sounds to me as if these students were assigned this as a smoke screen or a deceiving spin by the perversion sickness of the teacher. (makes me wonder about Judge Cashman in Vermont too, that is another post) I don’t believe that the reason was well-intended myself, thank goodness for parents that pay attention to their children’s homework.

The lack of morals and discipline in this country and the world is at an all time low, you wonder why more and more juveniles are committing crimes. Example here, in Ft Lauderdale two teens surrender in homeless beatings -Source-Fox News and killing a man caught on video tape. Our local news reported both teenagers showed no signs in school of anger problems actually quite the contrary. Sure makes you wonder why they would do this, perhaps it may have something to do with the post that Bujutsu Blogger wrote on Evil-Lite , lack of morals and discipline at home, what they are learning in school and/or violent video games, etc. I watched on Fox News this weekend where terrorists and insurgents use these same video games as additional tools for desensitizing their killers.

My daughter tells me it is terrible at the college she attends how they push liberal views and encourage secularism, so I imagine internet porn is also a hot topic of assignments to go along with that agenda. With writing this she reminded me of the case in CA where elementary children, 1-5th graders were ask questions in regards to a sex survey (mentioned below). Let us not forget how the ACLU defended this and how the ACLU support the pedophiles- sex offenders/predators and their rights. We all know what side of the political spectrum that the ACLU supports. I could probably go off on this forever, but this has been on my mind since reading this disturbing story above. I decided awhile back that I am going to post whatever I want to and hope that it makes a difference if only to one person that is not informed on some issues.

A few excerpts from the archives of
Common Sense and Wonder written in Nov 2005

Fundamental parental rights under attack
Like Kelo vs New London, this is an important issue. The judge's ruling seriously diminishes parental rights in a way that bears no resemblance to American history of culture. These judges are slowly making all children wards of the state.

By the way, Judge Reinhart is married to the head of the California ACLU. Surprised? Didn't think you would be.

The case, Fields v. Palmdale, involved a "psychological survey" given to first-, third- and fifth-graders that asked them questions about "touching my private parts too much," "getting scared or upset when I think about sex" and how they feel when they "can't stop thinking about sex." Parents were asked for permission to give the survey but were not informed of its sexual content.

1989 -- the San Francisco Superior Court ruled that the California Constitution's privacy guarantees for minor girls overruled any right parents had to control the behavior of their children.
1995 -- the Massachusetts Court of Appeals found that parents did not have the right to know in advance or to opt their children out of a 90-minute presentation by "Hot, Sexy and Safer Productions" that included homosexual inferences and games played with condoms.
1996 -- The Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in an Ohio case that parents could claim constitutional protection for decisions regarding the education of their children only if the decisions were based on religious beliefs.In contrast, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 15 times, beginning in 1923 and as recently as 2000, that "the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody and control of their children" is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

I know the title of this post and the content somewhat wondered off the subject but I felt what followed was necessary to report. Not even sure how to address a question to you about what is going on in this country regarding our children. This is totally disgusting to me and what you have just read is only a tiny faction of it.
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