Sunday, January 22, 2006

Birthday Week Countdown

This week many blogger friends are having a birthday including me. Hope everyone will go over and say hello, birthdays can be fun. (smiling) If anyone else is having a birthday this week I would love to hear about it and I will post your link too. I use to keep up with at least hundred before internet life came along and would send cards in the mail with telephone calls. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get ones out to my family on time. If you want to list yours or just the month, I will put it in my calendar as a reminder pop-up. I do love keeping up with everyone's special day. (smiling)

Rae Ann’s blog is one of my favorites, she always has a variety of subjects and I always find them so interesting.
I'm A Hoe Rae Ann-TN

The name of Nikky’s blog is Don’t Head West and she is going to be 25. She is a sweetheart and unique with her topics. My two children are her age.
Nikky Egland-WY

Amy at Eat Misery is expecting a new baby, so I know she would appreciate you stopping by.
Eat Misery

Happy Birthday to all of you!!
Wishing all your dreams and wishes to come true! Hoping your special day is awesome filled with happiness and joy.
Mine is near the end of this week. I MAY post some older pictures later to remember the good ole days, however you are as young as you feel right? (LOL)
Happy Birthday Rae Ann, Nikky and Amy….have a good one!!!

Thanks Nikky for commenting to this!! Jan 22

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