Saturday, January 21, 2006

UBL Tape Scoured For Clues

This audio tape has been edited with missing snippets from Al Jazeera before being aired and it took at least 5 weeks to deliver some experts say. If only UBL would use internet access for instant messages that would be wonderful, he could be tracked in a split second.

People do not realize how easy it is to track an IP address (like a server name for an example and/or some number random like 69.18.30.) This identifies you (example: John Doe) when you have internet access unique like a fingerprint unless you use a library or public computer and even in those places, logs are kept usually on time usage. Actually tracking this way is quicker than obtaining your cell phone number and records. Now it is being reported in the news just this past week about ones obtaining people’s cell #’s and records even the FBI’s. More Nothing seems to be secret anymore even down to medical records. Unfortunately in my past I had a couple stalkers, and this info helped the authorities. There are so many available sources these days that do this and have a report within a few minutes. Sadly to say, they can take this little IP address and reveal extremely personal details about individuals i.e. their name, where they live, work, phone numbers, email addresses, and how much money you have in the bank, not to forget your S.S.# and so forth. Last summer, a very dear blogger friend of several of us had this happen to him, it was awful and vicious actually, his job was in jeopardy over it too. This hateful person went anonymous to each of his hundred readers and posted his full information with complete details. His office started getting calls and emails and he later had to shut that blog down, only his true friends later was informed to where he was. I was thankful he trusted me to email ones to please delete that info from their blogs.

This brings me to another subject. When I first moved to FL I was out one night and met this man (an immediate family member of the Gambinos) That same day I had just changed my cell number to a FL number from AL and only one person had that information. I did not give him my number (could not even remember it myself-smiling) Before 9 a.m. the following morning, he called me on it. He later told me just how easy it is to get this info and if I ever needed a favor to let him know. Well, I don’t need any favors, but the offer has always been appreciated. (smiling) He did get some money owed to me from someone that suckered me into investing in a scam, that I did not realize was at that the time. Getting suckered has only happened a few times, but hopefully you live and learn and do not repeat your mistakes.

Back on track here…excerpts below:

John Rollins, a former Homeland Security intelligence official, said the
timeline is important because terror threats can lose credibility as time goes
on without an attack.

"If you can date it back as being from weeks or months ago, and he's
saying then that he's getting close to operation readiness, this gives you an
indication that it's bravado," said Rollins, now a terrorism expert at the
Congressional Research Service.
But if the
threats were recorded very recently, "then that does raise the bar to more
concerns that the timing of the tape may coincide with actual plans that are
under way," Rollins said.
An analysis by the IntelCenter, a U.S. government
contractor that does work for intelligence agencies, highlighted language in bin
Laden's statement that it said could be part of a warning cycle for Americans.
In his most recent recording, bin Laden began his statement by saying,
"Peace be upon those who follow guidance." That language, the analysis
concluded, closely matches a pattern seen before the bombings in London last
July 7. Bin Laden used almost identical greetings in statements directed to
Europeans in April 2004 and to Americans in October 2004.
"We believe that this signifies this is a warning message, and they
feel they're obligated (to give) in the run-up to an attack," said Ben Venzke,
chief executive at the IntelCenter. Full Story

What are your thoughts about if this is a way of stealing the spotlight away from Abu Mud’ab al-Zarqawi, who has raised more money as the number one terrorist in Iraq, or UBL is weaker in strength or an attack is imminent soon?
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