Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chateau Margaux

When is your BEST?
What is your BEST?
Where is the BEST?
Who is the BEST?
When is the BEST?


Friends Share Love

Friends have a relationship based on trust, understanding, and shared memories. And each friendship is uniquely defined by the two characters and personalities involved.
Amy and Louise met in a bookstore in the same aisle looking for titles by the same author. They began talking and realized they had read many of the same books and appreciated many of the same qualities about the author: her sense of humor, fine characterization, and ability to keep you on the edge of your seat.
After adjourning to the bookstore cafe' for coffee, they discovered that their lives, however were very different. Amy was a single computer programmer, while Louise was a nurse and mother of three. But something about their shared interest in books kept alive their interest in each other. Their friendship bloomed, and over time they let each other into their own private worlds, encouraging and supporting each other in their everyday lives.
For the sake of my relatives and friends I will say "Peace be within you." Psalm 122.8
God delivers to us the people we need and the people who need us. He grants us the ability to recognize and rejoice in these people as HIS gifts. Dedicated to my old friend ANN for giving me this book that I am quoting from.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

God created Caller-ID

Moments ago I checked my phone messages that I rarely ever do. I will back up to last week, this heavily accented younger guy left me a message wishing for me to return his call, in a sweet voice. Of course, I did not as always. Within the last few minutes now, after all ……my telephones blink this annoying light that continuously flickers, I go to clear it. Same man again, but with another tone of voice. Well it takes a great bit for me to return a call, except for my closest friends and selected few, and I left HIM a message this time.
I told him DO NOT CALL my number again with your split personalities, you have the wrong person here with more than you can handle. Advice - never let your fingers do the walking this way again. Guess I had a moment, how dare someone leave me a message demanding and threatening me to return their call. (I have a private number btw) The point is, he had a wrong damn number all along, and he could have saved his breath with being so ugly to me. How did we ever live before caller-id? If they raised the price per month as high as electricity I would pay. They have no idea how valuable that info is to me! P.S. Below within just posting!

ATTN: I HAVE NEVER SIGNED IN TO COMMENT ANONYMOUS! PERIOD! Whatever I SAY comes under MY OWN IDENTITY and I am not afraid to express how I truly feel. Hope that clears that problem up here in BOCA and blogger world! About pissed off here.... I have no problem saying what I want and claiming it. Just keep adding the evil bull crap out there. Tell me if you have a problem I will listen and respond. (just when I was getting my sense of humor back and being happy....(blank blank) how about that for anonymous? MY POST LOUD & CLEAR from ME!

Friday, July 29, 2005


Approximately 850 peanuts make a 18 oz jar of Peanut Butter.

How do you like your Peanut Butter?? What kind? In what? Do you eat it with a spoon, on your finger or spread with a knife? Cookies or With Chocolate?? Yummy! Or tell me what you can do with PEANUT BUTTER!! (smiling)

P.S. Pop Fizz too Funny if you dare-visit for "His 1st Month of Blogging", his picture will tell the story. (still laughing) Congratulations Pop Fizz!! Wishing For Many More Posts! Don't forget if you go, to click on his funny links for more pictures inside his post!! (LOL)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

How is the Weather?

When all else fails... How is the Weather? A topic for the day....boring huh? I am sure many of you have been suffering though, from the Heat Wave and others are getting some relief. Hope all of you are in a nice "cool" place today. (both physically and mentally) How is it where you are?
UPDATE: PLEASE- NO ONE comment anymore "if you do not read MY POSTS"! Thank you!My fair to Party Cloudy will be Clear Skies very soon!I visit most every day MANY BLOGS, I notice who does not read- just advertise their sites, no problem but add a statement about their post before doing so. JUST RESPECT! Signed by, Mentally & Physically ILL!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


"Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save." - Will Rogers

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

One Month Blogging

Today is my first month in the blog world, but it seems like a much longer time with over 40 posts so far. Within this period, I feel so connected to so many fascinating great people as being friends. Each unique blog is as interesting as it is insightful. I feel as if I have new friends, which I totally adore.
I have learned multiple important things about this new world. Language and Etiquette are two among many other things. Shorthand for words that you soon understand quickly examples are BTW, LMAO, WTF, EWW, STFU, TTL, OMG, etc. they seem not as bad when abbreviated. It is bad when at home and you start saying these initials out loud to your family. Twelve years now on a computer for me without much chat just emails mainly, have always used my signature of who I am with (smiling) as a trademark I guess, since I am really doing it as well as (LOL). My true personality is smiling the majority of time, except when I am in a dark place temporarily.

Would love to place a comment on EACH & EVERY POST of my readers/friends upon each visit, I try doing my best and trying never to leave a single POST out in between. Appreciation is what I feel towards the ones that know WHO YOU ARE! My day is made when I see someone has said Hello. Etiquette to me is reading a complete post (yes, I do, the whole thing) regardless short vs. long ones, and leaving a note after of course reading the above comments as quickly as possible. Guilty though, of publishing and writing too quickly at times before proofreading my craziness. (smiling)

Sometimes on the flipside, I think of this anonymity is as strange as the movie “The Village”. Because I recently discovered, as I think of as beautiful BIRDS flying over this enclosed boundaries of space lost around 1000’s of blogs, occasionally a new bird drops down from the sky and leaves a word. (humm) It excites me to know they are up there looking down from afar, and not just me hitting the Refresh button to see a number change. If you are one of them reading this, come down to say HI, promise I will greet you with happiness.

My final thoughts that I need to reiterate “LOVE YOU GUYS” and grateful for this new and exciting way for us to express ourselves. I call it going to visit “GOING AROUND THE BLOCK", but sometimes I get tired and do not make it, sorry, will be back though”. If you can add to my new language/abbreviations, please tell me a few but let me know what it means – still learning this shorthand thing and the etiquette that goes along with it OR anything like HI! Thanks everyone for all the comments and friendships as well as my readers. (smiling)

Double WOW – Discovery

Still have chills as I said a prayer moments before lift off! HOW AWESOME watching it! Let us pray for this to be a success and Nasa having all Safe!
Last time I was living briefly in Vero Beach, FL and watched the take-off in the sky! What a SIGHT TO SEE! Then when the time came for landing, we ran in and out of the house watching the TV and the Blue Sky! Silence was among us as our worst terrifying fears were exposed to us live. We kneeled down and prayed for anyone and their families. Let us hope this time all will be good! If you missed the lift off this morning, be sure to catch the clip later……..It was AWESOME….with chill bumps!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

My Favorite Shoes

These special high heels live in my closet. I once tried to sell them on Ebay, but backed out by protecting them with a reserved price. Could not bare letting them go for cheap! Besides I may get another chance to use them again. One of the very Top Italian Designers in the world today!
I could wear them around the house, but I may trip and endure injury or fall down and land on Bella our dog. Not a good idea probably. I am tall but the shortest out of my family. My sisters and daughter are up close to six foot. Started thinking.... I wonder how tall my readers are with or without heels, including women or men. (smiling) Feel Free to comment, I would enjoy your answers.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


This Guy is a Hilarious Writer and a Max-Security Officer for Death Row Inmates in Kentucky - A Must READ! Click here for his blog Ledge End

Matchstick Men

The last time I was engaged was several years ago. I ended it after I felt controlled and suppressed to paranoia. Some would have called me crazy but I had to end it because I could not go through with it, someone owning my life and more depressed than I was. This person is famous in his own right, being a father/coach of a prior top ten world Tennis Player (AU). Nick suffered from Hodgkin’s disease a form of cancer that he was then in remission from and did not like other people or dogs other than his Pomeranians. Shortly after the split, he immediately convinced his son to move to Cardiff-by-the-Sea in CA, but kept his home here in south FL. He was bitter towards me for awhile, but now he is off with other fights of his own. His influence was extremely powerful and his sweet son has always felt indebted to him for his career, so Scud does as Dad says.

At this time I had my Italian wholesale import business, described in my earlier post “Gucci to Generic Gown, but I too suffered from many illnesses and did not need more pressure or problems. Somewhere in that time I slowly started developing a ‘spin off’ from my Fibromyalgia to a disorder called Agoraphobia. For ones that are not familiar with this type of condition it has different levels and forms of panic. No I do not jerk or have weird body winks etc. as Nicolas Cage (weird that they both have the same first name) in this movie, but I do panic and stay indoors as much as I possibly can. For someone that has traveled to many countries, several revisited multiple times and have lived a life of many people all in one lifetime, this is a huge change. After a few years of it, it becomes normal that is the scary and unforeseen part. I miss most gardening and living in the water.
Today I earlier had a panic attack and prompted me to write this I guess, but it is so common more than people are aware of. My step Mother is always saying to me “All I can remember is you being so energetic and active what happened?” she never really has paid much attention as the years have past. I like things to stay in place for me to find them easily and if I can talk anyone in to get things outside the house I need, I’m extremely grateful otherwise I order online. No disputes or fussing in our home, one request at a time and please no overwhelming expectations. I can be encouraged to go out for gourmet dinner, but do not throw in errands along the way, because I immediately back out. The doctor once a month is a requirement, even though I panic 3 days in advance of knowing I have to be somewhere at a certain appointment time. Last year they put me in the hospital 3 times with my heart and I was terrified, more so about being away from my 'safe zone' home. Crazy huh? They have informed me of the worse and try to fill me with 12 or more meds, but I now diagnose myself and take a minimum amount of their orders. I do what I want to. So as I sit here and write this, I am not only venting and mad with myself but the ones that may think that they have a form of this disorder get help before it is too late. For all others, sorry if this is a bummer of a post but as we say “What are our blogs about?” I am happy as far as content with peace and faith and I feel hope for a future, is that not what we are suppose to do? This is not for sympathy nor being a whiner, just for sharing information to ones that suffer from this that can relate and to inform others that this exist. We always have to REMEMBER always…….that someone else out there has it worse in some form or another.

P.S. For a laugh after all to my friend's blog NJ N NJ or to this hilarious site regardless on how you lean on Politics Hilary 2008 Too Funny not Too!

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Still stuck on this band, my daughter turned me on to. A band from Europe, she listens to on Virgin Radio UK. Wish we could have gotten that new song I like... but on the sidebar is one off their new CD named Dakota. Days in the Sun P.S. UPDATE: Had to take it off the Sidebar - it was driving me crazy. I put it on a while and then removed it - I go back & forth w/it! (smiling) My friend .Mad Dog Williams from London emailed me about Stereophonics. "They are from Wales (or Cymru as they say there in the old celtic language)" and three of his "daughters were born there". Welch Band!


Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in London and now they are also with all the people involved in this latest terror in Egypt.
Are these evil Militant Islamic Groups with ties with Al Qaeda terror networks only practicing for the BIG ONE? Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad do you know this guy, well he suggested... as if he has inside information on attacks in London and praises high jackers from 9/11. Now he has gone in to hiding as of yesterday. He decided to leave London and failed to show up for another interview on a cable news network promoting his book and inflicting his views. It seems he has been way too accurate with his predictions, why is he not arrested? The Syrian-born cleric heads the al Muhajiroun group, which has praised the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and the al Qaeda militant network blamed for them. After the September 11 attacks. al-Muhajiroun praised the "Magnificent 19" -hijackers in his book.
Are we next or are there going to be more planned attacks happening spontaneously around our globe in huge numbers with the innocent, paying with their lives?

A Shared Thought

Just woke up from this sexy dream, darn it who brought me back? Most times when I’m sleep, which this last month has been far and in between just super fatigued lately, I do not remember or it was something not worth reporting on. This was a good one! Well, I am awake now! Been watching the news and laying around relaxing, no new news w/me on that either. (smiling) My daughter was so sweet Thursday evening when I was truly down, she insisted on taking me out for dinner. She knows the secret word to say for me to get dressed and be ready in a very short time. KOSTAS? She said! That is one of our favorite Greek restaurants not far from our home. Well we ended up going and having a great time as usual. We always order basically the same things and have their imported special Greek wine. This time I bought a few bottles from their private stock, so I am set up and happy.
I hope to visit everyone this weekend that was so thoughtful to comment on my post the other day. Some times it builds up to where you want to vent and throw it out of your mind. With each person’s response it meant a great deal to me and I left a message there for you guys. We must always remember there are people much worse off than we are no matter how bad we feel or hurt. Planning on posting again later, that is if I can get these fingers to type what my brain is thinking. (smiling) So many thoughts pass by quickly and then forget by the time I find the paper to write them down. Talk with you later, thanks friends you are what inspires me.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Maybe Tomorrow

"Maybe Tomorrow" by Stereophonics
CD - "You Gotta Go There To Come Back"
Stereophonics Home Page

Then between the lines, press Media.....once there....At the bottom you will see Video and the Song is to the right.
Media - Stereophonics
Video - "Maybe Tomorrow"

Lyrics: I've been down and.....I'm wondering why....These little black clouds....keep walking around.....With me....With me. It wastes time...And I'd rather be high....Think I'll walk me outside....And buy a rainbow smile....But they're free...They're all free. So Maybe Tomorrow.....I'll find my way home....So maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home. I look around at a beautiful life....Been on the upperside of Down.....Been the inside of out....But we breathe....We breathe. I wanna breeze and an open mind...I wanna swim in the ocean...Wanna take my time for me.....All me. So Maybe tomorrow...I'll find my way home....So Maybe tomorrow....I'll find my way HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. If anyone knows how to put a video clip and the song inserted on my blog, as Bored on The Beach
did with his Song/Video, Please let me know. It would be very much appreciated. I have the HTML for the sidebar, but not this Song or Video....need Help.

Jabber & Chatter

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

As Time Ticks

As time passes with each day that has gone by and you hope there will be another one to do one more thing. Everyone says live life to its fullest and make the most of your day. Okay, I understand that. Sitting here thinking, my son flew out of town for business and my daughter is gone to work, and I WONDER how many more times will I get to hug them and tell each one how much I love them. Losing five of my lifelong best friends in the last few years, most at a middle age time of their life, how does that leave you to wonder? I have experts telling me things that involve getting things in order.

My original idea for this blog was for many reasons, my views on life, a diary, political feelings I have towards certain issues, a forum for people facing life and death, breaking news headlines that I watch and read about, my spiritual side, and an assortment of babble. Well, I found quickly that humor helped me tremendously deal with what I am going through. Life changes and acceptance helps like therapy to think positive with a steady flow of laughter. That is suppose to heal you that is what I keep hearing. It seemed it brought something out in me, which I had thought was almost gone.

Today I have two family members in the hospital, one in ICU and the other is having more cancer removed. My younger sister that is very sick and was discharged this week herself will return next week for back surgery. Okay, we have so much to be thankful for, why am I whining when I may still have one more day?

There are still people out there suffering worse than I am and there are children we need to be helping protect from predators, my passion on writing letters to our government officials and finding lost lonely people in this blog world. Why am I complaining I am still breathing? Do any of us have room for negative drama or unnecessary bullshit in our lives? I am confused? Is that what life is about as time passes?

Would Rather Be There!

Short and Sweet!
Have you ever felt like you can't go to the hilarious blogs, because you have lost your sense of humor in your head? And it keeps you from commenting with a fast wit remark, that rolls off your tongue spontaneously?

Do we not love fantasy more than reality sometimes? Drama has never been my thing, would rather be laughing and having fun. Or is it just me that feels that way? (smiling)

LaLa Land is great - Check it out sometimes! It can be anything you want it to be. An escape door - always have one handy!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Blue Marlin in Costa Rica

If you are reading this for the first time, I am taking off from International Intrigue, an adventure of a lifetime, experiencing a month in Costa Rica. Within the first couple weeks, Mr. Happy and I had made many friends from locals, business owners to our favorite bartenders. Happy was new to salt water fishing but I had been billfishing in tournaments for a long time. My list caught had included most all types of big game fish, White Marlins, Sailfish, Bull Dolphins, Wahoos, Tuna to Grouper, Bonefish in Venezuela as well as Bonita (smiling) bloody big fighting bait fish and many more. (Read my post Florida Marlins on more fishing stories)

Back then it was about a $1000 to charter a boat for 2 people to go all day seeking that sought after Big Blue. C.R. also has the rare Black Marlin, but unfortunately it lives in different places in not so clear water near the bottom. So the decision was made to go out a few miles for better chances at one of my life time dreams. We were lead to this real nice guy named Mike (from TX but residing there for about 10 yrs) that lived on the outskirts of town. He owned the biggest sportsfishing boat, if memory has it a 28’ Topaz. After he came back over to visit us at sunset (oh wow, another story) a schedule was set up for a few trips within our time table.

We are headed out early, after meeting for breakfast as the temperature is rising on a hot gorgeous day. Mike was determined we were going to get our monies worth, and his mate was friendly and generous to share his stash and make our trip as comfortable as possible speaking little English. With trolling in water that was crystal blue clear, you could see down about 15 to 20 feet or more. Staring down into the deep, you would see all types of the ocean’s creatures.

The etiquette of the fighting chair varies on TIME spent for your turn, but it always rotates from person to person. I am glad that day I volunteered to go second. Mike knew where to go and he believed in light tackle, teasers along with tag and release. Great news for me, because I do not want to kill these rare and beautiful fish. Blessings were granted to me with stepping back and following. Happy and I caught 60-80 pound sailfish. (They are the most fun and breathe taking to look at spinning in the air) They are like Marlins depending on where they are hooked, top or bottom of their bills, they will dance and fly up out of the water and put on a hell of a show. Marlins though, do this as long as they can fight and see who will win, for up to 20 minutes or hours and sometimes they will often break the line and escape. Never let them get too much loose line, rule number one.

I got my first Rooster Fish that day too, that lives in that part of the world. (Fantastic) It is a weird looking fish that goes well on my list, and heard about by other international fish people. Time past for awhile with no bite, music playing, getting sun, drinking plenty beer and I was waiting for a swift move to the chair. If you desire one of the biggest rushes of all, wait until the moment Big Blue sneaks up to the surface and slaps some slow moving bait barely on top of the water when no one is expecting it. Trained eagle eyes will see him, as his bill will poke up like a little stick, a foot out of the water. Then everyone shouts out with hearts pumping shuffling into their positions. You are on the greatest natural high, one can be on. Your adrenalin is off the charts, where you legs are trembling with anticipation. B-A-M! He is hooked within a few minutes by the jerk of the boat’s acceleration, we witnessed his resistance as Big Blue is going to put up a fight and take the line away from the boat to the bottom. No one is absolute that it is Him; speculation is assumed for a short time. All you can do is pump the rod and reel with both hands, as the boat is now backing up straight and slowly in Blue’s direction without getting slack in the line. Everyone is “Screaming out commands”, that always happens, even if it is just the excitement or expertise of everyone’s experiences along with a thrilling feeling.

As I feel the strain of being strapped in and snapped up to the twisting fighting chair, the mate is spinning me directly in line with the my Blue and the boat. Sweat is running down my body, as Happy does what we all know to do and pours a bucket of water over my head to keep me going. No matter how grueling it can be, you never give up and hand off. All our eyes are fixated on Blue to come up, and then your chances are better to keep him there so you can get him in. BAM again, there HE IS!! His body comes completely out of the water in one great big jump and several thereafter. I swear I was shaking like a HOLY ROLLER and screaming like I was talking in tongues or something. Just too freakin unreal to say the least, like you are in no man’s land with your viewed surroundings only by water and no land in site. I finally wore him down after about an hour and half, and now the video was running by Happy in one hand and a camera in the other. BTW, he wasn’t very good with either, unfortunately. (Smiling) MY BIG BLUE MARLIN is now on the side of the boat still fighting. All good captains or bill fishermen know how to measure their girth and length to determine their weight, looks like mine is about 350 lbs, so awesome for me. Not bad at all, (deep breathing, shaking all over and crying with joy) it did not even mater that my best girl friend had a record of over 700 lbs on weigh in at the Lady's Tournament. That was fine with me though, I was just the happiest person on earth knowing I had finally got him. Marlins do magic when they get caught and are close to the boat, they LIGHT UP! Meaning they change colors of florescence and it is something to see, believe me. Best described is like in a rainbow sorta, or mystical happening with glowing colors not quite able to put to words. The mate wrestled with the steel leader connected to the hook to hold on to HIM, the best he could, while Mike retrieved the pliers to remove the hook from his bill while tagging Him. I can not end the story here though, because we witnessed something very few in a life time ever sees later that day. (Tagging has your name and address on it, it is your fish, the day you caught him and the the weight. In case later he gets caught again, they contact you)

You are flying on a huge adrenalin rush for hours after something like that, everyone feels it. That is all you can talk about and pumped up to get another one. Not long afterwards, yes it was my turn again! (Smiling) Something huge had hit the bait, before I could get in the chair, thousands of yards of line was spinning off the reel rapidly. It makes this whistling sound that you never forget. We are all scrambling but watching at the same time best we could, I am screaming get the video quick like a.s.a.p.! (Smiling) No time though, this grander (a Marlin a 1000 pounds or more) came out of the ripple of 2-4 feet seas like a huge monster that lived in the deep. He came straight up one time, if you were looking else where, you would have missed it. This freaking awesome incredible BLUE MARLIN was nothing like I had ever seen before, it was too unbelievable to be even be looking at, much less ever heard much about. Apparently he had been snagged and not hooked so almost impossible to do anything but watch for those few minutes. As HE DANCED completely out of the water it was like he was saying “ADIOS’ YOU M. F**Kers” while he quickly dumped the complete reel within seconds it seemed. The LINE was GONE, all of it and HIM too!! (Snapped, broke and gone) Never ever seen or even imagined something like this. We all looked with amazement in awe as we were stunned beyond belief of what we had encountered.

P.S. Guess I have to finish this post about my girl friend arriving to join us, but this story deserved a post of its’ own, in my opinion. More will come as I am able to write. I would love to hear if any of you has fishing stories, Costa Rica experiences or anything you wish to comment on. Love you guys. To be continued. Apologies here for bits and pieces!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

International Intrigue

I’ve been known to have a different array of special friends in my life so far. From Hollywood Directors, hanging out with worldly Rock N Roll Bands to bikers and Int’l drug smugglers, I could name some names, not like Heidi or anything; mine was just for fun and a good laugh. We do not know how much longer we have so here is something that will be written down for those later that wanted to know. (smiling) How about this so far Madman for real life drama from the buried stories of my life?

Back on the island after my heart was totally broken for the first and only time. (further back in this decade) There was a guy that hung out during the day @ The Barefoot Bar on the beach. He had recently financed a charter boat business and new to the area with a fine Harley and a fast sports car. Let’s call him Mr. Happy, since that is what he called it. He was wooing me in a big way; the more I ignored him the more he would make the bait more appeasing. Finally he asked me “if you could go anywhere where would that be?” COSTA RICA was my subtle response. No time wasted the TRIP was on, as fast as my words had flowed out of my mouth.

There are so many great details that I would love to share but this post would be equivalent to 5 or 6 posts or never ending. After landing and picking up our 4-wheel jeep rental, we had no itinerary planned except for getting to the NW corner in Tamarindo to do some billfishing and catch a marlin. At the finest casino/hotel in San Jose, we ran across this hip couple from Long Island. They happened to have a house where we were headed called Casa Doubly (forgot the spelling- meaning two houses in one) with a pool and a villa duplex on the property overlooking the Pacific. When we finally arrived, we rented one with an open end. They had a local couple for care takers, the man’s name was Juan, and we nicknamed him “Juan Valdez”. He also was a peeping Tom, weird and some what entertaining. That is another story. . Also to mention getting lost and our journeys to ‘out of the way places’ along the way and drinking while we were setting up for an adventure of a lifetime. We were there a month as it turned out.

Since, Happy was a Captain of an Int’l drug smuggling ring, his job was to fly often to meet up, exchange a piece of paper, burn it, and laundry the cash. No product handling, they had runners for that, he just flew in and out quickly. That was of course before Homeland Security!

In Tamarindo lied a little quaint town known for its great deep sea fishing and not so discovered then. One pay phone located in the Centre, where we would line-up to use our calling cards back in those days. There were a few transplants from my hometown that resided there to surf and fish and for us to say hello to.

Now Happy was truly his name, because not only did he keep me laughing, his passion included drinking, Codina (OTC there) and smoking. He played the guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan, at its finest. We had a suitcase full of cash money and there were no limits to what we wanted to do.

This couple from NY had all sorts of connections even to bribe custom officials and they were investors in a new land development located at Playa Negra. (A worldly known secret surfing spot still undiscovered to most)) They had formed partnership with a younger couple originally from CA but recently moved there from the Fiji Islands and they were unbelievable musicians too, and the best you could ask for especially Barbra and her voice! Too KOOL for Mr. Happy and they had locals that supplied the best in smoke from the Country. This couple had a friend visiting from LA that could play and they seem to have already made many friends throughout Costa Rica. We went to visit them often! (smiling) Actually we had a huge big party one day at their dream home, which turned out multitudes speaking different languages from many other countries. It was a day to remember, thank God for the video. This is in part 2 when Happy flew my best girl friend down with more cash between her breasts for more partying days ahead and keep us going as long as we could handle it.

To get there you endured a dirt un-grated road that caused you to go about 15 to 20 mph hour in the wilderness depending on where you are going could take a hours. In C.R. you can drink while driving and stop for a pee break, but it is against the law not to have your safety belt on. So you can imagine what had to be carried at all times in the jeep including a flashlight. Most all the roads were dirt except the main highways and the country would clear for a road before building bridges for low areas. The stories I could tell about us driving the jeep through rivers in the middle of no where to get to our destinations and hoping we did not get stranded. It was very scary at times, the whole thing about being lost in this country of no man land. I loved stopping when I sited a monkey that was my thing the entire time, was seeking and finding. Monkeys of all types were everywhere. At night when the moon and stars seemed to appear as on top of your head literally being around the equator, it was neat to stop on your way back to the villa several times to echo their sounds back to them, showing my expressions while under the influence and having fun. Remembering no lights but the sky and your high beamers! The iguanas and frogs were bigger than I had ever seen and was totally afraid of plus scorpions and Halloween crabs as they called them that invaded everyone’s space. Sorry about adding this part in but it was real and exciting to my adrenalin as well.

Note: I am still writing on this wild time, I welcome comments for inspiration as I do so, but revisit if you want the rest of a summarized trip I will never forget. Be back as soon as I can, but can not promise a time or date. Don't forget to hit REFRESH!! if you return and Vote if you wish on the way out.

New update: Delayed due to reading, commenting, a cook-out, dishes, visitors, etc.
P.S. I plan on finishing this post but with a new one, Part 2: Catching My first BLUE MARLIN and My best girl friend flying down for the ride! Sorry I did not finish may be very difficult or impossible to express how much fun this trip was in just 2 postings. (smiling) See you later, Love you guys!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sweet Shasta

Dear Shasta,
I know you will probably never see this, but you have to know that the whole world loves you. You are loved and prayed for by so many people every day. Shasta, sweetie you are very special and a big girl to be 8 years old. Our thoughts are especially with you today having to say goodbye to Dylan. We, grown ups understand and are going to help other children just like you, trying our very best protecting them, by whatever it takes. Our hearts break for you and wish there was something we could say to make all the tears and fears go away.
You have an angel and it will be with you in the dark or in the light of day. Please always remember that. We are not going to forget about you.

Love you Shasta,
Susan & Family
Our deepest condolences to the Families of Dylan Groene

All the way to COSTA RICA!!

What I should have written was:

Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker, all the way down to COSTA RICA!!

(Best I remember the lyrics) with a BIG SMILE!

I absolutely LOVED that place COSTA RICA! WOW! Stayed a month and was forced to come home. What a story and a TRIP!!!
Will someone tell me the name of who sings this song?? Please- it has been playing all day in my head!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Handy is Dandy

But liquor is quicker! Don’t you just hate having to fix things? Well myself I think I should have my own handy man on call 24/7. Not only for the obvious, but for getting a little fun in too - out of it, catch my drift.

With not having a husband to do what we feel men’s jobs should be, that just leaves all the crap around here for me! Changing the air filters for the A/C, when the dog hair starts coming out of the vent holes – someone should notice. Everyone agrees on the garbage, it has to go sooner or later. I have my own tool box, as hard as it is to tell everyone. Ouch! All the tools, screws, and nails needed. Have a drill that I just love, it saves me time and creates a ton of noise. Problem is I have to use a level, yardstick, and pencil, and you name it for a project. Thank GOD, I know a little about electronics because no one here would have DVD players, VCRs, stereos, TVs, or computers. It’s if a light bulb goes out, it goes unnoticed, how is that when you can’t see? Do you not just hate it when drawers gets off their track and it hangs until it drives you crazy? Then you hurt yourself slamming and jiggling it until you get it right or hurt yourself. Dryer lint, empty toilet paper rolls, and water levels changes, empty containers in the frig, etc.

Oh yeah, we can’t forget the toilet. No one can figure out how to use a plunger. Just call Mom, she is great at that. Crap why me? Do I look like someone that can take care of your original problem? I do not want to witness that shit much less help to make it disappear.

My Beemer always needs washing, but no one volunteers. Forget the waxing; the detail man sees me once a year. Dog remains on the paper, does no one smell or see? I dare not leave Bella by herself, she gets me back. She knows I am not supposed to leave the house.

My talents include knowing how to use a lawn mower, tiller, and all the operating equipment that hang next to them, electrician – dimmer light installer etc., mechanic – yuck but have to add oil sometimes or jump off the battery, and blow some air in the tires. Construction in progress as destruction happens. A genius – assembling from instructions WOW – I am so smart. I get compliments occasionally, so I will be a sucker and keep falling for it. I could bitch on and the list 50 more pet peeves and talents, but I will save you from that.

When they hear the pill bottles rattling and the liquor cabinet door has been opened, no MO suggestions for me! I guess I missed the train, and was left at the station!! And forgot to catch the last one for my husband!
P.S. I snuck out of “Time Out” for a second, still not finished in my little room yet. Be back soon!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Time Out

Perhaps it is a good moment for a “TIME OUT” for me and anyone else that may want to join me. I am going in and hopefully will come out with ‘my real happy sense of humor’- again! When the crap is gone! Actually striving towards laughter and joy is truly inside me and the behavior of “Acting Out” is rarely shown. Since the weekend I have been surprised at my twisted twin sister and her comments. (Not referring to my own sisters of course) The twin occasionally emerges when I see others that are weaker, sick, or needing a helping hand. As my profile states, I lean toward helping the misfortunate and needy. Opinionated yes, but sometimes it is necessary to take action and be the stronger one against a hand full of bullies. Someone stronger needs to stand up and say something to put them in their place –and that person being able to back it up what they say as well. If you really knew me, I like to think my heart is made of gold and care deeply for others, but strong if I have to be. Truthfully I am ashamed of my nasty comments recently made and if I caused any grief to anyone. Please accept my apology. If you are looking for a funny post it is not here like it normally would be expressing itself. With my hopeful faith it should return very quickly, depending on how long “Time OUT” is. I can assure you it will not be wasted on trivial crap once it has returned. Is that not what all this has been about?

I love reading an assortment of all different unique blogs that I have discovered in the short time of me doing this. There are numerous interesting, informative ones out there and people who are extremely talented with their writing and ideas. It is a true pleasure reading their originality; I admire and respect that immensely. Today reading on a bookmarked link, a comment was made that stuck with me. It was summarizes to the following, I read how many people post from articles, web links and pictures with text written by other sources other than the author of their own site. In addition several people read all or a portion but never comment. Why? Well, I know that is your prerogative, it sure beats leaving something rude with an intention, but sometimes it is worth a pause of thought for a moment and add a line or two, if nothing else just to show your appreciate of what you just enjoyed. For some people that may truly make their day, especially after spending the time writing and creating it and hoping someone stumbles on it and actually learned something, enjoyed or related to. The acknowledgement is a good feeling, how can anyone deny that? Or would want to? I have also run across some lonely people lost in this blog world, and they needed someone to just to give them a lift or inspiration by comments that made their day. There are occasionally lonely people that need your kindness, no matter how they may appear or what the subject is, you really do not know what that person might be going through or feeling. So what if it is a little longer than you want to spend, well do whatever, but you may really be missing out on a great post. Take the time; make someone feel happy, especially if they have no recognition/comments on their site. They may be lost and forgotten in this world of blogging and being a different unique person.

Where do you go for a “TIME OUT”? Surely someone has a special place they feel safe going to for a perspective of their thoughts or meditating in a state of silence. These days we all need to escape the world’s ugliness right now, problems, stress, worries, etc. etc. Thoughts: A good book, shopping, a movie, music, a walk, a vacation, visiting elders, the list is endless or a visit to the walk-in closet as I sometimes hide. (smiling) The ideas or suggestions would enlighten me that is if you wish to comment. I do care deeply for all my new friends in this world we are sharing together, it has been fun and now I am ready for it to return to that.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You know you're living in 2005 WHEN U

You know you're living in 2005 WHEN U:

1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.

6. You go home after a long day at work you still answer the phone in a business manner.

7. You make phone calls from home, you accidentally dial "9" to get an outside line.

8. You've sat at the same desk for four years and worked for three different companies.

10. You learn about your redundancy on the 11 o'clock news.

11. Your boss doesn't have the ability to do your job.

12. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home.

13. Every commercial on television has a website at the bottom of the screen.

14. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.

15. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee.

16. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :)

17. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.

18. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message.

19. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.

20. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a #9 on this list.

What am I missing?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Dreamin' of the LOTTO!

Not much to say this a.m. All talked out! (Can you believe it?)But if you want your brain to think and dream go to ANNA LAND!! I want to know TOO what you would do if "YOUR SHIP CAME IN" as Anna put it FINANCIAL PLANNING!! Too lazy to put the actual link in the post, look to the left (not literally) but her link is over there! (lol) and some other good ones too!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dennis the Menace in FL

(Pictured Hometown-click to enlarge)
So Far so good here - in Boca Raton, FL! The wind is blowing, but not like “Knock U off your feet strong”. Watching the local news, looks like Key West is having a Hurricane Party waiting on hunkering down. Common term for us cane survivors. One guy that is going to ride it out in his boat said it is “just like being in a blender”. Thought I was crazy, but I do love the feeder bands, thunder and lightning. That is the strong bands of wind that come from no where and bend your trees sideways for a few minutes and then they disappear for awhile, but they return on and off for hours. It is really cool to go outside and watch it, which is if it is rated under a “3 Category”. I talk from experience, ever since being a child I have been going through hurricanes probably 20+ by now. I was always one of those that never would evacuate, the police would go through the streets talking on there bull horns, saying if you do not leave fill out a next of kin bullshit. Don’t remember exactly what can kind of id info you had to give them. If you left you would never get back over the bridge again and be stuck in redneck territory for days. (tried it once) Last year as the world knows, we had four major ones, where I live only two took our power away and it was not a good place to be. I had to lie on the sofa for the community to see me, since the front door had to be left open for air. There I was all sprawled out in my gown with a cold icy towel around my neck trying to stay cooled off while bitching.

My day has been spent mainly on the phone, everyone from my hometown and territory (direct path of Dennis) has called letting me know where they will be. Now what am I supposed to do 600 miles away, if for some reason they need me to help them? Have the plane of the ‘hurricane hunter guys’ pick me up and drop me off by funnel cloud? Duh! All I can say is, everyone knows the drill. Fight the crowds, get the water jugs, candles out, flashlights, check battery supply, fill up gas tank, get some cash, and get plenty butane for the grill. You will be cooking everything in the freezer, oh yeah plenty of ice. Life without necessities, power number one, satellite, computer, most importantly freezing A/C unit like living in Alaska…it is no fun folks, but I would rather die (or hold on to a tree) than go to a shelter or sit in my car in traffic during the complete hurricane going straight to where the storm is headed. These idiots that start driving north, or should I say sitting in their car on I-95 watching trees and cars flying by. Total Idiots, no other word for it and they put their poor children through it too. Traffic crawls at 5 mph, just thought of you -
Anna at Anna Land

In the redneck territory, they are scrambling for cover. All the ones living in trailers are sucking up to friends that have a real sturdy house to ride it out in. No money for a No-Tell Motel and shelters will not let them drink, smoke or bring their pets that resemble them. They are in deep shit for where to go and what to do. I am keeping an eye out for them they had one of the worst last year “Ivan” and I hope this will not wreak havoc on them. Hunker down!

It looks like so far this is going to miss us on the east coast, a few miles south in Miami and the Keys are getting some bad weather but tomorrow may be a different story for us all together. We are getting those neat feeder bands and that is enough; do not want any luxuries taken away. If you do not hear from me for a while, you know what happen I will not be a happy camper. What would you do in this situation or have done, I would really like to know!

Update: P.S. It is getting worse by the minute - we are on Local news all night (posting just after midnight Fri-Sat early a.m.) Yikes!

Check out if you get a chance,
Southern Accent posted by My daughter at A Day N the Sun! My daughter welcomes comments! (smiling)

Friday, July 08, 2005

London Memories

Thursday, July 07, 2005

"NO MO-N-FO' 4 ME"

Too Much Information (TMI)

Be back soon to post, glued to the tube right now! Breaking News!
Will bring you back to...... that "nek of the woods" Redneck Territory later.
P.S. Definition in my new dictionary = Sure enough.
P.S.S. Sorry for never getting around to it, but the comments are funnier than what I could have posted anyway!! Check them out, if you dare!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Florida Marlins

Suzie's Marlin Posted by Picasa
And I don’t mean baseball, Marlins in billfishing! Today is one of those reflection flashback days. Not so many years ago I was being pampered regularly on a 54 to 60 ft Hatteras or Bertram yacht, trolling across the waves partaking in Big Game Tournaments. Awesome memories, I have to admit! Not boasting here but I have reeled in all the Grand Slam billfish, and actually won once Top Lady Angler division. From the Gulf of Mexico to Costa Rica tagging and releasing was my passion. Tried one time, an excursion doing it the hard way, bone fishing in Venezuela - I was wading up to my butt with carrying my own gear, fly fishing in the waters surrounding dozens of little deserted islands off from Los Roques. Did not want to do that again! I was spoiled to the A/C salon and fighting chair with the crew assisting and feeding me.

As I sit here with my thoughts looking back, why did my special love have to die? My feelings this Wednesday, remembers this would have been Bill’s B’day. A super special man that treated me better than a Queen!!

My sister called again today to give me the latest, but needed to get caught up on legal letters I need to write and other things that I procrastinate on regularly. Well, just a tidbit of redneck news, later on (whenever that is) my sister called today to give me more material for you guys. It is about this snaggle-tooth guy that “warshed trucks at the shop on weekends” for Mr. Leo that delivered his poor child in the back seat of his so called “4-Door Sports car”. Hopefully I can report LIVE from Redneck territory after the hurricanes exit the shores. Half way planning a trip in the next couple months or before, will let you know. I'm (scart’) that my vocabulary will pick up this language and it will start flowing out like common conversation. Help me please! Send me redneck words if you know any and definitely how to spell them?

P.S. Hunker down family and friends on the Alabama coast in Gulf Shores and across the bridge, the hurricane is approaching quickly. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Mr. President

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Say it Ain’t So!!

First thing this a.m. before I could even finish a half of cup of coffee and take my meds, my sister calls me. She is talking about her holiday from hell. (ninety to nothing-lol) I told her I needed to call her back with my notepad in hand. To my understanding, Mr. Leo (my brother-in-law) agreed under pressure to attend a cookout at Buck’s Trailer (an employee) without telling my sister beforehand. (Not a good move) All his regular drinking buddies “The Guys” were going, so why not, it would save him a couple hundred on feeding the crew at their house. Usually at the shop Mr. Leo pays for all the beer in the afternoons, so this would be a switch for different scenery. Besides, today a glimpse of “The Tube” or “Single Barrel” (equals = trailer for ones like me that did not know) bragged about but never “SEEN”. As my daughter noted the tube she thought meant TV.

Before my sister was clued in on their plans, she gets this ‘more than bizarre’ phone call. She answered without first screening the caller-id, this “country-fied voice” says “What’s up Chicken Butt?” My sister totally off guard and almost hung up answered “Who the HELL is this?” A nasal sounding squelch replied “This is Betty Lou, just wanderrrrring if yáll comin over!”

My sister’s eyes resembled the “Runaway Bride’s” after arriving. The décor was furnished exclusively by “Mossy Oaks”. For you guys like myself that had no clue of what that meant, I had to look it up online. It turned out the camouflaged print surroundings included everything from the toilet seat cover to the bed linens. My sister managed heroically somehow to not fall down laughing. She asks inquisitively, pretending to be interested, about this store and what it sells other than hunting gear. The more Betty Lou drank the more she stuttered, then she answered with more info than anyone desired. The words came out clear enough to where you did not want to go there. Betty Lou went into detail how Buck gets excited by their line of lingerie, but she “drawled the line” wearing that urine deer scent (not her descriptive words exactly) I thought I would spare you! Immediately my sister felt the hotdog moving upward in her esophagus, forgot to take the Previcid. At that point it was time to leave. My response to my sister was “I got a Visional on this” How did you handle it? She said, “I just kept downing the beers, came home and DE-LICED myself. Tell me it ain’t so?

Monday, July 04, 2005

“Momma N Nem”

Being from an island sounds exotic and it is, but go north (a piece-lol) across the bridge and you have landed in REDNECK TERRITORY. When ask where I am from, an immediate long explanation flows at a rate of 2000 words in 60 seconds without a pause. An urge to explain quickly that this small island beach resort starts the Florida Panhandle, and is another country aside from the State it is attached to. Sweet Home Alabama! Sometimes I save my breath and just say Pensacola, Florida.

Inland, there are NO dictionaries or teaching tapes for the native language spoke by the locals, but if you listen to the “Cable Guy” or “If you think you are a Redneck” Jeff Foxworthy then you get the idea. You have to be a football fan, Alabama or Auburn, there are no neutral sidelines. Myself I still remain a die-hard Auburn Tiger and proud of it. Pick'em-up trucks and Bush Beer are the local favorites. Chewing tobacco is still NOT outlawed in public places. Getting Drunk is the number one most talked about subject and fried food is considered the gourmet of choice by the general population. The majority of people and their ancestors had never left the county, until Lotto started in Florida (a few miles away) and nickel slots were available in Mississippi, a 90 minute drive. On payday Fridays major traffic jams occur on I-10 all going west, come Monday the utility companies negotiate payment plans.

If you are not a business owner, highly educated professional or a retiree, then you are in the majority. You immediately think only OLD PEOPLE live there, because you hear all the time "MY OLE LADY" or "MY OLE MAN". You are ask the same question every time, if by 'accident' you bump into someone from the past (usually at the Wal-Mart if you are FORCED to go-when visiting),
“How is your Momma N Nem” ?????(all in one syllable) my common straight face response is always the same. “Momma is fine, but NEM didn’t make it”

My sister and I were talking the other day as we often do, bless her soul she is (stuck in the territory). Her husband, like a brother to me, with a successful business and has employees as described above. After this many years you learn all the characters and their unique stories on why they need "an advance" and what days they get sick on. Back to our conversation a day or so ago, my brother in law’s (brother’s cousin), as he refers to his relatives, Mr. Leo is pretty clever! One is named Bubba Ray and he hurt his back recently. She said all HE could say was “it is getting worser and worser” followed by wining and grunting sounds. Believe me; she gave me a verbal re-enactment over the phone. Bubba Ray is upset because it is keeping him from the casino and playing his nickels on the weekend. He knows he is going to win the progressive (1000’s- emphasized-drawn wayyyyyyy out) and afraid someone will hit it on his machine before he can get back over there. This guy was a born redneck, it happens. So many true stories to tell, with so little time, FOLKS this is Every Day REALITY for the ones that live there. NO JOKE! I am 'torn' on what picture to post, my sister emailed me a funny picture named My OLE LADY and I have filed a few redneck funnies pics, so not sure which one yet you will get with this post. Does ANYONE else know people like this, or am I the only one? A smart minority does live there, I must note. Ok, decided on this one, thought also this could be MADMAN's disgusting girl he works with. Wonder if she is a Roll Tide fan?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

“No DAY for the BEACH”

Holidays: On the Beach – No Way! Living on and near the shoreline my entire life, locals always know to run for the hills or rope off your parking if you dare stay behind. Where do these people come from (another planet) that are invading (as in droves)? They have to know holidays are the worst time to congregate at the beach.

· Bumper to Bumper 5 mph fender to fender
· Close Parking is impossible after daylight
· Heads, arms, and foreign objects protruding out of the vehicles
· The Loud Blaring Bass called music, gives warning to stay clear
· Pedestrians dart in traffic with no common sense or of hit and runs
· Unbelievable Sightings, you gawk with shock and awe

We have these strange, half dressed, pale skinned aliens, some with screaming children, toting an assortment of camping gear, as IF they are planning on becoming SQUATTERS! Once homesteading is set up, the sand has salted them like a “pig in a blanket”. Then plan B goes into effect, a walk going in one direction “The WATER”. The toe goes first; thereafter the back butt view submerges (thank goodness) into the deep. They walk as being brainwashed like subliminal messages are being conveyed to their sunburned brain. As the trudging journey continues to cover their nappy heads towards another continent, at some point they have to decide to keep going and be shark bait, dog paddle or turn around to seek out lifeguards. Duh! You are in over your head. Routinely, the brave idiots have a red flag pop up and realize it is time to get the heck back to knee deep water and squat again.
Visors, floppy hats, coolers, umbrellas, towels, inflatable floating objects, and then there are the visitors, some of the most horrid scenes you have ever witnessed. (Trust Me) Exposed Ugly Big Bellies are outlawed by the fashion police but the local officials should consider Cruelty to Locals, Indecent Exposure (for the decent individuals with no choice except to stare), and possibly Possession of a prohibited weapon. Soliciting for Lewd and immoral purposes would not stick. Speedos on the other hand, well in south Florida they are accepted but the hometown island I am from in Alabama, the rednecks would throw beer cans in that direction. Quickly the message would be received, and they would run for cover if they have a brain. Why do people go to the beach on the biggest holiday of the summer and put their lives in danger along side these aliens? It is beyond me or my understanding.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Picture a Disgusting Girl:

On to a lighter side for tonight! This post is for my favorite blog, MADMAN
Every day I enjoy laughing and sharing his life at work...... with my family and friends. We giggle and LOL! Knowing I have tons of problems, ailments and stress, but thank God I do not have to work with DG. As he says THE DISGUSTING GIRL I WORK WITH………
I find myself trying to picture what she looks like. This is the photo that keeps coming to mind!! Make-up and ALL! Thanks Madman for the laughs when I need one!!


What difference does it make what LEVEL they are? Hell with the ANKLE BRACLETS, TATOO their evil FOREHEADS, especially if our government continues to let them walk our streets. These sick BASTARDS are roaming around everywhere and will eventually KILL. Since they are allowed to stalk their prey (innocent victims) legally, with a lost criminal records – rap sheets buried in databases not updated accurately, and the public not informed, how the hell are we suppose to know if they are our neighbors? I am beyond OUTRAGED!!

Unfortunately when they do kill and the police FINALLY find and arrest them “AGAIN”, it is then TOO LATE!! If we get lucky with a confession, why not take the satanic devils to their immediate speedy EXECUTION? Along with a one-way ticket to HELL! Don’t you think that would stop some of this EVIL? IMMEDIATE DISPOSAL!! John Couey should go right with him. Do not think that Jacko’s predator sickness won’t lead to another victim either. Time for every human feeling person in this country to contribute to having something done, instead of just watching this happen on the news everyday. Let us start lining them up, all together, and making it a real “DEATH ROW”. How many can be done in a day? I welcome comments on this one!!! Furious is putting it mildly.


Breaking News: Missing Shasta Groene is ALIVE !! In Idaho and around the World: Answered Prayers!!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Fourth of July "Movie Rentals"

Watch "JAWS"

Ted Kennedy the Mechelin Man

He needs to release all that hot air and gasses in private. I bet he does have a wedgy worrying over the replacement of the Supreme Court Justice O’Connor’s!! That house definitely needs a cleaning.