Wednesday, July 20, 2005

As Time Ticks

As time passes with each day that has gone by and you hope there will be another one to do one more thing. Everyone says live life to its fullest and make the most of your day. Okay, I understand that. Sitting here thinking, my son flew out of town for business and my daughter is gone to work, and I WONDER how many more times will I get to hug them and tell each one how much I love them. Losing five of my lifelong best friends in the last few years, most at a middle age time of their life, how does that leave you to wonder? I have experts telling me things that involve getting things in order.

My original idea for this blog was for many reasons, my views on life, a diary, political feelings I have towards certain issues, a forum for people facing life and death, breaking news headlines that I watch and read about, my spiritual side, and an assortment of babble. Well, I found quickly that humor helped me tremendously deal with what I am going through. Life changes and acceptance helps like therapy to think positive with a steady flow of laughter. That is suppose to heal you that is what I keep hearing. It seemed it brought something out in me, which I had thought was almost gone.

Today I have two family members in the hospital, one in ICU and the other is having more cancer removed. My younger sister that is very sick and was discharged this week herself will return next week for back surgery. Okay, we have so much to be thankful for, why am I whining when I may still have one more day?

There are still people out there suffering worse than I am and there are children we need to be helping protect from predators, my passion on writing letters to our government officials and finding lost lonely people in this blog world. Why am I complaining I am still breathing? Do any of us have room for negative drama or unnecessary bullshit in our lives? I am confused? Is that what life is about as time passes?

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