Thursday, July 14, 2005

Time Out

Perhaps it is a good moment for a “TIME OUT” for me and anyone else that may want to join me. I am going in and hopefully will come out with ‘my real happy sense of humor’- again! When the crap is gone! Actually striving towards laughter and joy is truly inside me and the behavior of “Acting Out” is rarely shown. Since the weekend I have been surprised at my twisted twin sister and her comments. (Not referring to my own sisters of course) The twin occasionally emerges when I see others that are weaker, sick, or needing a helping hand. As my profile states, I lean toward helping the misfortunate and needy. Opinionated yes, but sometimes it is necessary to take action and be the stronger one against a hand full of bullies. Someone stronger needs to stand up and say something to put them in their place –and that person being able to back it up what they say as well. If you really knew me, I like to think my heart is made of gold and care deeply for others, but strong if I have to be. Truthfully I am ashamed of my nasty comments recently made and if I caused any grief to anyone. Please accept my apology. If you are looking for a funny post it is not here like it normally would be expressing itself. With my hopeful faith it should return very quickly, depending on how long “Time OUT” is. I can assure you it will not be wasted on trivial crap once it has returned. Is that not what all this has been about?

I love reading an assortment of all different unique blogs that I have discovered in the short time of me doing this. There are numerous interesting, informative ones out there and people who are extremely talented with their writing and ideas. It is a true pleasure reading their originality; I admire and respect that immensely. Today reading on a bookmarked link, a comment was made that stuck with me. It was summarizes to the following, I read how many people post from articles, web links and pictures with text written by other sources other than the author of their own site. In addition several people read all or a portion but never comment. Why? Well, I know that is your prerogative, it sure beats leaving something rude with an intention, but sometimes it is worth a pause of thought for a moment and add a line or two, if nothing else just to show your appreciate of what you just enjoyed. For some people that may truly make their day, especially after spending the time writing and creating it and hoping someone stumbles on it and actually learned something, enjoyed or related to. The acknowledgement is a good feeling, how can anyone deny that? Or would want to? I have also run across some lonely people lost in this blog world, and they needed someone to just to give them a lift or inspiration by comments that made their day. There are occasionally lonely people that need your kindness, no matter how they may appear or what the subject is, you really do not know what that person might be going through or feeling. So what if it is a little longer than you want to spend, well do whatever, but you may really be missing out on a great post. Take the time; make someone feel happy, especially if they have no recognition/comments on their site. They may be lost and forgotten in this world of blogging and being a different unique person.

Where do you go for a “TIME OUT”? Surely someone has a special place they feel safe going to for a perspective of their thoughts or meditating in a state of silence. These days we all need to escape the world’s ugliness right now, problems, stress, worries, etc. etc. Thoughts: A good book, shopping, a movie, music, a walk, a vacation, visiting elders, the list is endless or a visit to the walk-in closet as I sometimes hide. (smiling) The ideas or suggestions would enlighten me that is if you wish to comment. I do care deeply for all my new friends in this world we are sharing together, it has been fun and now I am ready for it to return to that.

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