Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dennis the Menace in FL

(Pictured Hometown-click to enlarge)
So Far so good here - in Boca Raton, FL! The wind is blowing, but not like “Knock U off your feet strong”. Watching the local news, looks like Key West is having a Hurricane Party waiting on hunkering down. Common term for us cane survivors. One guy that is going to ride it out in his boat said it is “just like being in a blender”. Thought I was crazy, but I do love the feeder bands, thunder and lightning. That is the strong bands of wind that come from no where and bend your trees sideways for a few minutes and then they disappear for awhile, but they return on and off for hours. It is really cool to go outside and watch it, which is if it is rated under a “3 Category”. I talk from experience, ever since being a child I have been going through hurricanes probably 20+ by now. I was always one of those that never would evacuate, the police would go through the streets talking on there bull horns, saying if you do not leave fill out a next of kin bullshit. Don’t remember exactly what can kind of id info you had to give them. If you left you would never get back over the bridge again and be stuck in redneck territory for days. (tried it once) Last year as the world knows, we had four major ones, where I live only two took our power away and it was not a good place to be. I had to lie on the sofa for the community to see me, since the front door had to be left open for air. There I was all sprawled out in my gown with a cold icy towel around my neck trying to stay cooled off while bitching.

My day has been spent mainly on the phone, everyone from my hometown and territory (direct path of Dennis) has called letting me know where they will be. Now what am I supposed to do 600 miles away, if for some reason they need me to help them? Have the plane of the ‘hurricane hunter guys’ pick me up and drop me off by funnel cloud? Duh! All I can say is, everyone knows the drill. Fight the crowds, get the water jugs, candles out, flashlights, check battery supply, fill up gas tank, get some cash, and get plenty butane for the grill. You will be cooking everything in the freezer, oh yeah plenty of ice. Life without necessities, power number one, satellite, computer, most importantly freezing A/C unit like living in Alaska…it is no fun folks, but I would rather die (or hold on to a tree) than go to a shelter or sit in my car in traffic during the complete hurricane going straight to where the storm is headed. These idiots that start driving north, or should I say sitting in their car on I-95 watching trees and cars flying by. Total Idiots, no other word for it and they put their poor children through it too. Traffic crawls at 5 mph, just thought of you -
Anna at Anna Land

In the redneck territory, they are scrambling for cover. All the ones living in trailers are sucking up to friends that have a real sturdy house to ride it out in. No money for a No-Tell Motel and shelters will not let them drink, smoke or bring their pets that resemble them. They are in deep shit for where to go and what to do. I am keeping an eye out for them they had one of the worst last year “Ivan” and I hope this will not wreak havoc on them. Hunker down!

It looks like so far this is going to miss us on the east coast, a few miles south in Miami and the Keys are getting some bad weather but tomorrow may be a different story for us all together. We are getting those neat feeder bands and that is enough; do not want any luxuries taken away. If you do not hear from me for a while, you know what happen I will not be a happy camper. What would you do in this situation or have done, I would really like to know!

Update: P.S. It is getting worse by the minute - we are on Local news all night (posting just after midnight Fri-Sat early a.m.) Yikes!

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