Saturday, July 02, 2005


What difference does it make what LEVEL they are? Hell with the ANKLE BRACLETS, TATOO their evil FOREHEADS, especially if our government continues to let them walk our streets. These sick BASTARDS are roaming around everywhere and will eventually KILL. Since they are allowed to stalk their prey (innocent victims) legally, with a lost criminal records – rap sheets buried in databases not updated accurately, and the public not informed, how the hell are we suppose to know if they are our neighbors? I am beyond OUTRAGED!!

Unfortunately when they do kill and the police FINALLY find and arrest them “AGAIN”, it is then TOO LATE!! If we get lucky with a confession, why not take the satanic devils to their immediate speedy EXECUTION? Along with a one-way ticket to HELL! Don’t you think that would stop some of this EVIL? IMMEDIATE DISPOSAL!! John Couey should go right with him. Do not think that Jacko’s predator sickness won’t lead to another victim either. Time for every human feeling person in this country to contribute to having something done, instead of just watching this happen on the news everyday. Let us start lining them up, all together, and making it a real “DEATH ROW”. How many can be done in a day? I welcome comments on this one!!! Furious is putting it mildly.

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