Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Therapy for a News Junkie

Why won’t these radical Democrats SHUT UP!! I have heard their rhetoric spin enough today. Apparently they don’t get it, we the people do not want to be fighting in our backyards with terrorist. God knows how many are already here. What do THEY think those killers are going to do in Iraq, if we pull our troops out now, go their own merry little way and stop hating Americans!! Yeah and tooth fairy visited me last night.

On to Aruba, Lord knows what happened to Natalee. Unfortunately the media will leave soon and the family will eventually have to go home. My heart breaks for the parents especially. Can’t even imagine losing my daughter and what they are going through. I have been mesmerized by this for a month, but now it is pretty clear they are not going to find her. My theory is Joran probably gave her the date rape drug (inside her drink) in the car after leaving the bar and she was still able to resist and he accidentally killed her in the process. Then the cover-up started and the local officials allowed enough time purposely to pass for zero evidence to be collected. They never dreamed that the Media was going to invade the island, so after a couple weeks they woke up and started realizing this is starting to effect their bread and butter. I truly believe he put her body in the ocean current and unfortunately it will never make it to Panama. How terribly unfortunate for this beautiful young girl to have vanished and how this arrogant narcissistic sociopath Joran is going to walk free after his stay at Club Med.

Gitmo, for the few that want to close our prison in Cuba holding the worst of the worst killers, let them come live with you. Where else would we put them? Not here, surely not if I have anything to say about it. They have no mercy or use the Geneva Convention rule book, why should we treat them as if they are resorting at the Hyatt. Actually they eat better than many U.S. citizens do.

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