Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unsolicited Advise for My Sister’s B'day June 27th

I know that this is belated, yesterday I just felt sluggish for writing. Shame on me when you needed an extra Happy Birthday wish and so much more!! It sucks when you realize on a certain day out of the year belongs to you and it should be known to all this is “MY SPECIAL DAY”. Amazing as it is, you also have this mental trip that nags inside that now I am approaching the middle mark of your forties that has to be contended with as well. Take my word for it once you hit the 5 or like me the 6 number you know you are headed to the other side. On the flip at least it is not yet called fifty plus. Hell with the Senior citizen discounts!! As I once celebrated my birthday it would last for a week every year unfortunately that stopped I guess around 10 yrs ago and the party was over. Some say “OH it is just another Day” but they lie and it annoys me to hear it! Who doesn’t want to be doted on and treated like a Queen for your own special date marked clearly on the calendar for all to see? I want my butt kissed all day and reminded I can get by with anything I want, not to mention have suggestions on what each one can do to MAKE MY DAY! Take my advice if you do not get it that day; forget it because all the rest of them do and feel they are off the hook. Victoria spend some money, buy yourself something(s) that only you know you want and by all means eat like there is no tomorrow, a day of no guilt. Wishing I would have been there perhaps we could have laugh together all day and did silly things. With being miles apart thought I would post a past favorite photo of you that always makes me smile, maybe it will do the same for you. Happy Birthday and Many More, may all your dreams and wishes come true!!!! Love Always, your eccentric sister.

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