Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Beautiful Daughter

Maelena is amazing and awesomely beautiful inside and out!! She is single, young, 5’10, the perfect body and full of life. The model agencies call her often, but we no longer respond. Due to finding out the hard way, they want you to pay for services at their school with no guarantee of future projects of a promising career. (not emphasizing that of course until you sign up) All of this is bullshit!! They should pay her for the time spent listening to their crap or beg to represent her for free. Thank goodness we learned quick by this sucker deal.

At the end of your ordeal lasting hours, two interviewers go out of the room and come back in like they have made a life or death decision, with a huge smile “YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED” said with such drama and thrilled to say the least written all over their faces. Duh!! She was the most beautiful girl there!! Like you are the only one out of the 200 people they called in for their monthly quota to keep the school in business. A whole afternoon wasted, walking the cat walk, filing out paperwork, etc. then listening how they have discovered a few familiar household named Models, how selective they are, the tons of locations they have worldwide, and they state “do not take it personally if you are not selected”. I have to laugh, they selected everyone in secret in different closed door offices. No one came out crying, all had smiles.

They have you hostage for hours. What a high pressured rip off! I actually feel sorry for the ugly girls given false hope, all the agency wants is their money and convince them of this incredible makeover to be a TOP MODEL. Perhaps they should consider THE SWAN show! After all this, your last room is a woman “has been” from a 1970 toothpaste commercial having you sign the dotted line with taking your deposit and hoping for the full amount. (It reminds me of how time sharing use to be in the 80’s, they give you a tour, free gift and then their best blood sucking sharks come in and try to take all your life savings based on a scam).

Yeah, we fell for it! Reading later their web site, it is surely a cash shady deal for additional cost all along the way, not counting the rules and thousands it cost for 8 weeks. Turned out to be a lie of your immediate 3-day refund policy if you change your mind, the real conditions were hidden deep and buried in the contract in separate places by the way. So we complied quickly to their ridiculous steps to get our money back, and then also in small print somewhere else in the contract, they hold refunds for 30 days. BEWARE of the cons of Modeling Agencies!! It has become a cut throat business for breaking young girl’s hearts and taking their hard earned money, knowing full well it is to fill seats in the classrooms and to keep them in business. I am tempted to expose them!! Perhaps another day! Oh yeah, after pretending I was a lawyer, they finally refunded our deposit.

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