Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Florida Marlins

Suzie's Marlin Posted by Picasa
And I don’t mean baseball, Marlins in billfishing! Today is one of those reflection flashback days. Not so many years ago I was being pampered regularly on a 54 to 60 ft Hatteras or Bertram yacht, trolling across the waves partaking in Big Game Tournaments. Awesome memories, I have to admit! Not boasting here but I have reeled in all the Grand Slam billfish, and actually won once Top Lady Angler division. From the Gulf of Mexico to Costa Rica tagging and releasing was my passion. Tried one time, an excursion doing it the hard way, bone fishing in Venezuela - I was wading up to my butt with carrying my own gear, fly fishing in the waters surrounding dozens of little deserted islands off from Los Roques. Did not want to do that again! I was spoiled to the A/C salon and fighting chair with the crew assisting and feeding me.

As I sit here with my thoughts looking back, why did my special love have to die? My feelings this Wednesday, remembers this would have been Bill’s B’day. A super special man that treated me better than a Queen!!

My sister called again today to give me the latest, but needed to get caught up on legal letters I need to write and other things that I procrastinate on regularly. Well, just a tidbit of redneck news, later on (whenever that is) my sister called today to give me more material for you guys. It is about this snaggle-tooth guy that “warshed trucks at the shop on weekends” for Mr. Leo that delivered his poor child in the back seat of his so called “4-Door Sports car”. Hopefully I can report LIVE from Redneck territory after the hurricanes exit the shores. Half way planning a trip in the next couple months or before, will let you know. I'm (scart’) that my vocabulary will pick up this language and it will start flowing out like common conversation. Help me please! Send me redneck words if you know any and definitely how to spell them?

P.S. Hunker down family and friends on the Alabama coast in Gulf Shores and across the bridge, the hurricane is approaching quickly. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Mr. President

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