Saturday, July 30, 2005

God created Caller-ID

Moments ago I checked my phone messages that I rarely ever do. I will back up to last week, this heavily accented younger guy left me a message wishing for me to return his call, in a sweet voice. Of course, I did not as always. Within the last few minutes now, after all ……my telephones blink this annoying light that continuously flickers, I go to clear it. Same man again, but with another tone of voice. Well it takes a great bit for me to return a call, except for my closest friends and selected few, and I left HIM a message this time.
I told him DO NOT CALL my number again with your split personalities, you have the wrong person here with more than you can handle. Advice - never let your fingers do the walking this way again. Guess I had a moment, how dare someone leave me a message demanding and threatening me to return their call. (I have a private number btw) The point is, he had a wrong damn number all along, and he could have saved his breath with being so ugly to me. How did we ever live before caller-id? If they raised the price per month as high as electricity I would pay. They have no idea how valuable that info is to me! P.S. Below within just posting!

ATTN: I HAVE NEVER SIGNED IN TO COMMENT ANONYMOUS! PERIOD! Whatever I SAY comes under MY OWN IDENTITY and I am not afraid to express how I truly feel. Hope that clears that problem up here in BOCA and blogger world! About pissed off here.... I have no problem saying what I want and claiming it. Just keep adding the evil bull crap out there. Tell me if you have a problem I will listen and respond. (just when I was getting my sense of humor back and being happy....(blank blank) how about that for anonymous? MY POST LOUD & CLEAR from ME!

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