Tuesday, July 26, 2005

One Month Blogging

Today is my first month in the blog world, but it seems like a much longer time with over 40 posts so far. Within this period, I feel so connected to so many fascinating great people as being friends. Each unique blog is as interesting as it is insightful. I feel as if I have new friends, which I totally adore.
I have learned multiple important things about this new world. Language and Etiquette are two among many other things. Shorthand for words that you soon understand quickly examples are BTW, LMAO, WTF, EWW, STFU, TTL, OMG, etc. they seem not as bad when abbreviated. It is bad when at home and you start saying these initials out loud to your family. Twelve years now on a computer for me without much chat just emails mainly, have always used my signature of who I am with (smiling) as a trademark I guess, since I am really doing it as well as (LOL). My true personality is smiling the majority of time, except when I am in a dark place temporarily.

Would love to place a comment on EACH & EVERY POST of my readers/friends upon each visit, I try doing my best and trying never to leave a single POST out in between. Appreciation is what I feel towards the ones that know WHO YOU ARE! My day is made when I see someone has said Hello. Etiquette to me is reading a complete post (yes, I do, the whole thing) regardless short vs. long ones, and leaving a note after of course reading the above comments as quickly as possible. Guilty though, of publishing and writing too quickly at times before proofreading my craziness. (smiling)

Sometimes on the flipside, I think of this anonymity is as strange as the movie “The Village”. Because I recently discovered, as I think of as beautiful BIRDS flying over this enclosed boundaries of space lost around 1000’s of blogs, occasionally a new bird drops down from the sky and leaves a word. (humm) It excites me to know they are up there looking down from afar, and not just me hitting the Refresh button to see a number change. If you are one of them reading this, come down to say HI, promise I will greet you with happiness.

My final thoughts that I need to reiterate “LOVE YOU GUYS” and grateful for this new and exciting way for us to express ourselves. I call it going to visit “GOING AROUND THE BLOCK", but sometimes I get tired and do not make it, sorry, will be back though”. If you can add to my new language/abbreviations, please tell me a few but let me know what it means – still learning this shorthand thing and the etiquette that goes along with it OR anything like HI! Thanks everyone for all the comments and friendships as well as my readers. (smiling)

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