Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Shared Thought

Just woke up from this sexy dream, darn it who brought me back? Most times when I’m sleep, which this last month has been far and in between just super fatigued lately, I do not remember or it was something not worth reporting on. This was a good one! Well, I am awake now! Been watching the news and laying around relaxing, no new news w/me on that either. (smiling) My daughter was so sweet Thursday evening when I was truly down, she insisted on taking me out for dinner. She knows the secret word to say for me to get dressed and be ready in a very short time. KOSTAS? She said! That is one of our favorite Greek restaurants not far from our home. Well we ended up going and having a great time as usual. We always order basically the same things and have their imported special Greek wine. This time I bought a few bottles from their private stock, so I am set up and happy.
I hope to visit everyone this weekend that was so thoughtful to comment on my post the other day. Some times it builds up to where you want to vent and throw it out of your mind. With each person’s response it meant a great deal to me and I left a message there for you guys. We must always remember there are people much worse off than we are no matter how bad we feel or hurt. Planning on posting again later, that is if I can get these fingers to type what my brain is thinking. (smiling) So many thoughts pass by quickly and then forget by the time I find the paper to write them down. Talk with you later, thanks friends you are what inspires me.

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