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Iran and the Islamic Calendar of August 22 2006

It truly is amazing how many people are searching for the significance of August 22 and a connection to the crazy madman, Iranian's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejah. Do we really need to take this date serious? Well according me monitoring the "off the charts" searches from ones seeking more information, I decided to post more on this subject.

Today in the UK Times Online: Focus: The nuclear fanatic (three pages online)
Iran's president is the West's looming nightmare - and this week he's promising to make matters worse. Sarah Baxter reports
If some Iran-watchers in America are to be believed, we could be 48 hours away from the day of judgment.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, has promised to deliver on Tuesday his response to international demands that Iran stop enriching uranium for nuclear use.
By the Islamic calendar, Tuesday is also a holy date: the night when Muhammad rose to heaven from the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on a “buraq”, a fabulous winged beast with the body of a horse and the face of a woman, (my insertion: check out this picture) and reappeared in Mecca.
My previous post Iran and August 22 Significance on Joel Rosenberg's posts and Iran's Day of Terror? gives you different perspectives and research. Follow the links, if you wish, to find out more.
Bernard Lewis, the West’s foremost scholar of Islam, has even warned that on such a symbolic date it would be wise to bear in mind the possibility of a “cataclysmic” event such as a strike on Israel.
The messianic Shi’ite president could have waited another nine days for the deadline set by the United Nations for his response on nuclear enrichment; but his obsession with theology and numerology appears to be hastening his decision.
The European Union, represented by Britain, France and Germany, has spent the past three years trying to talk Iran out of its nuclear programme — to no effect. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have been given the run-around, and last April the Iranian president laid on a ceremony with dancers and doves of peace to celebrate the glorious news, as he put it, that “Iran has joined the countries with nuclear technology”.
To give you thought on the European Union, check out the post published here on the day before 6-6-06. Do I believe that Tuesday, August 22nd will be the end of the world? No!! No one on this earth knows the exact day and time. Do I believe times may get bad before that "blink of the eye" time comes? Yes!!

Iran is adding to everyone's fears and terror, with each and everyday. This weekend weapons are being displayed and tested in Iran. One thing that does concern me is both, Iran and N.Korea are planning something and who knows what that is. It has been reported that on July 4th when N.Korea tested their missiles that the Iranians were there to assist. After months of being in seclusion, Kim Jong Il came out of hiding and reports are that there is movement of a possible testing of more missiles from N.Korea. Iran and N.Korea learned from nuclear scientist Khan how to enhance uranium to make nuclear bombs.
The Dirty Little Secrets of Nuclear Weapons
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