Friday, August 18, 2006

ACLU vs NSA Leftist Judge Rules Unconstitutional

I am way too angry to post on this story even when it broke yesterday, this is being appealed and anyone with a half brain would agree that this is a vital tool in tracking terrorists. A MUST, please put more ears on the phones A.S.A.P. I agree with our Atty General that this is lawful and I feel this program should be enforced vigorously. As Fred Barnes said apparently the ACLU was judge shopping too...... Same as this Judge was exposed of doing years ago. (see below)

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor was appointed by Jimmy Carter, that should give you a clue to her far left ideology and for this decision. Time for Congress to cut their summer vacation and get Chop Chop!!

Via AP:
DETROIT - A federal judge on Thursday struck down
President Bush's warrantless surveillance program, saying it violated the rights to free speech and privacy....
(My words-and she ORDERED An IMMEDIATE HALT to it..Say WHAT??)
"We're going to do everything we can do in the courts to allow this program to continue," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said at a news conference in Washington.
White House press secretary Tony Snow said the Bush administration "couldn't disagree more with this ruling." He said the program carefully targets communications of suspected terrorists and "has helped stop terrorist attacks and saved American lives."
This is about TERRORISTS, friends....that wish to blow themselves up, use planes as missiles, unleash explosives, set bombs off....whatever it takes to kill us...period. They have cell phones and use the internet, technology that is advanced and in real-time. This program has already saved lives.....
Gateway Pundit said It's too bad about all those cell phones they seized... It would be a great day to call overseas!

As Patterico's Pontifications writes - Again: this is no surprise. An activist leftist judge with little respect for established legal procedures could hardly be expected to do anything else.

H/T to The Java Report for the photo.
What a wicked looking ugly judge....Her and Helen Thomas have something in common.

A MUST READ and the LINKS including bio on Judge Taylor: Debbie Schlussel
By Debbie Schlussel
I figured Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, a 73-year-old Jimmy Carter appointee, would have the chutzpah to overturn the NSA wiretaps and rule in favor of the ACLU and its raft of Islamist, America-hating plaintiffs. And she did not disappoint my low expectations of her.
She seems to hate America and fairness almost as much as the Plaintiffs do. She certainly hates a fair, impartial Judiciary. It's not just that she's a shameless liberal who always allows her politics to enter into her decisions. It's that she's so shameless she improperly interferes with cases that are not even hers.
Judge Ruled Against NSA Security Measures, Engaged in Improper Behavior
One of those things is the fact that she tried to take the University of Michigan Affirmative Action challenges away from a Judge Bernard Friedman, a judge that she feared would overturn the case. He was randomly drawn as the judge, and she attempted to get the case assigned away. Whoever heard of a sitting Federal Judge engaging in judge shopping? Who knows how many other cases there are like that in which she interfered?[read more]
Others Bloggings: (The List is endless)
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Truth Laid Bear linked this post click here.

Planck's Constant linked with Give this Liberal a condom: NSA Defeated
Excerpt: I can't believe I snagged this exclusive interview with Howard Dean to get his views on the federal NSA ruling from that idiot U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor.

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