Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What Back Stabbers and Liars

Former Pres. Clinton shuts up about Aids at a Conference in Toronto to WARN Republicans and Slam Sen. Joe Lieberman, whom he campaigned for just a couple weeks ago. Is it back stabbing or flip flopping? I say both!! Can you really trust someone that one week they do one thing and turn on you the next?

THE NEW DEM WORD is “DISTRACTION” !!!! This word has been repeated over and over both by Libs and the Iranian President. Has anyone noticed this is the word of the month? I have a feeling it may continue to be used until Nov.

The Libs definitely have a huge wedgy right now.... squirming and scrambling with the knowledge that America knows Republicans are tough on terror and has been doing whatever it takes to keep us as safe as possible. The Dems are without a clue much less an idea, except a bunch of hot air leaking out like gas fumes that stink, encouraging us to kiss-up with talks to these terrorists/evil dictators. That is the ONLY plan I have heard about coming from that camp. Should we get down on our knees and raise our arms to Allah? Is that their plan too? If we do not unite quickly and stop the Libs from embracing terrorists, it will only make things more difficult to protect ourselves.

The lying rhetoric has been stepped up several notches since London and the U.S foiled mass murder terror attacks..... The libs are coming out in droves bashing our President, security and questioning with downplaying about terror on our homeland. This is in hopes someone will believe they will do something spectacularly different to thwart off terrorists and their desire to kill us, but at the same time, not believing there is a War on Terror, heaven forbid to say a Holy War.

Don’t forget they bragged about killing the Patriot Act - they want Open Borders - eliminate the mere mention of our real God (even though they found that may be a political strategy) - anti-war stance with not supporting our troops - CUT AND RUN....hide under desks and plead with killers “don't follow us home in our front yards when we run from Iraq”....oh I could go on and on….

I watched again last night on C-SPAN the unedited version of the 60 minutes interview with Iranian's President, what a waste of my time. As I said before, it was like watching two libs discussing their hatred of our President with all the same old same old BS democrat talking points. Mike Wallace made the evil dictator Iranian Pres. Madman look like a Youth Pastor or Boy Scout Leader. By listening to the dems that called in after the show, it was obvious they were on board with Iran and they feared President Bush more. Can you believe that? If I would not have heard it with my own ears, I would not have believe it. The Libs propaganda machine, their media outlets seem to be working on the brainwashing with smoke and mirrors.

Be ready for "below the belt" attacks against our President that has kept us safe for five years now. He was courageous enough to decide after 9/11 it was time to protect America; regardless of polls and political backlashes that the threats were real and we had a global war on terror on our hands. After decades of other administrations doing NOTHING about these terrorists building up their weapons, pulling off varies attacks prior to 9/11, and extensive planning, we did the right thing to take action. Lord only knows how many of these terrorists have snuck in over the last decade and are sitting patiently for their call to jihad. If you want to bet on your life with a head still attached, I would say you had better give it some thought come election time and vote for the party that has been keeping us safe.

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