Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terrorists Ranting and Open Trackback

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Last weekend I missed posting for open trackbacks, sorry about that...hopefully I won't miss any more Saturdays. Just a few headlines and start and I will try to update all day from the ones that link. I always appreciate your posts and comments.

The foiled terror attack out of London directed towards us... keeps developing with new details by the hour. This should be a chilling reminder for ones that have forgotten or do not know what we are facing.... as wake up call. (once again) These killers...Islamic Fascists have no respect for human life, their own people, peace, or anything decent in this world. They are on a mission, most from birth to hate the West, which includes killing Jews and Americans.

This movement did not start with 9/11 it has been around for decades; it was only after 9/11 that we finally realized it was time to protect ourselves against them. Anyone against protecting America, should go live with these evil monsters...that cut people's heads off or shut up and let our government do what is necessary to keep us from being attacked and taken over.

We must keep in mind that London is not the only city that we get international flights from to the U.S. There are many other countries that these terrorists can depart from that are not as strict on what is inspected before they enter our country.

I don't care if you are yellow, green, purple, or orange, if you are traveling to the Middle East on a regular basis or look suspicious, you should be ifs or buts about it. I feel it is time to beef up the ones flying in and out of our country that fits the profile that needs to be checked out thoroughly.

Not sure who all remembers the sophisticated tunnel(s) found on our Mexican border not long ago, that they claimed was used for drug smuggling by cartels. Well, I understand that Hezbollah is not only here in the U.S., they are in partnership with many of these criminals south of our borders. Lord knows how many cross over from Canada with their open border policy and huge Muslim communities. Who is to say that terrorists are not setting up as they did with Israel with rockets pointed towards us and both Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah sleeper cells waiting on that call as they rec'd in London to go ahead with their mission.

Then we have these crazy dates of Islam coming in the next 2 weeks, one is the 22nd of August. Iran and his growing army of terrorists are expected to pull off some spectacular terrorist attack to top 9/11. Even if this does not come within the next 10 days, it is coming. They can keep trying over and over, and if we miss one.....they succeed. With that said, there should be awesome credit given to our President and intel officials for working overtime 24 hours a day and what they have accomplished in the last five years. Last week they busted one guy with 150-200 cell phones, then two more which they feel these are connected....and today 3 other Middle East guys with 1000. "They are digital for detonating car bombs and they have a particular digital frequency and that's what they're using them for," said Sheriff Larry Mincks. Humm, it almost makes wonder if something is cooking like for SOON!!!

I don't even feel like going off on the U.N. and Kofi....what a joke resolutions and sanctions are. Let me add this though, who in their right mind thinks for a moment that the Lebanese military is not Hezbollah?....The cease fire agreement...good is a stalling tactic in my opinion especially without the prisioners being released and a real international fighting force on the border to protect Israel. At least Israel calls the U.N. what they are...useless. There are only a few in there that have decency....the majority are corrupt as we know. Now they are speaking of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez may be on the Security Council next year. (gulp) Say what? Why not let Iran run the he is already doing with Russia and China behind the scenes. One day all will see that Russia (top piece of the chessboard) that is coaching and enabling Iran.....even though the spotlight is on Iran, Syria and N.Korea.

I can't end this rant without laughing out loud about Cynthia!! I was unable the other day to post on her defeat. I laughed all day and night at the clips and her crazy ranting with singing along with her body guards outrage. Did you guys watch Hannity last night? (LOL) McKinney is such phoney...she could be a B actress in some film of playing varies roles. Wonder what she is going to do next...perhaps Hollyweird or join bosom buddy Cindy Sheehan. Cal Thomas...a Fox anaylst....laughed on Dayside the other day and said he hated to see her go. What funny material we have had with her...what an embarrassment she is to everyone. She is the idea Lib for a poster.

Be sure to check out Chickhawk Express and Leaning Straight Up for the latest on Cindy Sheehan and her trip to ER. I don't believe she REALLY has been fasting.... actually to be truthful.... I don't believe anything that comes from the mouth of any of that bunch.

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